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It's here oh my god the time of year I've been waiting for the new trailer where we get to see gameplay and all the cool new features in the game I swear every year this comes out it could literally be for any fee for these trailers are all very much the same they follow the same blueprint so bear with me too to maybe try and sound excited about this but let's all be real guys that the FIFA trailer comes out every year and we always see the same stuff I'm just waiting for the word dynamic to be thrown up on the screen innovative360 experience and improved AI and all this stuff which is great but in the end the game always has issues with the gameplay but hey we're going in Soofi 420 with an open mind right I certainly will try we're going to go ahead and watch this trailer and I'm going to pause it on certain bits I'm sure you guys have already watched it through so I'm not going to show the entire thing in one go if you haven't seen already just check it out on the EA YouTube page or they even though if EASPORTS FIFA it might be it might be just EA FIFA either way I'm going to be going ahead and kind of dissecting what I think as we go here I've only seen it once so I'm probably going to pick up on things that I didn't see before so without further ado let's get into this so I'm going to I think this should work yeah there we go so we've got new gameplay features just saying guys new gameplay features let's see what they are so set-piece re white re white re right this is one of the main things they change and I've seen this in action already its way you can effectively point where you want to shoot and it will just go there if you're accurate if you time it correctly I'm presuming quick shout out to the new PSG kit in the background they're quite like it so let's see how this goes so there you can see you get a new cursor and you quite literally pick your target don't have anything wrong with that is there oh is there something on the screen there that that shows how accurate he's going to be is there a green bar is there anything it says time it right so I can't see it I don't see anything onscreen that indicates that you've got a timer in a certain way I guess we'll see more of it when we can watch a full game maybe with some of the penalty mechanics and free-kick mechanics in play in terms of graphics of course we're not going to see a massive difference because it's well wait hang on is there new faces in the crowd you're joking it's not the same faces it's going to be those same guys that you know when you when you load into a game it's those same guys cheering and wearing the shirt and taking photos on their phone it's going to be those guys again isn't it let's carryon let's see what we see here so stab abridge okay right liver pool vs Chelsea here.

Trent alexander Arnold taking a free-kick nothing different there but of course it's going to be the same system as the penalty system so you're going to be able to pick where you actually want to shoot you're actually going to see that circular aiming target I guess you can make it curl now this is the bit I notice before you've obviously got just above the goal there I think that's where ever you put your left stick it might be the right stick actually I will find that out but I'm guessing that's how you put maybe topspin or you can put backspin you can curl it to the right to the left at its right stick you can see it you can see it just left of de bruyne there it says after circle so you won't be able to adjust ah okay so it's as you shoot you can then adjust it it must be so it's you get a very short window of time to actually get it right I guess that's the risk versus reward what be interesting is if you're playing with someone on the sofa are the same so fuzzy than you're playing split-screen or whatever they're going to see what you're intending to do so I guess you just have to hide it I saw in the previous pause that there was a hide button so anyway who even plays local co-op anymore let's be honest so very nice cool free kicks I like it a couple more of the typical cinematic things so we've got introducing dynamic 1v1as I think he's probably got dip bowler on the board I'm not sure he's bringing the ball back Ashi I bet you that seguir hoaxes Puma isn't it so he's able to kind of backpedal bring the ball with him and it looks very quick.

when you see it in action in attack you've got okay so Salle's just skipped around someone there you've got Sal they're bringing the ball backwards so you're bringing the defense to you and then I guess you could do as kill move or whatever to get to get past the defender it does seem very quick and then obviously in defense they've made changes here so this it this is big for me this is the one thing that is really exciting me about the this new trailer genuinely it's exciting me they have it feels like they've reworked the tackling system and I've spoke to a couple of guys who have actually played an early build of FIFA20 and they were saying that when they tackle they keep the ball nine times out of ten when they made a good tackle they kept the ball and this is something that's been driving me mad for years in FIFA when you make a tack or you stick out a leg you slide in even if you time it perfectly you're not always going to retain possession it will bounce off your shin your boots to another enemy player or another opposition's player so that that is always one of the most frustrating things about FIFA so I'm hoping based off what I've heard and what we're seeing here that tackles will generally be a little bit more successful I mean he hasn't just won the ball there but he's carried out the ball as well which is very good so we've got David silver on the ball there you could see he's got he's got hair back he's no longer bald and slide tackle perfect retains possession that's what should happen if you make a good tackle.

I don't care if real-life football sometimes doesn't work like that in a game where it's down to your skill level against someone else's skill level if you time a tackle perfectly within some fine margin you should keep the ball I guess there has to be some RNG there otherwise this game would be so robotic but I'm happy to see this takeback possession with active touch tackling that's what they're calling it they love the word active don't they some more cinematics of course to be fair it's a good way of selling the game it looks very pretty doesn't it so this is the next thing we're talking about new ball physics as if this is a new feature how can this be a new feature all physics this should be a feature regardless it's a foot ballgame but anyway let's see what they've got to say about the new ball physics oh it bounces really well so this is physic driven ball movement sorry can someone explain that what was driving the ball before then not physics was it based off just the foot going through it the players power buying the shop what does that even mean of course the ball was affected by physics before physics driven ball moving new feature everyone but I honestly can't see much of a difference I mean he's had a shot there outside the box and it's flown into the top corner we see that all the time I don't see how that's classed as a new feature unless it really does make a massive difference composed finishing so timed finishing I'm guessing is still going to be returning but we're looking at a lot of Omri esque finishes here you know he opens his body up and he slot sit to the far post I mean yeah great composed to finishing but what does that actually mean does that mean that time to finishing is changing and then find out more on the website so let's go through this again we have a new feature which is driven physics driven ball movement which should be in the game I'm sorry I'm so speechless by that I mean that that actually confuses me how is that a new feature surely if anything that's just an improved feature but what was driving the ball before but I don't I honestly don't really understand that at all I don't get that I honestly have no idea what they mean by that we've got the set piece rewrites which sure III like the look of that I think penalties have been woeful over the last few FIFA's and I I do get it it's quite difficult to find that balance between someone who's new to the game and someone who's an expert at the game and it having difficulty you know with as kill ceiling and it doesn't really have ban it never has maybe this is going to be finally the system that that works because they have changed the penalties and the free-kick system so many times and to be fair having a target on the screen it is going to help but I'm guessing it's not always 100% accurate otherwise that would be just too stupid but you can app you can add dip knuckle curve backspin.

