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ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel and that long last I am finally home and I am finally ready to make some Borderlands 3 content here for the channel now if those don't know I was flown out by 2k games and gearbox software to the four lanes three gameplay reveal event where I was able to watch the presentation I was able to play the game early and record footage of it and here this video I want to give you guys my honest first impressions of the game after having played it form early two hours now full disclosure here I was flown out to the event once again by 2k and gearbox no money changed hands right thing like that they're not paying for a review this is not a sponsored video by any stretch of the imagination but disclosure is important they did pay for my flight there and back as well as my hotel while I was in Los Angeles so I pledge to mention that here at the very beginning of the video so if you guys caught the gameplay reveal for Porter lanes 3 above you probably have these same first impressions that I did right which was holy crap this game actually looks like a better version of Borderlands 2 which is really hard to pull off right because Borderlands 2 in the eyes of Borderlands fans is basically the pinnacle of the shooter genre it's the benchmark for the rest of the Borderlands franchise every other Borderlands game is going to be compared through Borderlands 2 not to say the first game wasn't great or that the pre sequel was into the OK game but in my opinion the original game lacked a lot of quality of life improvements because it's a ten-year-old game right of course it definitely blacks a lot of those features and then the pre sequel let's be honest was pretty much an asset flip it basically just took Borderlands 2 and built onto it a little bit and of course they reused a lot of the weapons and but think about the pre sequel is it was that really meant to be its own standalone game it was basically meant to be kind of a filler game if we're being honest between poor lanes 2 and borderlands 3 that also fills in the story that will gap in the story there between Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2the pre sequel is what is right but boranes 3 is not the pre sequel 2.0 this game is so much different than Borderlands 2 but at the same time it's the same core Borderlands experience that we've all come to love and we all come to expect from gearbox software so let's go ahead and talk about some of those changes some of the things that they're going to be doing to expand upon the Borderlands 2 formula while at the same time making it feel like it still belongs in Borderlands first up we have the weapon brands right we still have all the weapon brains so we saw back in Borderlands 2 but they're also adding a couple of different one sand bringing back some old-school one sand every one of these weapon brands is going to do multiple things so back in Borderlands 2 for example Vlad off weapons were known for what being Russian looking and having a fast fire rate that was pretty much it right well here in Borderlands 3 not only do they retain that Russian look in the fast fire rate but the same time they canal so be modified in a number of different ways like these flattop weapons can alternate between a mini gun mode.

 and a rocket launcher mode sometimes you can add extra gun barrel sand stuff to your guns like they really take that feeling in that concept of the fly off weapon and they really expand upon that quite a bit the same is true of the Jacobs weapons like in my opinion Jacobs weapons are some of the coolest looking weapons in the game but in like Borderlands 2 in the original they were kind of just boring because their claim to fame was high damage low fire rate and it's like ah that's not really good when it comes to endgame well when you go to the border lanes 3 not only are they high damage typically low fire rate but they also have a ricochet mechanic and they do way more crit damage than virtually any other weapon in the game so their crit weapons and when you do hit the enemy in their head or wherever their crit spot is a bullet is going to ricochet from that target and hit another target which does a bunch of damage it's definitely a lot of fun so they're really taking the weapon brands and cranking them up to 11 and also the unique and the legendary so I'll probably do an entire video talking about the legendary still expect me to cover every single one of them here but legendries’ are going to be a big deal in this game and they did what the pre-sequel should've did right they have a bunch of new legendries which is fantastic but the same time they're bringing back old-school legendries and giving them a different twist as well as a different model one of my least favorite things about the pre-sequel was she would get a legendary drop in that game and it would literally be the same guns you've farmed forever back in Borderlands 2 with really no changes whatsoever well here in Borderlands 3 as you guys can see we have some old-school style legendries but they're different looking and they also have different mechanics and it's just a really coo way of going about things there are so many unique sar so many Legendry's the weapon brands in general are just like basically what we saw in Borderlands 2but again terms up to 11 there a lot more to them in this game as compared to the previous ones you guys have probably heard me talked about before so I won't reiterate every single one of them but every brand does multiple things and it is really satisfying next up we have the vault hunters right and the vault hunters of course are going to be what we know from the borderlands franchise I mean of course we know what Borderlands vault hunters are going to be like they're going to have three skill trees they're going to have some main abilities and stuff like that and that doesn't change here in this game but it kind of does the same time because every single vault hunter has three main abilities that they can use right you get to pick one of those three main abilities and then put your points into your skill trees which is really cool you can swap between those main abilities pretty much whenever you want and Zane has the ability to have two of those abilities at once so the gameplay guys are seeing here I'm using the Sentinel drone as well as the decoy basically he put he puts out this projections of himself which will shoot at targets and he can swap places with it from pretty much from every once it's really cool how they're doing that so basically if we have new ball hunters with new abilities but at the same time these four vault hunters are each going to have three different main abilities which is a really good change because sometimes your action skill is not exactly useful in all situations and so you can change your depending on how useful it's actually going to be you guys know I mean Krieg in Borderlands 2 I freaking love Krieg.

