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Well I'm reviewing that in 20 turns out I have a few days of origin access premiere left over from when Matt at 19dropped so without contributing any more money to EA I was able to play Madden 20and create a review I had also played the beta so I pretty much knew what I was in for Madden has been the worst major sports game on the market for quite some time despite the constant 8in 9 out of 10 reviews for major game websites in magazines Madden is a far cry from the days of the PlayStation 2games if I would have given Madden 19 a rating out of 10 it would have been a 3compared to NBA 2k MLB the show or even other EA games such as the NHL series Madden has easily been the most bare-bones unimpressive unengaging in least innovative sports game that you could find with a lack of any competition since EA and the NFL got together and signed an exclusive rights agreement Madden has lost its soul this may be a shock to some of you as each year Madden is praised with high reviews from nearly everyone out launched you usually hear things like a step in the right direction a great foundation for years to come fixing the little things were the best mat yet many of the journalists writing these reviews are not at all educated in the history of the series other sports games or even football in general otherwise they wouldn't be giving such high praise to such a low quality product this video is going to go in-depth and show you an exhaustive look at Madden 20 to help you make the right buying decision this year EA Sports is advertising a few new features to push sales of the game and excite fans of the series these features are the return of the superstar mode X Factor's and the return of the Pro Bowl superstar mode returns as qb1 face of the franchise mode after being absent from the game for seven years Madden NFL oh six introduced the mode which was a career mode where you created a player got drafted and went through the life of an NFL player in madden 13 EA replaced franchise mode and superstar mode with connected careers mode which aimed to combine the two this resulted in a terrible watered-down experience that still plagues madden to this day it seems EA has finally recognized this and has now recreated a career mode because let's face it playing a career.
 as a player in franchise mode is incredibly shallow and boring it's basically playing my league and 2k with a player locked camera only without all the depth and fun of my league and instead the most bare-bones franchise mode inexistence there was nothing to the mode besides playing through your games EA has been attempting to sort of create a career mode the past two years of longshot and why our long shot was alright a madden 18 it was awful in Madden 19 so this year EA brought back the superstar name and created a new superstar QB one face of the franchise mode I'm glad they added this back but it's not as in-depth as you might think nor as good as the old superstar modes that used to be mad you create a player but you can only choose quarterback and then you go through the process of the Scouting Combine being drafted and joining a team you get to play college football which I'm sure is going to bring in all the college football fans dying for a new NC double-a game yet you can only play through the playoff and again only as aQB no option to play with NC double-a teams and play now or a separate mode for the playoff after a college you get drafted and once you are on a team it's back to the old Madden franchise mode as a player the new scenario engine tries its hardest to make it interesting but it really doesn't add much unlike to Kay's my career there is no online aspect to the career mode it's basically as if longshot had to create a player and when the story ended you just played franchise mode with that player it's better than not having the mode and itis a step in the right direction but limiting players to the quarter back position in the lack of depth to keep it from being interesting most people will likely play through at once maybe play a few games once they are in the NFL and be done with the other major addition is the all-new superstar x-factor abilities personally I like these and I'm glad EA added them to the think about 2k badges.
 Madinah 8-playerweapons and two-phase takeover that's basically what x factors are some people worried that they might be too Opie and in execution that is not the case it's very rare that a player's X Factorability is triggered so it's not like Patrick ma homes will be throwing a tea or bombs all game one of my biggest issues with Madden for a long time has been how star players don't feel any different from the average player The X Factor's addressed this and are executed well triggering a player's X Factor is fun in one of the games redeeming features now for franchise mode let's see what they added to the most popular and most play mode in the game surely franchise mode would be a priority right the pro-bowl was added back to franchise mode after years of not having the game due to it costing too many resources or whatever excuse they had its back and EA won't let you forget it every ad for Matt and Tony shows off the Pro Bowl as if they never had it in the first place nice EA added back the Pro Bowl did you know it was in NFL Blitz Pro a game from2003 and pretty much every Madden ever had it I'm not mad they added the Pro Bowl back but the fact that this is the big addition to franchise mode this year shows exactly how much EA cares about franchise mode besides the Pro Bowl in the new scenario engine which we'll get into in a minute franchise mode is pretty much unchanged no updates tore location teams still the same terrible stat tracking still lack of league history no coaching carousels no created team no for unloading her back winning contracts no restricted free agency no common satori fix no update to scouting can't see what team a player played on low-beam career stats can't view team or player records no dedicated retirement screen at the end of each season no training camp nothing two new features with one being a feature we had up until Madden 13 and was removed for no reason at all the scenario engine is promising and has potential but it should not be the only real change to the mode the scenario engine is a new feature where before a game you're going to pop up where your unnamed offensive coordinator who you can hire will ask about an x-factor player on the opposing team such as Richard Sherman and how you want to approach him in the game you'll get a few options like target him avoid him test him early based on how you answer and then how you perform your team will get a morale boost morale simply speeds up development and confidence a player might reach out and ask for more playing time and if heper forms well he can get bumped up a development tree veteran players might be unhappy and asked for more playing time it sounds really nice in theory and in execution it isn't bad at all however being the only real addition to franchise mode hinders any good feelings that would come from the modes addition VA has said that they will be adding to the scenario engine throughout the season.
