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 What's up guys I'm from Gamepadia we're gonna begin with the Halloween terror event and I know some of you were thinking wait a minute we're still in summer games while we get an info about Halloween terror well Jeff Caplan got asked about the amount of Legendry’s and summer games and if we can expect the same kind of thing in future events in the Halloween terror and he said yesso we only got four legendries for summer games a lot of people were disappointed by it and just the fact that it was recycled material from the previous years and it looks like the same thing is gonna happen for Halloween terror but here's the thing I'm totally ok with that and this goes to what I said the other day which is that as long as they tell us ahead of time hey the event is just gonna be kind of man it's kind of lackluster because we're working on these other things that are gonna be released around the same time then I'm totally fine with that I think that's how they should be handling it the issue with the summer games was that we got dropped this recycled event with less content than normal and people were upset about it but then we got two other awesome things we got the roll cue and hero 31 Sigma so had they told us look we're just gonna give you a kind of math summer games but two other awesome unconnected things later on really soon I think everyone would have been fine with that and now they're telling us that exact stuff for the Halloween terror which is that the Halloween terror event is going to be met but we're going to get another big feature in like two months and there are some other really big announcements that are gonna happen at Blizzcon so that leads into the next thing Blizzcon really huge announcements are coming not just for the overwatch game but for other stuff in general and I think this is because of how bad last year's Blizzcon went where do you guys have phones I mean that was just do you know how bad that was for those guys anyways it does seem like Diablo 4 is going to be announced this year at Blizzcon and also overwatch too and I put up little quotes for that one because it may not be a sequel it might just be an expansion because while Blizzard does release sequels they tend to favor releasing expansions instead and I do think that whatever expansion that we get for overwatch would probably be some sort of campaign mode I don't think it's gonna be single-player I do think it's going to be more like a multiplayer campaign mode like the left4 dead games or the other archives events that we normally get and to keep that hype train rolling we did get confirmation of not one not two but three new characters two of which might actually be in the later stages of development at this point so with Jeff Caplan he told us that the character Sigma originally started out as Mogga who we met in the Baptiste story that we had a little while ago and as they were building the character they decided that you know this doesn't really fit
the character profile of Mogga and instead they decided to just design an entirely new character so we do know that Mogga has some kind of a barrier shield which means that when he gets released of the game he will be you know a fully tank you know a shield tank kind of character but they wanted to add all of this other stuff so they ended up giving a Sigma first instead however another person who works at Blizzard this is Joshua no he works as part of the character design team he says that he's worked on three characters the first that has been fully completed and released is the tank which is Sigma and then the other two characters that he's worked on which from he didn't quite confirm any of it but it sounded like they were in the very final stages of their development and one of them is a dps and one of them is a support now we know that we're gonna be getting more supports but the DPS thing might actually come as a surprise because I've seen more than a few comments talking about how they're gonna stop adding DPS or are they going to add any more DPS until it's balanced because if you look at the wait times in the role queue the DPS is gonna have to wait a lot longer and also they have a lot more characters available there are more DPS than there are tank and support combined so the idea was that Blizzard was gonna try to release lots and lots of supports and tanks in order to balance that all out but I don't think that's the case and we do have this confirm now that there is at least one more DPS what I think is gonna happen is they're going to try to put out the most tanks and healers but they're still going to release the yes it's not like they're just gonna completely forget about adding any new characters to that role moving on to the brand new characters Sigma there's a couple of things that I wanted to show you first of all if you didn't know if you go to the Busan karaoke place he does in fact sing here's a quick clip of that the other things for Sigma have to do with gameplay the first is something that I had a whole bunch of people send me there was a bug with Sigma where you could do a massive amount of damage very quickly you could essentially take out a road hog in about one and a half two seconds and it was just ridiculous so what would happen is whenever you were attacking you were actually launching out instead of launching - you would launch four or six and how it worked is you would hold down the primary attack and then you would rapidly press you can probably hear me clicking you would rapidly press the right-click which his the barrier and it would cause you to throw out more but as you can see it doesn't do that anymore because well while I was recording the footage for the bug they forced me to update the game it restarted and the bug had been fixed so tad a the issue is no longer there I know a lot of people were aware of it and which is why I'm even telling you about it because if it's been fixed why bother right because a lot of people knew about it and also apparently whatever they patched with this new update broke the training room on the PTR there's no training room right now so I heard oh fix one thing something else breaks but let me just show you on this road hog right here I'm gonna hold down left-click and then rapidly press the right-click and as you can see it's just dealing the normal damage if that had been the bug version he would already have been taken out the other gameplay issue has to do with Sigma's ultimate and the fact that you can not only accidentally leave the point yourself but you can also force the enemy team off of it so in case you didn't know every capture point including the payload has a certain vertical height limit this is why sometimes ferry's will accidentally go too high and then they stop contesting or capturing and you know it just becomes a disaster same thing with mercy and now the same thing with Sigma so sometimes what people will do in order to try to contest a point is they'll use his ultimate and then they fly way up in the air so that they can't get damaged but what happens is they fly too high and then they're no longer contesting the point

 and the enemy just captures it for free so again that's something to be aware of now the only other side you can also use his ultimate to throw everybody up into the air and this works best on payloads because everybody has to be really close to it so everyone is really close and then you can hit all of them you throw them way up into the air and if the payload has been contested for long enough right over time has gone long enough then what happens is they just quickly lose their overtime and the match ends because they can't touch it so in order to beat this you would have to have one person standing away from the payload let everybody else get thrown up into the air and then you would have to quickly move in while everyone is in the air to stop this from happening even though this is cool it's not entirely unique there are other characters that are able to do effectively the same thing I'm thinking about Hammond Torbjorn with the molten quarry I mean you just cover the whole cart in that lava and nobody can get near it either so there are a bunch of other characters that can already do this sort of thing it's just now Sigma can as well so it's just something to be aware of and of course the same characters that can avoid the molten core damage are also able to avoid Sigma's ultimate damage as well so reaper with wraith form may with ice block with IRISA she actually does a better job against Sigma's ultimate then against the molten core because she can fortify and just not be affected by Sigma ultimate but if she's standing in the lava even though she's got 4 to 5 she's still gonna take 50% of the damage so she's actually a better pick to counter that little strategy with Sigma salt than some of the other characters would be but it's not like it's super overpowered other heroes can do it it's just something that you need to be aware of and one other thing a lot of people are still unsure of how Sigma's abilities will interact with other characters.

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