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How's it going guys it's Gamepadia and welcome back to another video here on switch planet August is almost upon us and with that comes a bunch of new game releases to get excited for let's check it out humanity's last chance against aninter dimensional invasion is a special living weapon called the Legion as a rookie officer in the elite police taskforce in Iran you and your Legion will work together to solve cases and save humankind made by Platinum Games this should definitely be on your watch list astral chain releases on August 30th on the Bund on the day that they don't voice up afraid they've grown up a new nothing this is still the beginning of the game so Demetrius doesn't have that much to choose from but as you progress through the game you get access to more things to use taking me down and then get some pills good idea taking up this much during this prison for a de facto Matadi experience an original story where you are the protagonists in the world of gun Gale online create your own avatar and explore devastated lands while experiencing third-person shooting in one of the most beloved animes sword art online fatal bullet releases on August 9thso no what about it Takaya enemy an idiotic America so no saint a caba and Aki players assume the role of a watcher named Kakashi doing battle by manifesting the souls of demons which act as the classes found in traditional role-playing games experience each Damon's unique weapons and skills when phony Nagi releases on August 22ndget off volcano mine did it kannada reen a stay off sumit Oh tsunami Jimmy's muscle for the first time ever you will have the opportunity to play as Jason Voorhees the most famous killer in horror stalk your prey ambush and strike fear in the hearts of so many hapless victims or be the unlucky troop trying to escape Friday the 13th the game Ultimate Edition releases on August 13th blue that looks like whoever's driving is not the best driver though so maybe I could still catch him oh yeah it looks like they're gonna help me out there I got an assist from the driver on that one get out of that car chat ballroom Oh who died this you bastard go cook over cowboy friend salad yes I was gonna say so as it has a pocket knife I'm trying non-stop follow the exploits of death in an action-packed tale that runs parallel to the events of the first Dark siders this epic journey propels death across an expansive game world as he tries to redeem his brother war the horsemen blamed for starting the apocalypse Dark siders to definitive edition releases on august 6 it's resting perhaps you'll succeed after all either way it will be quite a show this tactical RPG is about five stunt actors who decide to quit their jobs and start their own Power Rangers inspired TV show once the cameras are rolling you will control your cast of five colored jumpsuit clad warriors in dramatic turn-based battles chroma squad releases on August 6professor lay ton has finally found his way onto the switch with a remake of the seventh installment in the series experience enhanced puzzle solving adventures with this deluxe edition of the title and all unlock DLC Layton's mystery journey catriel and the millionaire's conspiracy releases on August 9thmust have been an enormous wafer is it always stumble in the auction industry the criminal is extremely intelligent and and allow me to clarify bandai namco and Double Fine productions brings us a3d action roguelike set in apost-apocalyptic world where humanity has faced Armageddon not once but twice playing an ever-changing waste land filled with unknown and unspeakable creatures rat releases on dystonia nutrition irritation sorry check out this open world action-adventure simulation where you take on the role of Hugh a brave young adult who belongs to the last remaining tribe of humans on the island of Albemarle with beautiful biomes to explore puzzles to solve and secrets to discover pine releases sometime August2019this retro style tactical turn-based game is a love letter to the 90s set in a vast fantasy world with its own Lauren magic it contains a robust combat system with over 50 handcrafted levels and 12to 18 hours of story tactics 5 obsidian Brigade releases on August 15thlove is a universal feeling but each of us experience it in a different way explore the theme of love in an introspective way allowing players to identify and reflect on their own experiences each island represents a unique puzzle solo islands of heart releases on August 1stexperience over 20 years of yugioh history with this exciting installment build your deck from over 9,000 cards and take on the most iconic tool list from the Yukio universe relive the stories from the original animated series in yugioh legacy of the Due list when it releases on August 20th.

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