10 Nintendo Switch Games - gamegame

With super smash bros ultimate out the
list of great Nintendo switch games has
become so dense that we struggled to let
very good titles out there are just too
many great games on the Nintendo switch
but if there is one trend you will see
then it is that game compilations and
graphical remasters have been left out
from this list and will be shown in the
honorable mentions but without further
ado these are our top 10 Nintendo switch
games following the launch of Super
Smash Bros ultimate at the beginning of
2018 we were expecting that Yoshi and
Fire Emblem would come out this year and
that we will also likely get the core
Pokemon RPG well all of these were
pushed to 2019 but luckily for Pokemon
we got another title in the form of
Pokemon let's go
Pokemon let's go Pikachu and Eevee
brought us back to counter for
reimagined adventure there was a little
simplified formula and some truly
immersive accessories despite lack of
regular wild Pokemon battles let's go
manage to surprise us positively with
engaging gameplay a beautifully
recreated Kanto and some very nostalgic
encounters with ties both to the anime
and the first generation of Pokemon
titles and the Game Boy Advance remakes
with that said if Pokemon lets go
wouldn't have been on the same level
with our solid postgame blood at 1 mark
for a massive extension of a title
though we thought we knew all too well
and other challenging Master Trainer
battles battles that even experienced
Pokemon players could appreciate the
postgame and the filling out of the
Pokemon gap is also the reason why we
find Pokemon let's go worthy to open
this list at number 10 just like rare
we're back in the 90s for Nintendo retro
has still not disappointed us when it
comes to their productions from the
Metroid Prime trilogy to Donkey Kong
Country Returns and tropical freeze so
far only the most recent Wii U title is
playable on the Nintendo switch but my
what a game it is tropical freeze offers
us some of the most satisfying but at
the same time challenging platforming
and boss battles found on the system
this was also probably the reason why
funky Kong and the meme worthy funky
mode were
to this excellent remaster to make it
more accessible for those who found the
Wii U version to punishing we will just
say that this port is excellent and all
its additions plus the switches
portability truly bring out the best the
franchise has to offer and we can't wait
to see a future new Donkey Kong game on
the Nintendo switch Square Enix has been
really fair as of late to Nintendo first
they allowed to add cloud into the Super
Smash Bros family then made October
travel around the world and so a few
final remix switch exclusives and if
that wasn't enough they are bringing a
load of Final Fantasy titles to the
Nintendo switch now the world ends with
few final remix is great but it's just
the remix and of that path traveller is
definitely worth inclusion on this list
mostly for its art style setting of
gameplay and story correct this is a
classic choice turn-based 2.5 dia RPG
with as the title states 8 playable
paths protagonists and endings setting
up for multiple playthroughs and
experimentation with different team
members that inherit individual traits
and skill 1 playthrough of octo path
traveller is simply not enough because
in order to reach the true ending of the
game you have to beat all eight paths
and build a strong enough bond between
the protagonists to bring down the
greatest challenge of them all to keep
it brief
splatoon to fixed everything that was
lacking during the launch of splatoon
with more stages customization options
redefined a single-player and the new
salmon run mode however just like
splatoon this was just the beginning of
a long line of splat fests free updates
and the massive paid octo expansion that
added some incredible tracks like this
one seriously if there is one game
besides smash that has a competitive
edge then it is splatoon too with
excellent matchmaking and the Elite X
rank while remaining a fun and engaging
experience for the casual player
unfortunately splatoon too peaked this
summer and after Nintendo switch online
became a paid service the game has been
ruined for many in particular younger
players mostly because the single-player
content in the game is very
compared to the endless paid online
portions of splatoon to most Nintendo
switch games with online have been hit
by the paid online luckily not all
titles have suffered as much as Katoon -
including improving of nearly everything
that we you bestseller lacked Mario Kart
8 deluxe is without a doubt the ultimate
Mario Kart experience well until the
next title in the series drops which is
likely far into development well if that
being said Deluxe is a value package
rarely seen with all the 48 original and
paid DLC tracks from Maya Kart 8 new
characters new vehicles dual items
though this is more than a little
unbalanced and obviously way too fast
200 cc speed settings but most
importantly microdata larcs brought a
proper and most likely best battle mode
in the series but it's a whole new layer
was added to the game with eight new and
returning battle stages and five battle
modes close to all of these are
top-notch and best of all playable
online and yes just like we've spittoon
- Mario Kart 8 deluxe has been impacted
by the introduction of paid Nintendo
switch online but to a much lesser
degree and as such it places higher on
this list at the beginning of the year
we were graced by an indie gem known as
Celeste at first glance it looked like a
fun platformer with some tight controls
great level design and sometimes
infuriating difficulty akin to Super
Meat Boy to our fortune it turned out to
be just that but something much much
more first off of course the gameplay of
Celeste is great you will be climbing to
the top of Celeste mountain using
jumping and dashing powers it controls
like a dream and every mistake you make
actually feels like your fault and not
the games that said beneath of the
amazing gameplay of Celeste comes a
simple yet amazing story that tackles
