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Hey guys padia is here today I want to talk to you about Call of Duty mobile because Cod mobile is actually really good and fun to play even you know for a mobile game which I generally kind of hate mobile games this above me is my Call of Duty mobile gameplay for once I didn't beg somebody for it I actually went through and installed it the hard way because right now it's available as a beta only in India so I had to get a special OBB version of the game from some totally legitimate site then install with a VPN and play on the VPN on the server and 120milliseconds paying not including whatever my VPN does and I'm playing on an unreleased phone with questionable support with no hdmi support just where the capping is a little funny VPN game overlay and all sorts of other crazy i'd put a lot of work into actually getting to access this game so trust me it looks much better on the phone than it does here on youtube and when i turn all that other stuff off i can run the game on max settings i just can't run it that high with all the capturing things going on but let's get back to the topic at hand I was surprised that how good Call of Duty mobile looked overall now you'll see this and you'll compare it to obviously games that are already out and released and you know next gen ps4 Xbox one kind of games and yeah it's not gonna be that graphics for Call of Duty mobile seem to be on par with or slightly worse than Xbox 360 error cod games and it will vary a little bit by phone by phone obviously if you turn the settings way down.

It won't be so nice there are some noticeable anti-aliasing problems with the game but there's no frame drops it kind of keeps up with that Cod design that will scale there solution will will drop the textures will do anything in the world to keep those frames intact and it runs at a solid on my phone anyway 90 FPS which is a little bit crazy and I'm very very happy with that I didn't really have any frame drops or chokes or stutters or anything if you see them in the content that's probably artifacting of capture and most of the graphical effects in the game from things that you do such as smoke shooting objects that make little puffs of dust gunshots fire glass breaking explosion bricks and cans and rubble being shot away all work pretty much like an Xbox360 Call of Duty game it's really I feel like I've gone back in time to two thousand eight or nine or whatever and I'm playing Modern Warfare for the first time again the game is fairly colorful too now you do have two different eras of maps you have the MW modern warfare series maps and the Trey arch maps and the track ones are by default more colorful but I feel like they added some more color to the old modern warfare maps just just a touch more to make them fit the theme of the game so let's move on from that topic and talk about gameplay Call of Duty mobile gameplay is very smooth for a mobile game and I want to say that again it is very smooth for a mobile game itis definitely the best mobile shooter that I've ever played as far as control comforts go now to be clear this is not going to be as smooth as playing on console or especially not on a PC It does have flaws it is not perfect there there are some things that I think could be done better but shooters on mobile games are just challenging in general and this one was the simplest for me to pick up which i think is an impressive thing I am playing on the red magic 3 with the touch bumpers so that helps a lot too and the game offers two different firing modes one that's mostly hip fire and it's kind of a little bit more auto aim heavy and you just kind of move your crosshairs over people and just kind of hit fire them into the ground I didn't like that one and there's a different one where you hit and hold the fire button and it kind of auto aims down sights and as soon as you80s then you start shooting but the downside to this mode is that you can't hip fire when you have the auto ats mode you can't hit fire and I chose the auto ats mode because I don't hip fire too much and I definitely am NOT gonna hit fire people at super long ranges and it takes a bit of getting used to and it's not perfect and it is only a problem in CQB situations however you can set this gun by gun you can set assault rifles to80s and SMG is the hip fire only in shot guns the hip fire and LMGs the 80setc etc so there's a lot of customization options quite we're gonna talk about those in a little bit quite a few I haven't even really gotten into so maybe I can do it better but yes with the method that I'm using close quarters combat can get a little bit wonky but thankfully the one-hit-kill knife is bad so when I get close to these people.

