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Oh for pose our master shelf back in 2006 gamers were introduced to one of the best co-op superhero game sever Marvel Ultimate Alliance then in2009 we got the sequel Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 which adapted the classic Civil War storyline from the comics now over 10 years later we've got Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 made by a completely different company and exclusively on the Nintendo switch threat auror us team ninjas Ultimate Alliance 3 feels like its could have come out 10 years ago it's combat is very simple and lacks any real depth overall but that's not to say it's not a whole lot of fun being so simple makes it accessible to anyone which makes it one of the best co-op experiences on the Nintendo switch the cartoony art style echos the friendly and accessible nature of the story and gameplay unlike its more realistic slightly more mature and sophisticated predecessors making it feel right at home with Nintendo the game is anisometric co-op superhero brawler that's great fun alone but undeniably at its best when you're with your own team for home or online the gameplay is effectively the same it's always been players build a team of four heroes from different Marvel franchises including the Avengers the x-men the defenders and more every character gets a simple like and heavy attack an aerial attack and four unlockable special moves all characters start with at least one special then unlock new ones that levels10 15 and 20 these moves are the major form of progression in the game which has encourages you to play as several different teams of heroes to unlock everyone's moves different specific teams also gain different stat buffs choosing all x-men will give you a different stat bonus compared to all female characters however the further you go through the game the clearer it becomes that if you found that your perfect team already it's best just to stay with them rather than experimenting there are some pretty tough bosses in the game that you'll come to quite suddenly so you'll need to have your strongest and highest level characters there so that you're not under leveled the game is pretty easy up to a certain point and that point for me was the fight with dr. strange all matter judge I like to swap out my characters regularly rather than just playing is the same theme over and over but that meant even my best heroes were severely under leveled so I had to go away and grind in the Infinity trials mode if finish the trials come as a welcome addition and function as challenge modes where you can unlock points to spend on color swap skins and new upgrades on aside note it is a shame that the alternate costumes are just recolors but apparently more are coming in the form of free dlc in 2020 along with colosso and Cyclops as playable characters next month back to the bosses they don't really require much strategy most of the time and usually boiled down to just chipping away at their stagger meter and health bar while dodging speaking of the stagger Bart this usually refills frustratingly quickly so as soon as you make some progress in a battle you have very little time to deal any significant damage often by the time you've triggered your most powerful move known as an extreme attack the bar has already refills before your character has even finished announcing themselves these attacks are usually screened filling moves which deal massive damage over a wide area and can be fired simultaneously with your team members to really cause havoc however these moves don't actually work together or complement each other and just do their own thing.
 at the same time this is different to Ultimate Alliance to fusion moves which all involve two characters using their moves together such as Ironman blasting a laser at Captain America's shield and ricocheting energy all over the stage in Ultimate Alliance3 there are synergy moves which are similar to fusion attacks but aren't half as cool these are triggered when two characters use certain special moves at the same time and deal increased damage these are effective in combat but the screen is too chaotic and filled with particle effects and oversized damage icons to really see exactly what's happening damage numbers can be switched off entirely but I'd rather they were just less intrusive Captain America and Iron Man have a synergy move which is similar to their Marvel Ultimate Alliance to fusion move but it's almost impossible to see because the screen is often too full of explosions which is a particular problem in handheld mode which can cause the frame rates of plummets while these moves are powerful it would be nice to actually see how they're acting together if at all fusion attacks were one of the highlights of Ultimate Alliance 2because the game made sure you knew exactly what you were doing and who was doing it making it feel much more like a proper superhero moment if storm forms a tornado Iceman can fill it with ice spikes to cause area damage or the Human Torch could turn it into a vortex of fire and incinerate everything in sight none of the moves here are anywhere near as recognizable as there were in the past and those which can be seen are very difficult to make out because using them is like setting off a flashbang right next to your head for a game that places so much emphasis on the individual powers looking spectacular it seems backwards to not actually see them under all the lights and noise however all of your special moves can become synergy attacks with another character so at least you have options of what flavor of explosive carnage you like to fill your screen when used individually these moves are super fun fit the characters very well and look really impressive the personal favorite of mine is caps shield strike ability.
