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we're talking about days gone this long-awaited ps4 exclusive has finally dropped on our doorstep and it's big it's pretty and it's flawed this game is definitely like not on the higher-quality caliber of other Sony exclusives like God of War maybe our expectations were too high but ultimately I still had fun with days gone here's the thing about this game it's weird it's completely standard if you've ever played any single-player games and the last four years or so days God takes a lot of elements of stuff you've seen before like bandit camps you need to clear out through simple stealth hiding in bushes running and gunning crafting supplies a giant open-world map filled with quests and side quests to keep you busy for a really long time a little bit of hunting a little bit of survival elements and help there's a lot of zombies of course well they call them freaker's or whatever in a lot of ways days gone feels like a jack of all trades master of none now that might sound like a damning statement for some people it's gonna be days gone isn't the first single-player game to have this type of formula I'm actually a little disappointed I wanted more here but still I'm having fun but let me get into what this game is what its pros are what the shortcomings are and just how it all works together because I still think this is an interesting one you play as biker Deacon st. John it's two years after a big crisis where America isn't chaos and overrun by these freaker's they're zombies but slightly smarter and you know with more animalistic tendencies they also tend to just feed and rest and hibernate it's weird this concept is really interesting on paper and when it's occasionally explored it's really cool shit but most of the time they just feel like dumb idiot zombies roaming around in the open world to annoy you while you're trying to explore I'll get to their types latera deacon is in this open world Pacific Northwest that feels absolutely massive and it's up to him to survive in this new wasteland fight off some remaining humans band together with others and ultimately survive and possibly get to the bottom of things while also dealing with a personal emotional arc with his love interest they put a lot of work and time into the story here and in main cut scenes and the presentation it shows cut scenes are fairly frequent and entertaining and I found myself going along with the story and having a great time with it you know it's a bit standard but I gotta say Deakins st.John or deke is cool he's a cool interesting character I'm also just a huge fan of Sam Whit worth's work the actor I'm a Star Wars fan after all but he sold this character for me I think he's the strongest aspect of the story which like I said while interesting can be pretty straightforward but Deacon is a drifter mercenary who doesn't

mess around he has a code he can be pretty ruthless but he can also do the right thing and when you're out on your own like the characters is that it's best he's always kind of annoyed he's always anxious and he's always like mumbling to himself fit's kind of weird at times he seems pretty far gone in this world just like a paranoid survivor he's one of the more unique aspects of the game and I enjoyed just following him more than the overall story itself on the gameplay side you're exploring like I said you're running and gunning you're picking stuff up out of crates and out of car trunks and salvaging stuff together to survive against the Freaker on sloths you're endlessly gonna be clicking on materials to pick up and craft like smoke bomb straps Molotov cocktails to burn down Freaker nests and healing stuff and stamina buffs the world is absolutely gorgeous and cool but I found a lot of the town and building interiors really boring still there's always a nice tension especially in the woodsy bio me which is the first one and after seeing most others I just don't think it's the best one here's my biggest issue with the game the stealth and the combat I liked the melee combat it gets better when you upgrade it with extra hits it's super simple like one hit button mashing but the feedback and the animations are incredibly satisfying but it's all the other stuff I find like a total chore there have been plenty of other games with this style of stealth you know mark all the enemies in the base camp head in hide in obvious bushes lure them with you know the toss of a rock or a bottle and then you stealth kill them all one by one it works it's fine it's not broken it's just boring I'm glad you have some tools at your disposal and you can lure freaker's in to do some of the fighting for you know that creativity helps a little bit but the shooting straight up I'm just really not a fan of it’s over the shoulder you aim with one trigger you shoot with the other but it just doesn't feel good it does get better once you upgrade your weapons and your recoil with skill sit's just absolutely dreadful at first but it gets usable still it just reminds me of like the shooting from uncharted 1when it first released like rough slow and not as accurate or as responsive as it could or should be anytime I had an encounter with humans that involve the big drawn-out shootout I always just kind of felt annoyed and wanted to get through it as fast as possible I know that sounds strong it really does but I just wish the shooting were more satisfying considering you're doing it fairly often where does work at least is when you're fighting off freaker's there are different types that make things interesting including creepy kid ones that only usually fight when they're provoked and ravenous animals like Cougars and these badass evil parrots the game gives you plenty of throw able grenades and explosive barrels and gas canisters to shoot and blow up and thin in numbers and just make it interesting and make it fun you're especially gonna need all those explosions that when you face off against the hordes these are like these massive swarms of freaker's piling over one another that the game was initially really heavily advertised with these big massive and frankly impressive groups are wandering throughout the world sometimes four story missions and they're genuinely fun encounters it takes a while to get through to them it's interesting how much the game doesn't show you them at the start but it's really cool when you do I'd say that about a lot of days gone if you can't tell it starts off rough and gets better as you play it and get cooler stuff and more skill upgrades speaking of things that get better as they're upgraded the motorcycle Deacon's bike is like the most unique gameplay aspect the game has gone for it and thankfully it's pretty fun it's how you get around and it controls a little like arcade style the bike zips and slides and drifts around however you'd like it's very loose but it's cool and they did a really good job with the feel of the character moving and shifting weight with the bike a lot of the game takes itself overly serious but thankfully they didn't with the motorcycle you don't crash and fly off of too easily there was a nitrous for it which doesn't really make any sense there's plenty of cool jumps and off-road straightaways to hit plus on the more realistic side but they keep it light you have to repair and upkeep your bike as well as keep track of fuel now it might be tedious for some people but it's a mechanic that I enjoyed and thankfully it's extremely forgiving it's really hands-off when you run out of gas you usually don't have to go too far to find more one of my favorite aspects of the game is riding around I enjoy that stuff the most because there always surprises on the road too like ambushes and more freaking s to take out and stuff now there are a lot of these nests to grind through as well as the banded camps and the outposts and on that side of things on the diversion side I felt like I saw everything really quickly and got bored a lot of the bases and emergency camps even though they have little variations ultimately boiled down to just the same repetitive tasks it's just side quests ass side quests stuff that's it you know what saves that though for me personally is what you're working towards upgrades baby you guys know you know for now some games especially open-world ones progression systems are my bread