All of that good stuff with the right stick which is cool I like that and then they talked about the dynamic1/v ones attacking wise just being able to dribble past now I know one of the biggest problems with FIFA 19 especially online in Ultimate Team and at competitions in the eSports scene there's one specific skill where is it la croquet or something like that where the pros III guess mainly just the pros because it probably isn't that easy to do and make maybe I'm wrong i don't play ultimate team myself but I've heard that if you string together that same move three four times in a row you're literally untouchable you can't lose the ball and i have heard they have tuned this that you can only do it in a one direction or something like that and you can only do it twice in a row and if you do it three or four times the probability of you messing it up is very high even with skillful players something let's say you're running with the with the ball with Ronaldinho which actually i believe he might not be in the game because PES have just got his exclusivity i believe but let's say just why not he's a five-star Skinner right if in FIFA 19 you're running with a born you do a bunch of skills he's just going to pull them off every time no problem because he's a proper skill a right but in football it doesn't work like that even the bests killers mess up you know you see renowned all the time trying to do is his step overs and stuff and sometimes he'll kick the ball out accidentally or whatever in FIFA 20 I've heard that if you do one or two skill moves it's fine but any more than that and the probability of you losing possession or just making yourself look like an idiot gets higher and higher so you won't be seeing that but it does seem like sidestepping and bringing the ball back to bring defenders towards you looks like a new but that doesn't look quite nice I like the drug back feature but this this is the real exciting thing for me seeing you win the ball after making a tackle oh my god I will be so happy if it is the case and that if you time your tackles correctly and if you're actually good at defending your team will defend well it's not completely reliant on your AI being in the right place at the right time or just having lucky bounces fall in your favor how many times have you made a tackle in the Box where you've timed it perfectly and you feel like you've probably got the ball here and you can counter but then magically the ball will bounce off your player fall into the path of their striker and they finish it anyway it is one of the most frustrating things ever so I'm definitely most excited about that more than anything I mentioned how graphics aren't going to be that much improved I feel like we've almost reached a limit with the consoles we're using at the moment the only way we're going to see massive improvements is either a new console or frostbite 3maybe I think we're using frostbite 2 at the moment for FIFA who knows but to be fair FIFA is it's still a very good-looking game it's graphically probably right up there as one of the best sports titles I mean it looks like a game of football from a distance yes they could touch up on the crowd but if you look at it here it just looks like a crowd cinematic can always be improved I guess but realistically I think this is as good as it gets until the new consoles come out and I'll see if you're on PC like myself until we get into the new graphics cards and things like that in the next five years but to be fair the least thing I care about at this point is the graphics because they look fine I just want better better improvements to the features and obviously a better career mode would be very nice indeed of which we're two weeks away from hearing information on so the other thing I wanted to take a look at was are there any stadiums featured in this trailer that could be new so far I haven't noticed any let's see because I think we saw have it's score a goal here okay now we've got Bayh hang on I think we might be getting later Kuzon stadium don't really get a good view of it let me see if I can let's go back a bit more here I mean look at all the banners and the branding this this is the official buying stadium isn't it by Labor Kuzon interesting well that would be nice we've gained the stadium because of course we've lost one with the Aventa stadium being exclusive to PES interesting but I don't think there was anything else that's the Spurs stadium yeah I think that's it really I mean cool oh it's got the Delhi Ali celebration some stupid thing with your hand it's a FIFA trailer guys and it's the usual cinematic cool text popping up with the word innovative or dynamic or active 360 you know all of this stuff followed by a teeny bit of gameplay with the overlay of course and then it's back to cinematics and then of course at the end.

There's the whole pre-order now for your one pack a week which will give you nothing so there's my kind of review of this yet the positives to take out from this are defending is probably going to be better you'll be able to keep the ball more finishing seems to be maybe a tad better maybe more reward for being patiently finishing and not just doing your stupid first-time volleys and things like that my favorite types of goals to score in this game are when you just knock it past the keeper or just a nice comfy finish shot outside the box something like that not these massive bangers that you see coming in from corners and it's just that doesn't that it's just freaky goals isn't it you're lucky if those go in but one be ones hopefully they're going to be massively improved and you know I had to start this video I said it you know how it's meant to be exciting getting these trailers but actually these days it's not this might be an exception because there are some interesting things that we've been we've been shown here and let's just hope that they they play out well because of course we all know what can happen I mean especially when FIFA first comes out the gameplay can sometimes be amazing and then they'll just patch it and then all of a sudden you're playing FIFA 12 again so thank you for coming if you've enjoyed my little review of the trailer here then please do drop alike and share with your friends.

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