 where he throws his shields and it bounces off various enemies doing decent damage to each one from afar combine that with the right strength buffs and fully upgrade it and you're good to go the characters all together are very solid albeit fairly shallow for fans familiar with just the MCU versions of these characters there will be some new faces but nothing too obscure although who the hell is Elsa bloodstone but we did get they're always incredible Nolan north backers dead pool so that's always a win i see this is an absolute win now be honest and that the only one with a little bit of shit in their pants right now am i one of the biggest improvements that Ultimate Alliance 2 made over the originals was that the characters had more character the heroes here are adapted very well from the source material Wolverine sounds like Wolverine and Thor sounds like Thor but the story never gives anyone any into visual moments to shine beyond their flashy entrances that said I do love the character cards that give you fun facts about who the characters are and how they fit into things and they happen constantly throughout the story as new heroes and villains are introduced the story itself is less of a compelling serious narrative are more of a vehicle for just meeting and unlocking new characters to players while that isn't necessarily a bad thing if you are hoping for a story with a bit more going on then you might be better off sticking with the first two games and there is still no payoff for that cliff hanger ending from the first one with Gal act us sniffing creatures they dare steal from Gal act us for that I will destroy them the game's story borrows heavily from the recent Avengers infinity war and endgame movies as well as the wide MCU so it's trending a lot of familiar ground as with all superhero media this makes for plenty of fun Easter eggs and references to dig out and uncover four superhero fans it's not the story itself that's exciting here because it's one we've all seen before it's how they introduce all the new characters in cool ways when the hero's adventure takes them to Wakanda or you're waiting for is that moment when Black Panther finally shows up and joins your team so you can kick ass with his vibranium suit and claws on the whole the story isn't bad it's just not particularly strong or original but it seems like it's not really trying to be either it has a great sense of humor and is very self-aware one joke in particular happy really cracking up where daredevil makes a clear reference to the excellent Netflix series I do my best fighting in hall ways the game's only goal is to frequently throw new characters and new abilities at you and just let you have fun with them and in that regard it absolutely succeeds but one area where the game doesn't succeed at all and falls faster than my oly a is the camera isometric games and particularly chaotic brawlers like this often have camera trouble but this is just terrible it constantly gets caught on things and fails to trigger a perspective shift when it's supposed to even the new heroic camera which focuses on just your character still has issues this is an even bigger problem in co-op when both players are on opposite sides of the screen and that is on top of the overabundance of energy blasts and fire making understanding what's going on where you are really frustrating despite being a fun and mostly easy co-op experience this new entry to the franchise strips away many of the things which made the previous games a bit more interesting autumn Alliance 3 is light on the RPG mechanics with little more than carrots stats leveling up and equipping stat buffs with crystals while you can speak to some other characters in the game there are no dialogue choices which were present in the past although they never had an impactful outcome also in the first game you've had side quests which you can do which were optional and then at the very end it would give you a glimpse into the future of what happens whether or not you did or didn't act for instance the choice whether you want to save Jean Grey or Night crawler and then having the repercussions unfold that wasn't particularly deep back then but at least it was a bit more than just punching and fancy visual effects and there's nothing anywhere near as interesting as when in Ultimate Alliance 2 players had to decide whether or not they wanted to be on team cap or team ironman and then completely locking off access to the characters on the other side which meant it was a really interesting choice to make the shallow nature of the combat story and mechanics makes her an experience that could have been so much more if it wanted to be but ends up feeling lesser than its predecessors by comparison the game plays it very safe on one hand that makes it loyal to the characters is based on but on the other hand it means the game doesn't take the player anywhere they've not been before or challenged them in any meaningful way has I've already said the game is very fun especially a multiplayer issues the lack of depth in any aspect of the game that leaves something to be desired and it feels like a stripped back version of the previous ones ultimately pun intended Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a good game but I wouldn't call it great it's an easy to pick up co-op brawler based off one of the most successful and popular properties around right now autumn Alliance 3 is for those fans who love all things.

 Marvel and there's something here for anyone to enjoy yeah I think that leaves it feeling more like a master of none fans of the previous games maybe letdown by some of the steps the game takes back rather than forward but the core gameplay experience is still very much intact if you can get over that god-awful camera make no mistake this isn't an RPG heavy dungeon crawler like Diablo it's a colorful explosion filled massive action which is certainly entertaining even if you can't quite make out exactly what it is you're doing there's a fair amount of content here for Marvel lovers too will the tense 15hour story mode loads of extra challenges thrown in and dozens of characters to players with more coming as paid and for e TLC it's essentially the ice cream sundae of videogames loads of ice cream and sugar with all the extras on top you'll sure as hell enjoy it even if it isn't the most fulfilling and nutritious meal it's a shame that there isn't more to Marvel awesome Alliance 3 and had it come out 10 years ago it would have felt more at home but it's still some of the most fun I've had playing couch co-op for a while with characters I know and love even though it's very simple and casual it's a Greatest Hits of everything.

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