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Hi guys and welcome back to Game-padia and today we have a review of the lovely look in graveyard keeper we couldn't be more pleased hours upon hours upon hours fixing virtual graves it's not something I expected to be contemplating this time last week I'll be honest launching myself through my friend Pedro yet here we are tiny build and develop a lazy bear have bought the popular PC star dew valley meets sir one foot in the grave um up a switch can a game about burying dead people be fun let's find out after a short story introduction which sees the main protagonist hit by a car he finds himself in an unusual alternate reality rushed into the role of a lowly graveyard keeper you struggled to come to terms with what is just transpired nobody seems to take your plea seriously and soon you'll be getting on with the daily grind that is graveyard keeping and boy oh boy does it put the grind into daily rank your first task is to restore the dilapidated mess that is the work of your predecessor you won't fin dreams of cute oriole levels or hidden manuals through which to learn the multitude of systems instead you're given a few tidbits from a talking skull as far as I can tell this isn't Mary from The Monkey Island series but he has all the wits and charm of that popular fan favorite my first hour was spent hacking away at bushes and trees with the supplied rusty tools and watching the sunset go into bed waking up rinsing and repeating I knew what I had to do fix the graveyard but I had no clue how to do it and as I scratched away at this world with my rusty shovel axe and pickaxe I began to take notice of the ever-growing pool of points at the pinnacle of The Scream staring accusingly down at me from their lofty heights saying why haven't you spent us you fall we are the bloody experience points not your health and mana pool as you so dim wittingly think and lo it dawned on me these are my experience points opening up the skill trees is as daunting as my rather hopelessly in efficient introduction to the game be you have several different paths pertaining to different areas of learning one will cover the crafting and forging of new items and gear and other guides the anatomical understanding for carrying our autopsies while there's theological guile writing farmingsmithing building and finally cookery each to master and each has its own tree of those points I definitely didn't think were some form of ah which will allow you to upgrade them the last of these the blue come into the game a little later the first two will be gained through almost every action you undertake there is very little downtime in graveyard keeper with always something you can be doing but juxtapose to this is the fact that you're also under no real time pressures other than a corpse rotting if left out in the Sun for too long but hey that's kind of expected once you've come to terms with the basics of leveling and learn new skills to begin building up your work yard on this you can build headstones crosses and other a graveyard accoutrement to pimp your yard through this and repair in the grave sites you'll see a score begin to climb showing the current level of the churchyard all the while bodies will be deposited by your more daily with a percentage showing their current state of decay when on the slab the next huge and complex mechanic reveals itself the  autopsy you see every corpse belong to someone it was either quite nice or probably a little bit bad the white skulls here represent the good deeds the person did while the red are the sins the mini game of autopsy is trying to remove the body parts that will with them take away the negative traits if you get the wrong part you can attempt to put them back in but the risk is you'll mess things up and make the body permanently worse giving less why skulls what the hell does this even mean I hear you ask ah yes well when you plant them and have buried them back in the earth at the graveyard you'll see a number appear over their grave combined with your efforts to decorate the gravesite that determines the overall impressiveness if you will of the overall area there's also some mild cannibalism that takes place with the meat you acquire from the bodies but I won't go too far into that one just right now with everybody you bury you'll give an 8 burial certificate and while you can later exhume particularly sinful corpses to make the whole place better you'll want to take those to the town to get some money early on once you've hit plus 5 then you'll be rewarded by being put in charge of the church through preaching and improving this you can gain the most precious blue faith experience beneath the church you'll find a series of tunnels and a library which will allow you to research the items of the world bests are given by the various and often nefarious characters you'll have the displeasure of me and attract on the character screen but again don't fret as they won't timeout everything you do in graveyard keeper will drain your stamina shown in blue here the management of this is one of the most important aspects of making the most of each and every game day early on this will seem to disappear almost instantly leaving you with little option but to return home sleep and repeat when you get to grips with the game you soon realize how important the cooking abilities are and they can negate much of the loss of stamina controlling the character is easy with nothing overly unusual here the left stick controls the movement and a single press of the wire will undertake most in-game actions you'll be able to equip consumables to the d-pad buttons for quick access I did miss a dedicate run button and the combat also is tied heavily to that stamina bar so much so that you'll find yourself unable to swing your sword at times on met situations are few and far between and usually just serve as a way of collecting materials from different creatures it's all about crafting and building to improve that graveyard the next interesting mechanic is the way the day's work each one represents a sin and early on it can be very confusing as to what they mean but what I will say is that certain NPCs will only be available on certain days there's farming here unlocking new areas fishing shopping and grow in the faith and subsequently donations of your parishioners but all in a day's work for a time-travelling dimension-hopping dead guy just wants to get home to his missus right back at the start of this review I mentioned grind and this is important you will spend so much time grinding out different things.