 he's my favorite ball hunter in the borderlands franchise but if you're playing as a gun focused Krieg as compared to a male a focused Krieg his action skill is pretty much useless like if you're building into bloodlust and hell born very rarely are Hugh going to activate your action skill buzz axe rampage because it's really not worth that you're doing virtually no damage compared to what you'd be doing with your guns right so for all intents and purposes if I'm going as a gun focused Krieg I don't activate my action skill whatsoever which is a really bad feeling right well in Borderlands 3 that's not going to be the case because there are three different of those action skill abilities per vault hunters so you can really choose what's best for you and what's best for your situation which is definitely pretty cool moving along here the scope of Orleans 3 appears to be much bigger than anything we've ever seen before not only do we have multiple plans to go to but they have doubled down the idea of boss encounters which is something down personally a very big fan of I like leveling don't get me wrong like the leveling process is fun doing the main story is fun but when it comes to borer lanes as you guys know we typically have multiple play through you have your normal mode play through your true vault hunter mode play through and then typically after that they add ultimate vault hunter and maybe even Opie levels on top of that so when that happens you're playing through that game multiple times and you're beating the same bosses and doing the same story over and over well to make this a little bit different they're going to be randomizing a lot of those encounters they're also going to be adding a lot more bosses in this game as compared to the previous ones and for me personally endgame is most important like the endgame of Borderlands is where I spend the majority of my time that's where I like to play right I'd like to be at max level with as many skill points as possible farming out legendary is taking down bosses trying to be trade bosses and doing things like that and it looks like here in Portland's three we're going to have even more bosses than ever before which means more places to go more legendary drop locations more unique sand things like that which is definitely pretty cool now the idea of us going to multiple planets it's also a very interesting concept because they keep saying that this game is going to be a lot bigger than the original game Borderlands 2 or the pre sequel into my opinion Borderlands 2 was a giant game there was like so many places to go so many things to do but they're going to be expanding upon that apparently herein bore lanes 3 but the same time I'm also a bit concerned about that because if we're going to have multiple planets which right now we don't know the egg sacs number but call it maybe half a dozen at the very least if we're going to all these planets are they going to be very small compact areas are actually allowed to explore and will that actually make the game feel bigger or smaller because if we can go to Pandora but we have a very limited area we can explore on Pandora is that going to feel like a very big planet like if we go to Promethean and we can only really go to that Atlas City is that really going to feel like an entire planet or just a different kind of a zone right so I guess we have to wait and see if this new planet system is going to make the game feel bigger or

 smaller than Borderlands 2 but the very least what they said and say want to try to make it so you don't get visually fatigued which is definitely something that was a problem in the pre-sequel in my opinion because because we're up there on the moon on the Elpis brown rocks everywhere right that's like what we saw pretty much every location we had baba we had brown rocks and we had like dark skies essentially right every zone we went to and that definitely burnt me out personally I know about you guys but for me personally I played the pre-sequel it felt like every zone was the same essentially whereas in four lanes too they take a job of varying that up quite a bit like a lot of the zones were definitely different than going back to the original game most of the zones kind of felt like the Badlands like it was mostly just like a desert with no rocks and brown rocks everywhere and stuff like that it definitely added a lot of that visual fatigue well the hope with four lanes three they talked about this that's a gameplay reveal is that they want to make it so the plants all feel different and to look different so you feel like you're on a different place you're doing different things and you're seeing experiencing different things and I think that's definitely going to be a very good change for poor lanes three but again the big question is how big are these planets how many of them are there going to be and will these planets make the game feel bigger or smaller than Borderlands 2 because again the benchmark of the borderlands franchise is pretty much poor lanes - and last but not least here let's talk about player housing before we move on player housing and sanctuary three-book freaking fantastic like the idea of a hub city is not new to the board lanes franchise but sanctuary 3 looks incredible like my saws at the gameplay reveal I was blown away it looks so freak in cool and then the idea of player housing where you have your own room and we don't know the customization restrictions on this but the rooms going to differ based on the fall hunter you're playing and you can put different guns up on the wall which is so cool right that's so freak in cool those of you who's seen my Borland's Let's Plays know I tend to get sentimental when it comes to certain guns and I tend to keep them like when we did the borderlands remastered play through I held on the TK's wave the entire time it's TK Baja's gun of course whoa hold on to it right well in Borderlands 3 instead of holding on to that gun the entire time I could just