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what is going on guys and welcome back to another video so if just two days until San Diego's comic-con where apparently the Internet is about to lose very crap because of course we are essentially getting new gameplay but itis gonna be exclusive essentially as people need to get into Hall H which just to give you guys a recap it's like the biggest sort of thing to get into at San Diego's comic-con it's a big deal now in terms of gameplay of course until now nothing was really officially announced in terms of what they will be showing now naturally a lot of people including myself are just saying well hey it realistically it should be new gameplay but there are chances that it could just be what they showcased at e3but considering that 4-h is actually a big thing of course whatever is going to be showed there has to be a big thing as well now we have some very interesting news on what we can expect though in terms of gameplay now again I don't know whether or not pre-recorded footage will be released after or if someone will just go ahead and leak some footage but over on Twitter a guy who goes by my name Eric it did say coming to Comic Con come by room 6a on Thursday8:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. for an exclusive look at some new content including a big game and a new short now basically you can see who this will be featuring and right at the beginning is the most important of course it is events Napoleon now we have been discussing interms of interviews for his head aftere3 revealing so much as well about the combat etc and of course he is acombat director for this new Avengers game so that being said here is what we should really be expecting and that is borderline new brand new ok right out of a packet in terms of combat gameplay because of course of this is not something we have seen at all I mentioned in previous videos before but they of course we did see like little snippets when it comes down to Captain America picks up the guys slams him down to the ground and I was basically saying you can kind of get the feel on how that character is going to play because he's merely felt a lot heavier than other characters we did see but as far as actual gameplay goes a fall you know in terms of general combat or just for world in general that's something we haven't seen so going off the basis that we're gonna get an exclusive look at some new content this just you know those words alone okay this just gets me so hyped up it definitely has to be combat game played just like I know it's a complete different game but how insomniac done it was Spiderman ps4 when they had kind of like sectors on breaking things down in the game and of course we had combat I'm assuming they may well just follow in those similar footsteps and we'd maybe see like some type a little trailer or just raw gameplay footage that is what I am super excited to actually see now we also have some very interesting topics of course suggested by your rebels as always but before I dive into that stuff no public game footage okay there is what was basically unofficially announced if they even make sense so we know that this whole hate situation is not going to be shown to just a general public again a lot of people are freaking out on that before I get into that topic leave your thoughts in it below right now but we have a really cool idea so this comes from a dude who goes by the name Steven and he left a comment on the posts and as always if you have ideas on things that you really want this game to have by all means drop those ideas in the comments below and typically the ones that of course get the most thumbs up are the ones that get chosen but Steven made a really quite a rub and that is I think there should be a civil war mode where you choose a team and fight against other players now this would be absolutely insane and a ton of fun just like I mentioned in the last video as well about the Hulk mode there is another mode that would just be absolutely insane and they kind of led me on to think a bit more deeper into this what if they just gave us the ability to create our own modes you know the most popular ones are the ones that get officially put in the game we know they want to keep this game running for as long as they possibly can so that being said to have the you know option to give to the community just like for example again not a great game to compare it to but GTA online majority of us have played that just to give you guys the example of having the ability to you know do your own custom sort of game modes that is something that I think could work super well in a game like this especially going up the big Pro that of course it will have multiplayer such a key feature naturally is gonna get a lot of people excited and play the game a lot longer than you would a single-player game now next up we do have about a black panther now again it hasn't officially been announced that he will be in the game but we did see little snippets in the trailer I asked you guys on what you could think they possibly were but as far as an official look at whether or not Black Panther will be in the game of course that hasn't officially been announced but we know more characters are gonna be added as the game sort of ages I guess you could say so another comment did come from black amiga and he said Black Panther needs to be a free dlc for the game so they're ready you know more or less confirmed that hey when we release an update or you know a new character very essential gonna have their own story as well so that alone just gives me hope that this game could be very done well and be possibly one of the biggest game for a very long time considering it will be consisting you know consistently updated if they can do that and give it good updates when it's gonna be absolutely fantastic but going back to the main point that I said to you guys about no public game footage I read first post over on Reddit and is by guy goes by the name elite assassin 0-7 and he thought no public gameplay footage why I think this is a good thing so he says what the truth is and a lot of people don't want to hear it but here itis is that both anthem and even no man's sky should have been knockout hits for their prospective studies while both games had issue at launched a major problem in both cases was the public's general expectations and what a game is basically should and should not be I think that in both cases had for game studies just developed for game of them released at much like apex did with the backlash would have been significant Marvel Avengers is already fighting an uphill battle when it comes to player expectations simply due to the movies regardless of what they do the majority of the people that play the game will compare it to the movies and the actors/ characters in of course be said movies Square Enix really had two options in this regard they could embrace the movies and base the game off the movies or they could do a complete 360 and basically ignore them which I don't think that path they chose is a mistake in my opinion I believe that Square Enix is taken the safe path which is alleg is make people aware that the game is being developed but keep the hype train down to control those expectations as much as they can the clear alternative is fat the game is trash but since none of us have been able to play the game I don't think that is you know fair to basically start criticizing the game now a lot of people will then still replying back to this of course giving their opinions except for etc but after seeing it in this perspective I guess it makes sense and I guess something that is definitely safe to say is most games that tend to show a lot of the game before it's released they don't exactly tend to do so well simply because a lot of people you know don't have the expectation sometimes of what they thought it would be naturally you know you just don't go ahead and buy the game for example like if you want to look at spider-man ps4 a good example sure they did show some content up until the release day but what they showed was you know irrelevant if that makes sense there were things you wanted to know but it wasn't just general free roaming around all the time and there wasn't you know people playing the game given their you know forts before the game's release day and all that stuff so as far as that you still want it to go ahead in the game because you saw the basic stuff feels like this game looks fantastic I want to give it a shot you saw the basic stuff on what you can do in the game and then you go ahead and you play the game to go and try to things out you imagine because you now know how this game can for that so I think it is safe to say that yeah we haven't seen much of the game to even really criticize it a lot based on what we hopefully see this first day which I'm assuming like you said will be combat gameplay will hopefully give us a much better perspective on the route that square-enix are taking in terms of combat the visuals etc I think now is the time where this will basically all link together and either make force a great game or not make it a great game but it's very important that the team do take their criticism as well which they have already come out and said that they are doing as well so they are reading overcomers we're seeing all you know the community feedback and I'm hoping that even ideas what they see they go ahead and say hey you know what we should just go and implement this in the game because fans want it and if we're not giving them something they really want Alisha's try and make them happy in another perspective but to me to be completely honest I think the game's looking great so far because we haven't really seen so much gameplay you can't really be that type of guy that just goes and judges it like crazy because what are you judging just like the leaked gameplay we saw again it was basically a wide screen you can see Falls like Cape and that was about it but somehow people still thought there  was enough evidence of the game to then go ahead and criticize it so it leads you into that you know other perspective on let's be realistic you have to be in a position to criticize the game when you've seen you know most of the features just like general free roaming around the game you have to see that to give you know I guess a nonbiased opinion maybe but you guys get in the comment section below and let me know what you think about the Civil War mode combat gameplay and anything else that you think about the game but guys I will see you in the next moto but have yourselves a ridiculously amazing day and until the next one.

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