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A new r-tx super graphics card is here but it's abit of an odd one actually let's at the stage first because they've been some pretty big changes in last month basically Nvidia new AMD was releasing their Nabi cards and dropped the RT X xx semi super and the RT X 2060 super right before lunch it didn't help them all that much because team red ended up with some sweet GPUs at amazing prices you can check out our review of those GPUs right over here and so that brings us to this the RT X 2080 super remember the RTX 2070 super ended up almost matching the older and more expensive RTX 2080 well it really needed something for folks who wanted to pay more for better performance and so that's that's what we're here with a new super card but you know what I don't think NVIDIA did enough to set this card apart from their own lineup or what AMD is currently offering so let's get into what that means right after quick message from our sponsor and by the way timestamps will be linked in the description down below or pinned in the comments section looking for a solid board to pair your 9 June CPU the azrog Z 390 Taichi gets it right with robustvrm designs for extreme overclocking a12 phase power design for smooth power delivery dual band Wi-Fi three m dot two slots and reinforced PCI connectors learn more about it down below okay so let's quickly recap what the our TX 2080 super is all about before heading right into overall performance well it's basically an RT X 2080replacement with more cores faster bass and boost clocks and faster GTD r6memory but if you look closely the specs aren't all that much different it will start at $700 for the founders edition of course and go upwards from there power consumption is quite a bit more -and just remember the FE card isn't Prior a clock this time so Nvidia will be counting on their board partners for that so this is what Nvidia is r-tx lineup looks like right now with the Arctic's 20 ATT is still sitting at a thousand bucks or more and below that the article is super for three hundred dollars less then that's followed by the Arctic's 2070 super and finally the RT X2060 series it's pretty straight forward stuff now as for the design it basically looks like any other r-tx Super Series the founders editions of course so you get the downdraft coolers just like the RT X 2070 super back plate eight plus six pin power connector layout and that's pretty much it now I actually preferred this kind of a design except for the stupid mirror finish I don't exactly know what Nvidia was thinking in the first place it just ruins the aesthetics of this graphics card I mean look at this I've just fingerprints all over the place now there have been some mixed reactions interms of what people think about the5,700 X DS reference design but it'll be interesting to see what board partners do with the RX 5700 series I'm actually really interested to check out the has rock rx 5700 XD challenger it looks pretty nice if you ask me there's also another issue I want to bring up because right now it's affecting how I look at everyone up in videos new GPUs and it isn't good guys unless you buy one directly from Nvidia they're almost impossible to find and most of them are just ridiculously overpriced sure there might be one or two at the starting at price but with the rx 5700 XD and the rx5700 around there's just no way I'd even think of paying this so with this in your mind taken$700 price for the r-tx 2080 super with a truck load of salt I mean sure board partners are obligated to come up with reference price versions but that doesn't mean that they'll be regularly available I mean there's no business sense in producing a lower priced version of a GPU if it can sell the exact same one for more right let me just take a breath before heading into the performance segment so these are the system specs were used with a ninety nine hundred X that's overclocked far enough to make sure that CPU bottlenecking doesn't affect our results too much before getting into individual game benchmark let's take a look at the overall performance from all the titles we ended up testing so as you can see Nvidia's changes really didn't do all that much since on average the r-tx twenty eighty super only gets around eight percent better performance than the standard RT x twenty eighty and remember this is an average across all games so some results were higher than eight percent but a lot of them were much less - to make matters worse it's only about twelve percent faster than an RT X 2070 super and that card costs $200 less so guess what that means yep the newest super has an absolutely terrible overall value even with the EVGA r-tx 2080s sitting at six hundred thirty dollars right now not only that but I'm sure some board partner versions will be going for almost eight hundred dollars and just think about that for a sec you could buy two rx 5700 XT cards for that price I mean come on but I also want you to take a look at the RT X 28 ETI first of all it's almost impossible to find one for $1000 and most go for 11 in dollars or more the gigabyte card we used has an average price of 1150 with some shops selling it for around $1,250so as we start with the actual bench mark charts let's have a chat you see after seeing the performance gains and video baked into other Super Series cards the RT X 2080 version should have been so much more so what happened well it's not about giving you guys more value I think Nvidia is desperately protecting the RTX 2080 TI's thousand dollar price tag you see when you add too much performance to the RT X 2080 Super by basing it off of the t 102 core or introduce it at a more reasonable price and boom VRTX 28 ET i can't be sold for a grand any more it just feels like they didn't had enough here to justify these 700 other price and I think we all know bought partners will charge even more for pointless pre overclocked cards as well I mean sure in some games performance looks pretty decent but not for this kind of cash most of the time the Arctic's 20 of these super looked like a bad choice but at other times it's just a rip off I also want to bring up the good points some of you made in the arts5,700 XD video lower-priced cards keep getting faster and that's bad news for the 20 hey super for example the arcs5700 XD is an amazing value and even though it's slower than the r-tx  2080 super it costs 300 bucks less that's a huge amount of money that can be spent on other upgrades and you won't be missing all that much in terms of performance even the Arctic's 2070 super is within just 12% but you'd save a ton of money by buying this one instead of the 2080 super provided you can actually find one for 500 dollars so there you guys have it and I'm gonna end this video by saying that the r-tx 2080 super is just way too expensive for what it offers there are plenty of lower priced GPUs that you can buy and those won't even cost a significant hit in terms of performance my best advice is look somewhere else and don't even bother with the Arctic's 2080 super English.

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