mount it on the wall in my little player house err yeah and that's definitely pretty cool but you still know the scope of the game looks bigger than ever before by suppose it's going to come down to how those plants are actually going to play out now moving along here the coop right Borderlands is known for being a very good single-player game but it's also a co-op game for a lot of us lots of us play with our friends and family and stuff like that and it looks like your board lanes 3 the coop is going to be better than ever before now I was not able to play co-op at the event all we could play was single player in a very limited area on Prome the a but what we saw during the gameplay reveal was that co-op is going to be better than ever because of level scaling as well as loot instant saying for those of you who want to actually utilize that but at the same time loot instancing is not going to be forced upon us we can choose to play in classic mode which is where I'm personally going to play so to quickly cover that loot instancing is basically going to be if you're playing co-op with any people friends or not everybody's going to have their own loots like if you open up a chest everybody is going to have their own loot that spawns in that chest that only they can interact with right or you can choose to play classic mode and everyone has to share the loot that is dropped that's on personally going to play because I'm a bit old school that way but there's going to be a choice there right if you're playing with random people and something drops off the boss like a legendary pretty much everybody gets that legendary as compared to you know one person it's taking it for everybody else and then locking out or anything like that now it comes to level scaling this is actually very cool it's so good for a co-op game I'm so happy that many games are starting to do this what they're going to be doing is let's say your level 50and your brother starts to want to play the game right your brother starts out at level one that you want to go with them but you don't want to start a whole new character well because of the bubble scaling you can be in that person's game they can be level one you could be level50 and everything in the game is going to scale to whoever's actually playing it right so the little one guy everyone's gonna be loved but one around him his cons are going to suit level one damage whereas for the level 50 guy all the enemies are going to be level 50 and all the loots going to be level 50 and basically everything is going to scale as if you were the exact same level it's very hard to explain for some reason but it's going to work out I've seen it used in other games it's going to be happening in Borderlands 3 as well basically you can be bubble 20 they could be bubble 40 and it does not matter everything will scale perfectly the loot will scale the enemies will scale the damage will scale you can play with anybody regardless of level and that is a freaking awesome idea and on top of that of course we have all the little things to be have here in Portland's three I mean we're talking about countless different weapons and weapon customization the echo net being on your character at all times sliding is a very satisfying feeling here in this game as is mantling like they basically gave us advanced movement here in Borderlands 3 which is really weird I noticed while playing as I'm Mara I can but slam if I jump off of a very high height which is definitely pretty cool I'm not sure if this is limited to her or if this is going to be a feature for everybody if you simply just jump up in the air and then press crouch like you would in the pre-sequel you're not going through your butt slam right if you jump off a high area and then do that you're going to butt slam down which is kind of cool they really just double down on the movement the echo net is so convenient I mean it's all the little things that is really making four lanes three turn out to be a really good game in my opinion now full disclosure once again we only played for about two hours just under two hours and we only played in one area on Promethea and we only had access to two of the four ball hunters but from what I played I mean everything that I talked about here in this video rains true the weapon brands are a lot more interesting while still feeling like Borderlands the vault hunters are what we would expect from the game but better because everyone of them has multiple action skills they can choose from the scope of the game appears to be huge I mean just in general the game looks to be freaking fantastic guys and this is not just you know speculation from somebody who's like staying at home watching trailers and watching gameplay footage I was there playing the game and it's exactly what I thought it was going to be but better and that's definitely pretty cool feeling now I will say some of the potential downsides of the game would be the business model right it's 2019 right we always have talked about this kind of stuff because here in 2019 virtually every game developer and publisher is trying to do really weird things of course there's been a lot of controversy in regards to four lanes three because of the decision to forego steam and instead go to the epic store and now we're gonna be talking about micro transactions right at the event there was some really weird word ain't Randy Pitch ford almost made it sound like they were going to be no micro transactions whatsoever outside of course paying for campaign DLC like we've seen in the previous games well apparently that's not exactly true what you meant to say was there's not going to be a premium currency there's not going to be a gold or a Borderlands bucks or anything like that in the game there will be micro transactions in the form of cosmetic skins either for your character or perhaps your echo net or maybe even your weapons because weapons skins are going to be a thing here in this game but you're not going to be able