issues you normally wouldn't expect a
game like this to tackle our protagonist
Madeline is your average everyday person
struggling with mental health she deals
with anxiety depression and they are
personified within a dark antagonist
that will prevent you from getting to
the top the themes are simple but they
hit very close to home for a ton of
people so last one in the game of the
year at the Game Awards for a very good
reason aside from it being fun it has
also helped people cope with their own
issues through its story and that is
something worth celebrating
whose of the we era end with one of the
greatest JRPGs of all time and the swih
cherub again with the best possible
follow-up to set Tiny Tim Lea chronicles
to dazzled players when it came out at
the end of 2017 with several hundreds of
hours of quality content in its main
quest and another 60 Plus hours if he
decided to pay for its massive expansion
in 2018 the long journey to Elysium from
tighten to tighten with pyro Mithra may
not be for everyone but for those who
love action JRPGs there's nothing better
out as the real-time combat and
progression puts most modern JRPGs to
shame the game shines like no other in
the story and character department with
troubled backstories massive plot twists
and some a + + + waifu's combined the
gameplay the story and the characters
made xenoblade chronicles to the
best-selling entry in the series and one
of the best titles on the Nintendo
switch missing the podium ever so
slightly to some true videogame legends
but first let's have a look at some
honorable titles that narrowly missed
our list choosing among the switches three best
titles was tough so tough that we have
had to game versus game episodes to
determine what game ranks supreme over
the rest and for Super Mario Odyssey it
was very close but it has to settle for
bronze don't get us wrong
Super Mario Odyssey is a masterpiece
with fantastic and groundbreaking game
play for the Mario series along with an
amazing and varied soundtrack and even
an engaging plot this game is 3d Mario
at its best with varied and at times
bizarre kingdoms ranging from
traditional desert levels to the
Nintendo version of New York City with
its mayor Pauline and far beyond however
just like Pokemon let's go Super Mario
Odyssey is true power lies in its
postgame with additional kingdoms boss
battles and demanding moon challenges
Super Mario Odyssey is just what it
should be and though not all kingdoms
are a direct hit when it comes to its
content what works works so well that it
is a must-own title and partially thanks
some small but free DLC updates the true
Odyssey of video games was until
recently Nintendo switches greatest
exclusive runner-up on this list of
Super Smash Bros ultimate and it knocked
out Super Smash Bros Odyssey out of the
contest for a golden crown with sheer
numbers 103 stages 69 fighters 7 eco
fighters a massive brand new world of
light adventure mode a revamped classic
mode and over 800 music tracks to enjoy
both from your TV and on the go this
game is a true product of passion from
Masahiro Sakurai a son who's made
impossible possible when it comes to
bringing every past fighter in smashes
20 a long history back updating a number
of leaves and includes new fighters such
as Simon Belmont and bosses like Dracula
though the free launch content is
already out with exception of piranha
plant which is on the way and then there
still to release some of its massive and
shocking paid DLC packs for the game
such as persona fives Joker a stage and
the soundtracks from the same game and
for additional franchise parks that are
said to shock and be deeply satisfying
both that said
it is truly the ultimate super smash
bros experience with the most balanced
gameplay in the series even so it does
have a few problems
such as turning world of light into a to
long crawl and the online portions of
the game which in many ways lag behind
the experience found in splatoon too as
previously stated placing the podium was
hard and selecting number 1 and 2 on
this list required us to make a separate
video all together so if you want some
in-depth arguments as to why we put one
title over the other then make sure to
check out our recent special smash bros
ultimate versus Zelda breath of the wild
game vs. game episode after this video
is done some games change an entire
industry and makes us rethink what this
industry is truly about Legend of Zelda
has always been one of the greatest
treasures in the video game world but
had lost much of his glory only was
reclaimed by The Legend of Zelda brough
of the wild in 2017 and then for good
expansion pulses that extended the
masterpiece that is this game rethinking
the entire concept of the Zelda
franchise the game broke most
conventions that were known in the
franchise's over 30 year long history
and delivered a gameplay experience that
with the exception of a few setbacks can
be described as nothing but game change
the reimagined and technological world
of Hyrule after the first hour at the
great plateau has nearly no limitations
because link is free to fight hunt climb
glide cook burn blow up defy the physics
of our own world and complete tasks in
every order we see it fit we can praise
Beth of the wild for so much but if
there is one thing that makes it ruin
other open worlds than it is its organic
approach to the open air design we're
literally the only boundary is the sky
and underwater since you can't swim for
some reason yes this all came at a price
in the form of a much more scattered and
fragmented story and dungeons that put
off many players but the overworld
content within its 100 plus shrines and
endless customization options makes this
game a one-of-a-kind experience however
the most crucial change of all was a
dreaded but at the same time intriguing
a cyclic mechanic the Blood Moon
which revives all non boss slain enemies
and mini-bosses making sure that the
world of hyrule will never be empty of
combat opportunities and there you have
it our top 10 Nintendo switch games.

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