I can just stick them speaking of stick the sticky aim is pretty strong overall but it's not so strong that you can't miss especially with some of the higher recoil weapons like the modern warfare1a K that one kicks a lot and the aim assist or auto aim to be stronger on snipers in this game than anything else sniper rifles are much harder to use on a mobile game than they are anywhere else and the way they work is that you will hit a button too and you hold it down or you press on the screen and it'll just automatically zoom in and when you're released from the screen or the button that's when it fires so it's kind of a reverse it's almost like a charged shot with your snipers but it doesn't make sense given to how they have to work streaks grenades weapon swaps specialist abilities all that stuff is just one tap on the screen it's very easy to just tap the streaks or tap your grenade or whatever and even have a nice little redline that shows you where your grenades gonna be going in theory you can do them quickly you're watching all gameplay from my first day playing and I'm gonna let you know I'm not an expert at this or mobile games so I struggle a little bit but I did see some other people doing them fairly quickly you do get the black ops 3 specialist abilities war machine purifier they have the death machine instead of the scythe but a lot of those type of specialist abilities you only get them after like level 5 I think it is which doesn't take too long to get to so far I've only used the purifier and the purifier is very strong I haven't seen that many of the other ones but I did get killed by a war machine once it does feel weird to purify people on modern warfare 1crossfire it feels like this is the crossover episode that I always dreamed of but all of those weapons are quite strong the game features pretty standard Call of Duty options for movement walks print slide as in if you're sprinting and you hit the Crouch button you'll nice slide you can regular Crouch you can prone you can jump and you can mantle climb on various objects including ladders so it's pretty much exactly how Call of Duty ghosts was – a few features there's no leaning like in cod ghosts none of that sort of stuff there's no jetpacks no wall running no mounting machine guns – things no dolphin dives no night vision goggles no swimming none of the less common features it's a pretty plain Jane this movement set for call of duty but overall I'm happy with that one thing that you will notice is different is that health is higher than console and it's perhaps it feels even more so for me with all the lag from the VPN but if I had to guess I would say if let's say black ops 2 is a hundred health blacktops 4 is 150 this game is probably about200 HP people take quite a few shots to die it'll feel more like the blackout mode that you're familiar with and I think that this was done to make the game a little bit more casual new players and especially mobile players aren't gonna have the patience to sit there just get like 2-shot picked all the time it's gonna get really frustrating so most of the gunfights are longer time to kill a little bit slower pace so that more people have an opportunity to actually participate in them instead of just dying immediately as far as I can tell all weapons attachments perks etc are earned viay our game level there doesn't seem to be a way to bind new guns or better attachments yet this is a beta after all and it's pretty standard Cod progression level kind of stuff every time you get enough experience to go up a level you unlock a new gun and you perk a new grenade something like that and the weapons in the game are from all over black ops 1 & 2 and I think even some world at war and you've got modern warfare 1 2 & 3 weapons along with some weapons from cod online which is rare to see and of the ones that they chose there are slightly more Chinese weapons.

this time around I wonder why Tencent developing and Beijing most likely but a lot of Chinese guns and it feels almost like a fantasy PC mod of older Cod games it feels like Cod online brought to America more than anything else and it's kind of fun to see how all these guns from different games stack up again steach other when normally you would never be able to see that and there's loads of skins and camos and attachments and stuff like that for weapons attachments you have to unlock and grind for skins and camos and stuff are almost all paid and you can get grenade skins which is kind of like your grenade can have ask in just whatever okay maps are all modern warfare 1 through black ops 2 along whiff kill house from Call of Duty online which is kind of nice to see and honestly playing all of the classic maps is one of the best parts about the game it feels really good to play a map on crash and just just do your modern warfare thing and then swap over to firing range and do your black ops thing without changing games or missing a beat whatsoever that is a really satisfying feeling and all of the maps have been faithfully recreated with the same spots the same tricks the same stupid explosive barrels the same a dark corner MacDougal noob corners same nade spots too so if you've played these classic maps you won't have to relearn anything new the only new map for most of us is gonna be kill house from cod online that's a very small and simple one as far as options for customizing your character there are lots of them you can customize your controls and a ton of crazy ways to ideally make it more comfortable to play but you can't invert your aim stick ouch that messes me up super bad so when I play on console I play inverted so there's no inverted option for Call of Duty mobile so it's forcing me to relearn how to aim and I have to play normal and that sounds like that's how you should be doing it but for comparison it would be like if I gave you a Call of Duty game and the only option for your aiming stick was inverted and you could never turn it off that's kind of how I'm playing so I'm very frustrated with it but aside from that there are lots of different firing modes there's a lot of different move controls you can put your you know things that you click in slightly different positions there's a bunch of vehicle control schemes for battle royale which I'll get to in a later video sensitivity setting is gyroscope settings screen safe area settings tons and tons and tons of settings and they put a lot of effort into these settings apparently to try to make the game comfortable to play because Call of Duty has always been a very comfortable easy game to play and I think that they want to stick with that and don't want to alienate any of the American console players overall I had a lot of fun with Call of Duty mobile probably the most fun that I've ever had on a mobile game it's definitely right up there with pubG mobile and fortnight Mobile they did a bang-up job on it though I will say I think it's actually a little bit better than pub G mobile because it feels a little bit more like the regular game pub G mobile feels like its own game Call of Duty mobile feels more like a Call of Duty but it's probably not as complete as fortnight Mobile no I personally do not like fortnight mobile as much because I'm super bad at it and the controls alienate me but it's difficult to say that there's a better mobile game that's free-to-play you can cross play with PC in the same game with all the same settings and nothing's changed like fortnight Mobile's really nice and when I'm playing Cod I feel like I'm playing old-school Call of Duty again but maybe with like a Mad Catz controller or something controls aren't ideal but with some time and practice I can snipe I can push with smog’s I can hold head glitches with rifles I can stack up streaks and be a nerd in camp or if I want to I can just pull out my knife and chase people around to take advantage of my own badging but at the end of the day I think that Call of Duty mobile is gonna be worth picking up when it does come out in the US I think it's gonna be a really really good game that's all for this post I hope that you enjoyed it I hope that you learned something useful have a nice day.

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