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If you want the edge over the competition when you're blasting through game after game of pubg mobile then you'll definitely want to arm yourself with the best possible hardware so that's right today we're taking a look at the greatest smartphones for a bit of pubg action in 2019 the main criteria is basically balls-out performance super long battery life and preferably a few unique little gaming features as well to really help you out when the shit goes down so let's take a look at the best smartphones for pubg mobile right now across a range of budgets and for more on the latest and greatest Bob our tech please do bug subscribe and ding that Laura fication spell Cheers so first up in my round above the grid is pub G mobile smart phones of 2019 is the Huawei it P 30 bra the P 30 pro is one of my favorite phones right now for all manner of reasons and I especially love smashing through a fair few pubg sessions the current I nearly chipset and eight gigs around means you'll very rarely see any kind of stutter and well as GPU turbo feature helps to keep a consistently strong framerate when you're playing pub G mobile as well as some of those are the most popular mobile games I've published a full guide to GPU turbo if you're not sure where that is go check that out now as far as battery performance cores the p30 port is also one of the best handsets around right now the 4200 mini am cell combined with the energy efficient current chipset means you who keep on and fragging well into the wee hours while --whoa is 40 watts supercharged tech will have you filled back up in a jiffy when it comes to premium 2019 blowers we really can't fault Samsung's Galaxy S 10plus as well for a nice bit of pubg action that mighty six point four inch screen is a great way to enjoy pub G and other online games with full itch to your support just like the p30 pro one of the other benefits of this bloody big blower is that sizable 4100 milliamp battery stuffed inside although we definitely recommend grub in the Snapdragon 805 5 version of the S 10plus rather than the Exons model not only is that battery life better but you'll also enjoy smoother performance the S 10 phones also deliver some proper game and features - which can be called upon when you're actually blasting through pub G these include the very handy notifications blocker so you’re not distracted when this really hits the fun and there's a screen recorder - so you can immortalize those legendary moments when you blow someone's brains out from around 100 yards away now as far as dedicated given phones go we definitely love ourselves a bit of black shock too for those pub G sessions this is one of the only Snapdragon 855 smartphones to hit the UK so far in 2019 which means bucket loads of power although admittedly the brilliantly named ludicrous mode doesn’t really seem to give much for a performance boost pub G runs a dream however with only the smallest of stutters when your turn across the landscape and a vehicle on those top detail levels factored in the energy efficiency of commas chipset and the four thousand milliamp battery stuffed inside and you definitely won't run out of juice anytime soon either that shark space you I can be someone with just a quick switch and this offers all kinds of great game and features these include some slick pressure-sensitive touch controls which definitely help out in the middle of the action you check out all of those great gaming features in my full black shock to pubg video which is live now and also a big shout out to the azuz rank phone like the black shock- this is a dedicated gaming handset with plenty of cool features to help you Frank as many Falls as possible this includes a six inch OLED screen with 90Hertz refresh rate so you can instantly see anything bad head in your way plus you get a four thousand milliamp battery with a beer / chamber cool to keep you going for hours on end and that charging port has even side mounted so you can comfortably recharge mid-game you do get the other snapdragon it 4/5 chipset onboard but this is still well up to the job of pub G and one of the most unique features is those haptic triggers up top which are ideal for preventing fumbles mid action and yes that malformed is of course decked out with LEDs as if the design wasn't already subtle enough so far these pub G Mobile's have all been quite premium devices but if you want to be of a stricter budget maybe check out the on a plate instead this brilliant wallet-friendly game a handset cost less than 250 quid here in the UK of these tears but it still boasts impressive performance for that price point pub G Mobile is given a helping hand thanks to the GPU turbo feature which once again ensures smooth running even though the play rocks while is Alder Karin 970chipset plus the three thousand seven hundred and fifty milliamp battery will keep you cap and falls into a Sun Goes Down last up we'd also recommend the surprisingly talented puck or phone f-14run 300 quid you get incredible performance this thing packs in a Snapdragon 805 chipset backed by eight gigs of RAM so it matches the likes of azusa's Republic of gamers smart phone for sheer speed and there's a four thousand milliamp battery onboard as well so you won't be running out of juice anytime soon and apparently the latest me UI 10 beta update adds a nifty game turbo feature not to be confused with while with GPU turbo apparently this adds a shark space style UI so basically got fast access to you games as well as great given features like that do not stir bored the screen recording and the performance boosts as well now no matter which smartphone you decide to pick for your pubg mobile enjoyment I would highly recommend grabbing a physical joypad that's compatible with your smart phone as well it's so much better and easier to control than using those fumble touch screen controls especially when the bullets are flying at your face and things get a bit frantic I've personally reviewed the flight digi joy pads and triggers here on Tech's bed and they definitely do the job but you will find plenty of alternatives out here on the likes of Amazon and the likes of the black shock to have their own dedicated game and setups as well now did I miss out your own personal favorite game and smartphone well definitely don't forget to call me a massive melon down in the comments below and clue us in on what your own personal preference.

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