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What is going on guys and welcome back to another post so today in this post we have something absolutely insane to show you guys and also talk about because some legend who of course was at Hall H did go ahead and take a few pictures which his great for all the people that weren't able to get there and at the same time it's like hey okay you are technically leaking something maybe right but you're technically not because it was a public event but you just technically had to be this so it's just not officially being released but it was very tall Ajith and it is absolutely insane we got the Iron Man armor we got I am so captain American suits falls etc and of course Black Widow and I'm telling you guys itis absolutely in st. but quick question from you guys seeing the leaked gameplay of course a full demo that wasn't officially announced what are your thoughts on it did you like it did you not I want you guys to rate it from a scale one to te none being incredibly bad and 10 being fantastic and five just being okay I guess so I'll leave your thoughts in the comment section below but diving into this one I want to start off with ironman's MK 42 armor or at least of a lower chest as Mitch says on reddit now this is absolutely insane even though it's such a simple a little shot we see it is hard to actually see anything really but from what you see it does look so bad as sand it really is great I don't know why these guys seriously didn't really season screen shots just officially because what they are doing is absolutely phenomenal and it is really great so this was the first one a lot of people were saying how do we know it's the MK 42 and apparently they did say that at BAE panel as well so that's a really cool little fact fair the next one is Captain America Scout suit and Mitch did say I really wish the main shot of the game had a design like this and again from what you see this looks absolutely incredible and they kind of got me thinking when it comes down to like customers in the suits in the game and you know go in on what we see here I didn't actually see any video footage so going on the basis what we see here is it going to be like a situation where when you are customizing your character it kind of goes into like these different modes essentially like you can probably rotate the character around change the outfits and they'll top what bottom left corner of course this has Captain America etc it's very actually something you can do I wonder if it's like that because again I haven't seen a fish or game play off them actually showing this only these images so if this is the case I think it will just make it a whole lot more interesting now the next one I'm so far has to actually be one of my favorites is a force of Viking outfit now what's great about this one is that we actually see two shots of this so we got the original one for a mich that says for Viking outfit again very attention to detail on this which looks absolutely insane we already know about the graphics side of this game a lot of people were instantly comparing it with Black Widow especially on how you know different they look in terms of all the characters and where it's a big big difference and hey let's not forget they are releasing this game next year in May so if this is what they would manage to basically you know get together in the space of what like a month and I'm super excited to actually see the final version of the game when it does get officially sort what I guess like a couple of weeks before its release date when they just literally start bombarding us with like loads of footage of this hopefully all screenshots I am really excited to see how it's gonna look but falls waiking Alfie looks absolutely insane going back to the other one there was someone else called Wolverine who actually posted a better look at fours armor from the Viking or possibly a different set it does look like it will possibly be from the Viking outfit again if you take a look at the top of the Viking outfit and then the bottom this does seem like it is you know a part affair and again it does look absolutely insane a lot of people were saying though that you know the caves are different to Falls you know of course fur cape in the Viking one but again that's the top of it you don't know if the back of it is still the same it's one of those weird ones but it kind of looks like it will link so if there is the case or a separate suit it does look great and it's nice to know that varies gonna be a lot of variety now the last one which was a really cool one as well was black widows costumes again this looks great and someone did actually comment on that is who said basically it seems to be the classic on the top and the MCU on the left and default on the right so this does seem you know like really cool of course he's saying about the pictures where a lot of people were saying that they hope she's very gadget heavy and going in the bases and taking a look at my suit I kind of have like a really positive feeling that that actually might just be the case again these are only characters we have seen okay like these are essentially the characters that they announced the game with what other characters you know they're going to show I mean we saw Hulk in THE Joe fix-it suit which I can't find a picture of but hey if you just make Google your friend you will find it I'm pretty sure but that was a really cool one as well so going on the basis that hey you know we got the Joe fix-it on that we got all these different suits you know if this is post launch sort of suits we're getting I cannot wait to see you know what stuff they're gonna consistently add into the game monthly I think it was monthly they said wherever that was actual new suits so just like new things into the game I'm super excited to see van and I really want to see gameplay be released at this stage where they just literally go into a full custom kind of mode which I'm hoping actually whatever they showed here at San Diego's comic-con I'm in terms of course a video footage they have a go ahead and release it as well um they did say that they are gonna be releasing the official demo after game scum and a lot of people were actually replying to that funny enough as you would expect saying hey do you guys actually realize that most of them most of us have now a chili scene bits which hey it's a true statement it's a little bit crazy with their marketing at the moment but I think we have to give the team credit here because we've all the pressure as well you got to think they are make such a big gaming I guess you want to feel like everything is more or less on point Paul H again at San Diego was such a big panel it is one of the biggest things to get into so if you are able to get in there you were lucky because people basically queue up for that but at the same time it's crazy because that was also the public as well so even though it technically was exclusive it wasn't at the same time like we never hand selected who seen this stuff and it wasn't leaked from there you know studio or anything this was flat-out something like hey come along if you get into whore hate you can see it if you don't get the whole hate you once yeah but because there's a crap ton of people in this room it's definitely gonna be loads of pictures taken so you definitely will see it so it's one of those things but I have to say from seeing these little details on the suits my favorite eat the moment actually being the scout Captain America suit I have a lot of hope for this game I really have a lot of hope now yesterday I even did post on my community tab going off the basis you know after they bought the devs basically said that you know we're gonna release for demo etc despite the leaks maybe some official screenshots that would be nice again it's just a fault the team are good ok I'm not like driving that negative energy there but I think having some you know official screenshots at this stage would be good a lot of people are angry and it does suck to see because I feel even though they are making this game really polished naturally you know the internet goes crazy and when we don't get anything to fish you when you kind of get restricted to things you can't see unless you're actually very in person it does suck but I guess my message to the square-enix team you know Crystal Dynamics every single person working on this game as of right now I would definitely like to give them a big THANK YOU because it seems like they know what we want more or less they know what other games were missing and they're like hey we have your back we're gonna implement this so I guess from myself and it's safe to say thousands of other people out there and then the small percentage very super angry we all do really appreciate you guys and we can't wait to see more I'm hoping at Games com again because it's such a big event as far as gaming and everything goes that veges like hey here's the official gameplay demo but we know that this thing was leaks so take another gameplay alright take another gameplay of you know purely Iron Man or for or just the individual characters like two minutes a game for each I'm telling you if we got that I would bed one but guys I would literally be overdoing but guys that is going to wrap up this post as always visiting for more awesome content.

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