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What's up guys the Gamepadia is here in this content I 'll copy show you guys how to get in app purchases for free with the new iOS 12 through I was twelve point one point two Jo pre right so guys I am super excited I'm going to be testing this on multiple games enjoy guys how it works it's super simple just make sure to follow these steps with extreme precision and it should be good to go alright so I am padia as you can see I just Cydia if you guys still yet to joke break on iOS 12 through iOS12 point 1 point through the link to my content on how to jailbreak what we down below description it's super easy to follow so did Jo broken anyways now that you have a joke break open up cydia and once it is open tap on the second tab at the bottom sources and the tap on edit on the top right and then add on the top left want to do that you'll get this prompt simply go ahead and type in the falling repo which is repo hacker iPhone org exactly like this with the HTTP and simply now go ahead and tap on add source let's do that it will bring this up going to tap on add anyway it'll go and add the source right quick alright now if you do get some errors that's perfectly fine this going to tap on return to Cydia and now over here you should have the hacker iPhone repo anyways now go to the search and in the search for gonna go and type in local Iap store now you guys will only see one and that is this one right here by the hacker iPhone repo XE at the very bottom of you guys see this one's by the hacker iPhone repo make sure that it is that when you guys see it says right there anyways now we got to do is this templates simply tap on install the top right you'll get this right here confirm and we are basically almost done alright so once this done tap on restart springboard and you got the tweak installed so it's gonna go to a springer device it should be very quick and now once we are back in our device you want to open up settings any one scroll down until you find the local IEP store tweak that we just has installed so there it is make sure that it is enabled and generate customers see you can leave that off just to make sure that this tweak is enabled and that's it you are good to go now I have a bunch of games I'm gonna be testing this on to show you guys how it works and the first one I'm be showing guys of course it's subway surfers but don't worry there are other games I will be testing out so it's gonna open this up what the bad guys can't tell.

 I haven't hacky because look how many points I have but anyways let's gonna get some more so I'm gonna go ahead and go to the shop and let's go to the store the I Christine’s we have in-app purchase over here now this step is very important make sure that you follow this without no binoculars okay alright so take a look at how many coins I have fifty okay that's a big number and that's going to buy a lot more huge chest of coins so I got to do is tap on it and this will come up now make sure you do not double click all you guys want to do is hit cancel do not type in your password or anything is tap on cancel and there we go so counting the app store and there we go now 1.1million now it didn't actually buy thein-app purchase we didn't input any of our details we didn't use face ID touch ID or input any type of password and there we go we hit cancel and now we got it for free you get the same thing with the keys so I'm gonna buy a heap of keys I could tap on it and let's gonna hit again cancel again guys do not accidentally buy it because you might end up spending a lot of money if you do accidentally enter your password so again just hit cancel and you got to good to go so there you go we got a lot of camor keys now let's go to this second app which is supermarket tycoon and anyway this one has a store's go tapon it now I'm gonna go to buy some and there's crystals I'd only play this game but look at how many I have right now I'm going to tap on this and again let's go tap on cancel and okay let me go and try that again so I don't think it worked in this game because this game is server based but alright we get a warning says an error occurred and so it does not work on this game because this does check on these servers another big game that this does not work on is clash of clans or clash Royale because those are server based so it's not our advice so there's really noway to hack those apps so that one does not work just to show you guys this does not work on every single app going to try it on an app and it might work and if it does that's cool if it doesn't then that means it is server based and it's basically un hackable alright so here we got stick man hook this get a fun little game let's go and just show you guys what it is so you just like our Spider Man and I suck at this okay anyways let's say I don't want any ads and there it is on the top right you can see there's a no ads but of course this cool requires an in-app purchase so it's going to tap on that it's $2.99 but they're going to tap on this I gotta do the same thing as to tap on cancel a see if it works and a Bowman this one does work so that's cool now I don't have any more advertisements and I could play hassle-free without putting my phone in airplane mode so I don't have to miss a call or a text alright next game let's go and do ball blast and okay alright I already tried on this because this is a game I play a lot and I did get rid of ads yes so I can't do it again because I already did it but I don't have any ad son this game anymore and there aren't any other in-app purchases but it does work on ball blasts so no more ads many motor Racing's so this is a classic game I want to show some old-school games too in here and this game is be so much fun I just wish they would update it but anyways it's going to tap on store and again we got loads of in-app versus I just tested it right there yeah XD but I'm going to do another one so I can unlock all the cars so I'm going to tapon this buy and it's going to tap on cancel boom it works it's going to tapon this one again cancel boom alright so that one works and it's super awesome  now have all the cars and I could beat every single race but anyways proud cities so again no ads conceivable works and boom ok they're dead work ok so it can cancel and there you go now we don't have any advertisement so the in-app purchase did work alright so guys hope you enjoy this content stay tuned for many more tweak posts I got some awesome tweaks now you're not gonna want to miss out on so make sure that you gets hare this post and I'll catch guys my next content peace out.

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