 and butter I always talk about them and days gone has a pretty nice way of making it feel like everything you do adds to something meaningful you know killing enough freaker's to cash in their bounties to get some extra cash to score new upgrades to make your bike better maybe you want a cool paint job or new saddlebags to hold ammo oh and the bike upgrades show up in cut scenes very small thing but I know other people care about this this made me happy but anyway you're also working through with skill tree with three different branches they're shooting melee and survival and they all feel pretty meaningful as you unlock them and everything you get really generally improves the experience you're also doing jobs and cleaning up areas to earn more trust in the surrounding settlements so the higher you rank up those trust levels the more unlocks you gain access to it's simple but it's satisfying plus every questline has its own percentage and you sort of kind of semi pursue them separately and I just like the way that's presented I can't quite explain it anymore like all this it's just a fun loop and despite my issues my big issues I found myself still playing and the hours disappeared because I just wanted to grind for a cooler gas tank for my motorcycle and graphics aren't everything but it helps that the game looks pretty damn good too despite a few drab textures for interiors and buildings otherwise it's looking high-quality especially if you've got some HDR action the game looks sharp and the colors freakin pop character models are high quality and the environmental weather effects are absolutely like a real sight to behold now as a heads up all the footage I captured here was running on a ps4 proglitches are another problem now I've gotten stuck in the NAP geometry a few times but the biggest thing was an unfixable audio glitch where half of the game's audio would just disappear and I couldn't fix it other than just completely closed out and restart the game that's a huge bummer and makes us somewhat rough game feel a bit rougher sometimes it sounds like I'm being kind of hard on days gone and I totally am but I strongly believe with almost every flaw there is with this game there's something worth seeing and some good fun factor causing explosions is cool riding your motorcycle fast and satisfying and experiencing the world and the character I think is worthwhile you might think I'm making excuses for things I can already see the comments but I have no allegiance to this game or anything days gone is absolutely a middle-of-the-road game I don't do scores in these videos that's always been a choice but you know to be clear this ain't a 10 out of 10game obviously but I don't really think it's like a 5 or a 6 either you know what I mean it's just like that kind of game I only say that because it's hard to pinpoint I am enjoying days gone despite it being far from perfect thank you for coming to my TED talk of course that's it before you buy I give you some pros some cons some personal opinion but now I want to hear yours down in the comments if you've had your hands on the game I've been playing pretty much non-stop since its released I'm sure maybe some of you have too I want to hear what you guys think genuinely though I want to know if you were disappointed or maybe you read reviews.

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