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I'm back with another Content and today we're going to be going over 15 signs you're addicted to gosh Rio again yeah it might look like I'm recycling videos and making part 2 or everything possible but now last week when I uploaded a party for all-stars class real fans went nuts wait a second bra stars got two episodes in the same year the class Rio only had one episode uploaded in 2017 oh well here we go again before we get into that though really quick giveaway is still going for shirts two gift cards and pass well there's only a few days left to enter when I upload this video so make sure to enter yourself with the link down below if you wants and I don't know if you want do you want to win out and even no buts uh yeah just do it anyways with that being said let's get right into it you war plan like you're planning a very important attack alright ladies and gentlemen destruction213 and captain beast five six seven tick on the east side with golem beat down Big Daddy Shack section and you take on the west towards pakka's pile with hog cycle and why sports oh seven you lead the other half of the clan to the north and take on hog Numen and the rest follow me toward the south what we'regonna be did you really just fart co-leaders show him the way out you've paid gems to request again count Tim man alright calm down have you don't have to request again it's no big deal no but really most people save their gems and never ever think about spending their hard-earned gems to request again I don't blame if you do though havoc here is pretty impatient you can ask my fiancé I don't wait for anything job to request again you bet I do I've been doing that since my clash of clans days I can't wait hours for that hell no it's too long you probably completed trophy road in a couple days wait is it even called trophy Road I don't even remember it might confusing bra stars anyways you probably completed it in two days damn calm down there the season is so long you shouldn't have to do it so quick but some people they do it in a couple of days hours or even seconds yeah not even lying I know some people let the skins a couple days later like how what put the actual hell I know I joke about being addicted to brawl stars and stuff like that but this right here that's some next-level shit man you're maxed star levels and everything let's be honest ever since star levels came out it takes you about ten more years to max out unless you've joined your way there or play non-stop believe it or not though you could be maxed without ever having to spend a dime the only downside is you might want to make sure you okay you make sure you do all your quests but yeah do you ever find yourself trying to complete all of them whether you're doing it for the chest crowns are just for fun you can't stand having them sitting there unattended no man left behind a you go somewhere private to check the game excuse me for a second I m a go take a leak oh that's a big one yep I do that too no matter if it's cool a meeting or even Church[Music]you still play because class Rio is life and there's nothing more to it it's simple clash real and that's it you try and get all of the emotes gotta catcher all you could just be hooked on clash real if this is you trust me like I said I'm a doctor profession I was studying lower back pain you play until your head hurts let's start the session boys my head kind a hurts I should probably take a nap or so yeah on a super snow though I do this too I said it all my last video for bras ours as well every night whether I'm playing bra stars class real or hay day or never mind it doesn't matter.

I might keep playing until I can't anymore you've raised delete the game just to download it again have you ever got so pissed at cause Rio for whatever reason and you just like you're done okay you just delete the game we're done I quit and then two hours later your Del on in the game again hmm would you look at that it's the same as a relationship you're arguing with your girlfriend you dumped her and then you're sending her a paragraph explaining how sorry you are it's the same old shit but a different air freshener you've watched class real esports is big I mean babe they even made surgical goblin his own emotes except the female looks better than them I feel like in between playing bra stars clash royale and making videos it all consumes my time really but I'm sure if I did have some free time I probably participate in such events or watch it I don't know you've jammed to chess open alright just gonna have to wait for this no big deal you know just won't take long this one baby Jesus damn it till we must open I don't know if it's worth it or not I mean you can act somebody else not me I don't know how to do math sometimes I just feel like these boosts thank you enough chess it's not fast enough you know I'd rather just pay him BAM get my reward and get the hell out of here you clicked on this video just to make sure you know but you know damn well you're addicted anyways you can't hear someone talk trash about the game I mentioned this one in my bra stars episode as well you defend the game when someone talks about it bra stars is so lame like all the Nerds in my school play it nine-one-one what's your emergency yes someone's talking trash about bra stars but yeah every time someone talks trash about cash for yell it's over you have this badge or the exclusive emo only players that had legendary trophies guts I don't mean to repeat stuff over and over through the years but some people aren't gonna know what legendary trophies are so let me explain really quick in 1954 the first nonstick pan was invented the first successful kidney transplant was achieved as well and a year later the first home microwave was invented not sure how any of that relates to anything but in 2016 class real didn't have leagues therefore no real trophy system everything was just get Joe fries and go fuck yourself you did get something after the season reset down the legendary trophies however players start getting these trophies in early 2017 so anyways back to my point if you're still playing now in days non-stop and you have this badge right year or dis emotes you've probably been playing for a long-ass time doesn't necessarily mean you're addicted but chances are you probably are you try and get on the leader boards but havoc being good at the game doesn't mean you're addicted and spending countless hours a day to get in the leaderboards doesn't mean you're addicted well I think so even though I'm not competitive anymore I know damn well trying to go up there will eat up your life sometimes it's just not even worth trying just me so guys I think that should be it for 15 signs you're addicted to clash Royale or I hope you guys like this content please share this with your friends.

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