to get them with an in-game currency or anything like that they're going to be directly purchase a bulb for cash in that say right very cut and dried very basic very old-school in that respect but I'm still concerned about that right because micro transactions are a very slippery slope it starts off as cosmetic but we have to wonder like how long are they going to remain cosmetic and cleave back to Borderlands 2 who remembers some of the really cool Easter egg skins so we could get like for example the mine craft skins for doing that Easter egg what if stuff like that just becomes a micro transaction in Portland's 3 rather than being directly unlockable within the game itself then of course there's always the question of what exactly was cut from the main game and repackaged as a micro transaction like if we have a really cool looking skin for flack for example that just looks fantastic and every play once it I mean who's to say that was not cut from the base game and then repackaged and resold to us as DLC which therefore makes us spend more money to get access to the content that we want it's a very slippery slope but when you're talking about cosmetics and borderlands they've never really been that big of a deal because the skins I mean it's a first-person game right so like the skin you have with your character it really doesn't matter besides it changes I guess the color of your hands or young loves or something like that depending on which character you're playing as but by and large they don't they don't really matter whatsoever but as you guys know here in four lanes 3 they're going they're taking that board lanes to boggle and again turning it up to 11they're going to be adding echo net skins and there's tons of vehicle skins and they're going to be of course different player skins but also weapon skins on top of that you guys may know about the gold weapon pack that they keep trying to push via pre-ordering that weapon skin is going to be able to be applied to every weapon in the game legendary epic comment whatever it does not matter it's essentially going to be like a weapon camo that you can apply to every single weapon in the game there's going to be a number of other skins as well that you get for pre-ordering so I have to wonder like are we going to be able to unblock any of those skins via playing the game or will all weapon skins essentially be micro transactions and what does this mean for DLC fault hunters in the future I mean using Borderlands 2 and the pre sequel as an example I mean each one of those games had DLC ball hunters will we be seeing those here in Borderlands 3 as well because I certainly hope so my favorite vault hunter of all time was a DLC ball hunter so we're going up to wait and see guys it's philia slippery slope when it comes to micro transactions but they've given us their word that they will remain cosmic only they will not be game-changing there will be no premium in-game currency or supply drops or anything like that so I suppose we will have to wait and see how things are going to play out but ladies and gentlemen after having played the game for about two hours my impressions are incredibly high I have very high expectations for four lanes three even going into the game play event I had super high expectations and from a gameplay perspective it exceeded all of them the movement was awesome the ball hunters were so freaking cool even though I won a main flack like based on just the character and like what we know about them so far like I want the playas flack by creep in place like I played as sane as was Amara and it was fun playing as them and using the different action skills and the weapons were so freakin fun and the characters the story and just everything about it was so good it exceeded all my expectations and now we're basically left waiting for the other events that gearbox will be attending leading up until the launch of Borland's 3 in September if you guys don't know they are going to be at a number of different events and I imagine they're going to be revealing different aspects of the game at those events like for example hopefully Mo's as was flack and maybe some different planets and things like that that would definitely be pretty cool but just in general my expectations were really high and typically when you have such high expectations you're usually letdown at least most of the time fallout 76 is fresh in my memory but this time around it does not appear that that's going to be the case my expectations were not only met but they were exceeded like Borderlands 3looks freak in phenomenal and I cannot wait to learn more after having played the game the experience day and being at the gameplay reveal event and just seeing everything that I possibly could see the game looks freaking phenomenal this is the proper sequel to Borderlands2 that we've waited for and that we deserve as Borderlands fans this is not going to be the pre sequel 2.0 this is going to be a proper sequel the poor lanes 3 they've been working on this game what since 2014 I think they said it's been like 5 years they've been working on this game they're not rushing it by any stretch of the imagination and that is freaking incredible guys ladies and gentlemen that's all I have for you here in this video those are my honest first impressions of Bourdain's 3 so far and expect many more Borderlands videos that go up here on the channel in the very near future talking about different things the event as well as of course II weapons I'll probably have a legendary weapon video going up here pretty soon but as well as on top of that the action skills for Amara as well as Ain and talking about the character break downs and stuff like that we have many more posts planned here for the channel so stay tuned for that but until then I hope you all enjoyed this post if you did please drop me a rating thank you guys so much for reading and I hope you guys all have a wonderful day.

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