 and well after launch they will add fifth year options to rookie contracts through the scenario engine but as it currently stands it gets old very quickly and after the same few scenarios start popping back up you are back to the exact same franchise mode as Madden 19the only other change you might notice would be that the coach is now wearing anew hat in his office than the one he wore 19 players can't lose a regression trait at the end of each season and the menus have flipped from the right side of the screen to the left along with some new fonts and colors absolutely everything else is the same it is mindboggling that EA is able to barely change anything in the most-played mode in the game year after year if you compared any Madden from 13 to now in the franchise mode there is about as little innovation as one could imagine current gen Madden easily has the least amount of additions to franchise mode in the series history Madden on PlayStation2 had a much deeper franchise mode NBA2k zmei League mode is the deepest and any major sports game ever MLB the show has a deep franchise mode as well even NHL an EA game with a smaller budget has created team coaching carousels in depth scouting new commentary team in broadcast presentation a trade finder and more how is this possible why does this happen why does EA get a free pass every year in 8 or 9 out of 10 from everyone when they barely touch franchise mode some people are going to say EA did a good job this year by doing some small things like updating regression contract asking price is drafting a etc yet if you watch the reviews of Madden 19 or 18 or 17from these same people they will say the exact same thing in every single review every single year Madden updates in tooms those things yearly they have no choice these tiny changes are not going to lead us to a modern franchise mode I don't care about steps in the right direction or that it's going to take time for the game to catch up to its competitors the game as it is cost $60 why has it fallen behind why are we giving a billion dollar company excuses I am reviewing that in 20 and the fact that the game is getting there does not warrant a positive review if Madden wants a positive review then it needs toactually get there as it stands Madden has the most bare-bones and shallow offline experience of any sports game besides maybe FIFA or NBA live which are also EA games with exclusive rights to the NFL licensed Madden can in has done this every single year if you got bored of Madden 17 or Madden 18 or Madden 19'sfranchise no you are already bored at madam 20s it feels like a small patch is the scenario engine of good edition yeah I'd rather it be there than not be there but it really doesn't add much I'd probably be praising it if the rest of the game-mode actually had an inch of death but when this and the pro-bowl are the two major selling points and additions to franchise mode then EA needs to prepare itself for criticism and maybe take it into consideration for once - disregarding it if the flag ship game mode of your game was better 15years ago something is wrong unfortunately ultimate team is back in Madden 20 if you play ultimate team you'll probably have fun buying packs building the same generic amount of roster as everyone else and running cheese plays all year I personally find ultimate team my team Diamond dynasty and any other game that includes micro transactions for loot boxes card packs or anything that isn't just cosmetic to be a scam these companies only include these modes to make money off of kids and easily manipulated adults I consider loot boxes to be a form of gamble and underage gambling is illegal yet these games are ready to eat for everyone if you disagree with me that is fine it's just my opinion I'm going to put my personal bias towards this game-mode aside now and go over what's new now X factors and superstar abilities have made their way into the mode and have replaced red cams house rules are returning in starting at a sooner date there are now all new ultimate challenges which replace solo challenges you start out by choosing a star difficulty and then play it.