chopping trees picking berries planting crops building better head stones everything needs to be resourced by the player and this is where the game could be improved in my opinion for example say you need certain ingredients for a build where's the quick option to pin them to the hub so you can see them easily instead you'll have to memorize what you need or better still go old-school like me and take screen shots of the different ones it's a stretch to say the game needs a tutorial but it would certainly help some players I can see some giving up before they experience even a fraction of what it has to offer with countless systems and aspects from greats such as star dew valley but so many secrets to find in a decent sized map to explore you'll sink hours and hours and then discover a completely new mechanic out of no where zombies now all of this review is focused on the core game but there's also a DLC pack a long short break in debt what this does is it automates many of the systems in the game by allowing you to recruit undead helpers this in fact would negate many of the issues I have with it as you often find yourself just overwhelmed with the sheer number of tasks to do and having others to help you I believe is why the developers created this DLC gameplay for me is challenging but solid but there are as is the case with this style of game times where you'll spend a whole lot of time doing very little conversely there are many Eureka moments with this one and the burial and management of the church centers the experience in a similar way to your farm would in other management Sims game play for me score 16 out of 20 it's a very addictive and rewarding game there are a few tweaks I would definitely make things like a persistent mini-map onscreen or quick access to pin recipes Asher controls they're fairly straightforward and easy but again a couple of missed opportunities like no run button or perhaps some form of dodge roll to make combat a touch more engaging control score 15 out of 20visually the game is the best of pixel art in my opinion the basic look belies some lovely lighting and weather effects whether it's sheets of rain lashing down blanket of fog or just butterflies and trees blowing in a cool breeze it all looks very nice indeed musically I enjoyed the slightly unusual often oriental leanings of the sound track there's a touch of repetition here but the scores very catchy and tends to err on the easy-listening side I wasn't to impressed by it was a lack of some seemingly key sound effects as rain lashed down all around me with lovely lighting effects to boot there was something jarring about there being a distinct lack of any rain sound perhaps it's a bag I'm not sure dynamic sounds are the main area the games hitting myths some are great and some are just missing audio scores 14 out of 20 musically it's lovely but perhaps some more variety and ambient sounds wouldn't go amiss performance is rock solid in Docs in handheld mode and actually much of the footage you're seeing is from docked visuals score 17out of 20 the game cost 16 pounds 19 17euros 99 or 17 dollars 99 is a very good length and combined with the bundled DLC would be hard-pressed to not get your money's worth the issue will be when someone is trying to decide between this and say star dew valley which is around a third cheaper and offers more content that's then a very tough call I'd love to see them add some form of multiplayer to the game although having said that the story in general design tends to lean towards a more solo experience I still think the game offers good value for money I would give value 16 out of20brave yard keeper is a tough game to get into but once you do it doesn't release its vice-like grip introducing new avenues for your time at a steady rate the real hooks are balancing your stamina improving your graveyard give it a focus and the deals will only improve some of the shortfalls I think many people will enjoy this quirky slightly disgusting and sometimes unusual tale of a graveyard keeper and it makes for an interesting and enjoyable game it scores a switch-up score of 78 percent thanks so much to all the patron saint to support the Game-padia every month if you want to join them remember we give away a free Nintendo switch game each month to them and also to one lucky visitor and that's coming up in just a few days leave a comment down below let us know what you think of this one and all things switch all the time keep it game-padia cheers guys see you soon.

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