Crossfire X - official Game trailer Reaction - gamegame

Welcome back to the Gamepadia ladies and gentlemen today on the Game react I'm gonna be checking out that new CrossFireX tactical shooter coming at us on xbox the new announced trailer frome3 2019 but before we get started if you'd like to keep up with my Blog now that wasn't Pink Floyd song at the beginning it was just that dude really reminded me that one song there we was trying to call his wife and try that his wife was with another man but yeah besides the point this game looks cool man like wow I want to know more about it I want to see gameplay I mean this just looks like a you know cinematic CG sequence show off here but man there's some interesting stuff going on in this trailer I like it but again it's on xbox I'm a PC gamer hopefully it'll make it to the Microsoft Store we'll find out but yeah guys I think it looks good but that's my opinion you let me know what you think fire back in those comments below and again if you'd like to keep up with my posts up.

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