 the challenge you can then replay the challenge at a higher difficulty for a greater reward I will admit of all the major sports games Madden does have the best Ultimate Team mode that I've played I hate these trading card game modes but Madden's is less of a grind compared to two K's my team for example however the profitability of this mode likely allows you to take up more resources than the lackluster parts of the game such as franchise mode that actually deserve It which means as long as ultimate team is thriving and making EA money the rest of the game will suffer that is the main reason I don't and won't play Ultimate Team gameplay is improved when compared to Madden 19 this is likely what you will hear being praised on other Madden20 reviews I personally don't find it to be anything special if you took mat a19's gameplay cleaned up the bugs made running the ball more like Madden eighteen and made the gameplay faster that is what Madden 20 is this is a good thing don't get me wrong but the game doesn't get praised for me simply for not having awful gameplay the same plays that worked in Madden 19working 20 at least on offense crossing routes are the cheese once again ball trajectory in passing arcs have supposedly been tuned but all I noticed is that linebackers don't jump as highballs are still thrown very low and not even close to the great ball trajectory of the 2k football games still no fade route catching animations or proper throwing trajectories receivers still can't catch a pass in front of them and keep their feet in bounds while falling down like you've seen all pro football 2k8blocking AI is still horrible CPU AI is also poor at recognition it's Madden same old Madden just because this game doesn't have horrifying glitches at launch and is faster in it doesn't mean it's good it is a step in the right direction as you're likely see everyone say but this isn't a review of the potential of the Madden NFL series this is a review of Madden 20s itis as a $60 video game and it's mediocre at best in the gameplay department still not even close to all pro football 2keighth in terms of animation quality in physics it is an improvement from atom19 but until they rebuild everything from the ground up it's going to be mediocre at best in plays will be decided more on a dice roll than player skill the new rating spread helps make star players feel better than average players but the core gameplay is just not engaging the gameplay is simply a polished smooth out version of what we've seen in Madden since Madden 16with the addition of X Factor's and superstar abilities the game has also finally introduced signature quarter back throwing animations which is a nice addition despite how awkward they look it's the best game.

 play Madden has had this generation but it's still not good from the engine to the animations to the physics after the polish and new features were off it feels like you're just playing last year's Madden in the year before that in the year before that cosmetically the game has a new menu layout and look fonts have changed color splashes are everywhere and I think it looks nice it makes the gullible people think that the game is more of a change from 19 than it really is the score board is finally updated as it had been identical format in 17 to 19 in almost the same in Madden 15 and 16 referees are no longer on the field because apparently according to lead developer Clint Oldenburg the referee models didn't look good enough so they remove them entirely I don't think anyone has ever complained about referee models before but now that you were moving from the game you've given players something new to complain about nice presentation sideline interaction is the crowd the overall and merjan of the game feels similar if not identical to Madden 19while I could easily see the improvement in graphics from each Madden game to the next Madden 20 and 19 are almost indistinguishable anything Madden 20 is a little brighter player models are still an issue players like Lamar Jackson or Torey Cohen have massive wide shoulder pads there is no option to use smaller shoulder pads like the ones that use in real life still no mouth guards the game just doesn't have the same attention to detail you've seen other sports games quarter back audible sounds have been changed which is good as most people probably wanted to drill their heads in after hearing Madden 19's three lines over and over the same commentary team of Brandon Godin and Charles Davis returned along with a ton of recycled lines and pregame and halftime shows are pretty much identical or Madden 19 the only addition to play now is the NFC and AFC Pro Bowl teams still no historic teams like you might find in older Madden games or the NBA 2k series practice mode is simply a scrimmage just don't know situation mode like the reused to be in every football game a generation or two ago the game is played out franchise QB one mode and mud that is it I am sick of EA and I am sick of Madden the game is simply not good they charge $60 to start yet 2k MLB and every other sports game also costs $60 what makes Madden worth buying EA has neglected franchise mode for so long to the point where in 2019 Madden oh five on ps2 has a deeper and more immersive franchise mode every year they add a couple flashy new features with most of them being features that used to be in the game and got taken out for no reason Pro Bowl superstar mode what's next removed gameplay and bring it back a few years later Madden is the most predictable game on the planet every year it's the same thing everyone is sick of the game after December and then a new game is announced and the public opinion is temporarily turned positive people fall for the hype every year don't believe me go back and watch your favorite Blogger Madden 19 or 18reviews at the beginning of the release and then after the game had been out fora few months yet if you bought Madden oh wait on PlayStation 2 and you have never upgraded since then you would have a better game than what Madden 20 offers a watered-down franchise mode with a ninexplicable lack of attention to detail reintroducing a worse version of a game mode we used to have and acting like the return of the pro be the selling point does not make a good game is this game better than Madden 19yesthe gameplay is much improved a more polished and refined Madden 19 does that make it good no if I can say that you get a more immersive deeper experience playing Madden o8 on the ps2 or NFL 2k5 on xbox then the game is not worthy of its price tag many are going to praise men 20 for being an improvement over Madden 19 but personally I don't see that worthy of praise if you've been unhappy with Madden for the past few years 20 is not going to be any different ken Madden become a good game eventually yeah I think they're on the right track at the pace they are currently going it may take a few centuries but as long as they no longer remove features like they've been the past two decades the game will only get better each year I think Madden21 could be decent if they give four inch eyes mode a huge focus but as twenty stands it simply isn't a good sports game worthy of $60 I and many others really wish we had another option in the football video game scene my rating for Madden 20 is a 5 out of 10 an improvement from atom 19 and the best Madden on current gen consoles but still not worthy of $60 and still not a good game.

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