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The title says it all ladies and gentlemen today we are building a sexy gaming PC to game over 100 fps and 1080pthis PC is specifically for people with high refresh rate monitors to take advantage of these super high frames and1080p it's gonna cost you around seven hundred twenty dollars without the optional parts and a little under 900with everything included let's begin join the custom cooling revolution with the corsair hydro x series featuring every part you'll need to make your pc stand out with a gorgeous custom cooling system experience powerful cooling with minimal noise easy setup and automated control for efficient fan and pump speeds choose from a range of water blocks for the latest graphics cards including the nvidia g-force rtx 2080 and 2080 TI for more info click the link below so I wanted to do something a little different instead of building a budget gaming PC I want to make it look sexy after all that is one of my specialties here on YouTube PC porn now with that said I wanted to build something that performs in the hi hundred FPS average in 1080p while also looking gorgeous in your setup the theme of the build is all light in case you guys haven't noticed and I feel like white really blends in well with most setups out there Before we jump into the gaming benchmarks let's go over the parts real quick starting with the CPU I went with the i-5 90 400 F which a lot of people don't know about it's a locked6 core processor with no hyper threading and a boost clock of 4.1 gigahertz this processor goes for only $150 and it competes against the rise in 5 2600 X which is not going for the same price since AMD launched a new third generation rising chips the second generation chips have dropped in price significantly if you look at the gaming benchmarks only ninety 400f compared to the 2600 X you can see that it outperforms the 2600 X in almost every title on stock frequencies however the2600 X did do slightly better once over clocked to 4.2 gigahertz on start the 90 400 Fis about 3% faster than the 2600 X one of the advantages that the 2600 X has over the 90 400 F is hyper threading and because of that it's going to perform way better in heavy application workloads whether it's screaming or editing and for that reason alone I do recommend going the AMD route I want to make it very clear for you guys ok if you want to build a gaming PC for more than just gaming so whether it's editing we're screaming and you want a PC that has a better upgrade path this PC is not for you I'll drop a link below to a AMD parts list that has a much better upgrade path that costs about the same so check that out instead the build I'm doing in this video is strictly for gaming right now and also aesthetics I would say it's like 5050 so if you guys don't plan on upgrading any parts in the next 2 or 3 years and you love the color white then this PC might interest you so the motherboard I picked up as the B 360gaming arctic simply because it's the only motherboard with an all-white PCB that's going to fit perfectly in this build it also supports a ninth gen processor so I don't need to flash the BIOS and it has four dim slots allowing you to add two more RAM sticks later if needed the only downside to that motherboard is it doesn't support fast only up to 26 66 megahertz speaking of RAM I went with 2 4 gigabyte sticks of the T force Delta R GB RAM for some reason at 3000 megahertz speed was the same price as the 2666 megahertz so obviously I picked up the faster ones instead for $46 the GPU we are going with is the zotac gtx 1660 TI which offers exceptional 1080p performance which you will get to see at the end of this video the NZXT th 500 is actually perfect for this build because I like the compact size of it while supporting full-size ATX motherboards and the tempered glass panel with awesome cable management support is a nice plus powering everything is a 600 watt bronze certified power supply from cougar which has an awesome price only $45 for a 600watt power supply I couldn't pass that up for storage we are sticking with a single 512 gigabyte SSD from teen that offers pretty good read and write speed sand finally the rest of the stuff is optional but without them I feel like the build wouldn't be complete you know I was going for an all-white build so ifI didn't pick up white cable extensions or even a white cooler then it just wouldn't look as good the gamax cooler is much quieter than its though the at sink from the cpu and it offers better cooling while sticking with the color scheme I also picked up a sheet of white skins to cover up the SSD and then I realized you can mount this on the back of the case so technically this is not even needed and we can cross $10 off the total I also picked up two white LED strips which are powered by Moak so I have to do is plug it in your PSU and you're good to go and finally picked up some white LED fans from a go a set of three white LED fans which are also molex powered and these will replace the stock fans in the case and that's pretty much everything so let's put it together and see what it can do so the final thoughts on the PC it was built to do exactly what it was made for1080p gaming over a hundred FPS I mean you can even run some games in 1440p and still get over a hundred FPS like csgoover watch and even siege because it doesn't take much to run those games in a higher resolution I did overclock the GPU as well and I was actually very impressed with the numbers never have I ever seen a GPU overclocked this smoothly like the zotac gtx 1660 TI I was able to add an extra one hundred thirty megahertz offset to the core clock and fourteen fifty megahertz offset on the memory this gave me seventy more FPS on the heaven benchmark and 23 FPS on Rainbow siege that's 23more frames just by overclocking the GPU which is really easy to do I mean that is extra performance for free basically now with that said there was one thing that I didn't like about this build and that is the fans it looks very dim compared to the other white LED fan but the thing that bothered me the most was the connection so you have two ways to connect this either molex or three pin fan header but look at the spacing between the two of them I wanted to hook up all three fans to the fan headers on the motherboard so that I can control the speed but the spacing is so terrible you end up having is nasty molex connector hanging from the cable I have no idea why they designed their fans like that it's a pretty bad design choice if they gave meat least I don't know three inches of space to work with then that would have solved my issue and I'll be able to connect the fans using the fan header on the motherboard but unfortunately I had to use the molex connector instead which means that I have no control over the speed of the fans but it's whatever I mean the case has plenty of airflow and I'm three fans do a good job on keeping the components nice and cool while keeping the system very silence this is how quiet it is on full load I'm actually running (suggestion limit reached)'n benchmark right now let me show you guys actually this monitor is huge so yeah it's running have a benchmark it's on a loop right now and this is how quiet the system is so to wrap up this video for this price point which is a little over $800 you can obviously build a better PC I do recommend going with the AMD rap like I mentioned earlier if you guys want a better upgrade path as well as more bang for your buck this is not a value PC by any means you guys this is a combination of aesthetics and performance with emphasis more on aesthetics of course and also for someone prefers Intel parts over a and B speaking of value can I just rant a little bit about the back plate from b1 Tech this thing costs $40which is pretty expensive for a piece of acrylic I was debating on not putting something like this in a build but I couldn't leave the top of the GPU you know blank and I had to put something on there so 40 bucks is a it's pretty steep for something like this I mean don't get me wrong if you want to take I'll love you guys you know I use a lot of your stuff and most of my builds but can you give us a break here I mean I feel like you can buy something like this online for like 10 bucks and then cut it to any shape you want I feel like what that extra $40 you can put that towards a better GPU or really upgrade any component inside your system instead of spending it on a piece of acrylic board but anyways I'm done anyways I'm done rambling I hope you guys enjoyed the post I'll drop a link to all the parts used in this system as well as the aim D parts which I talked about earlier consider subscribing because I have an AMD budget bill coming up with a bill guide which is everyone's favorite it's coming up very soon and that's pretty much it yeah I love your faces Click here for more Posts like this.

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