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Hey guys padia is here today I'm reviewing pubg on PlayStation 4 I just loaded in the game right now and I wanted to show off the extra fancy customization options you get if you get the special edition of the game which is uncharted Nathan Drake's desert outfit which looks surprisingly good and fitting for this game and you also get Ellie's backpack from The Last of Us which also looks quite good now I'm not going to play as either of these I prefer to play as a naked man that's how I like playing this game and I want to start off this review by reviewing the controls unfortunately we only have controller button presets we get no custom bindings on keys you have standard invert X and y-axis and really nice to see that you can manually adjust the dead zones and vibration to your liking there's a whole list of input sensitivities for movement for vehicles aim acceleration like on PC over the shoulder and different sensitivities for every single scope so that was really considerate and really good for console players I was happy to see that general settings aren't particularly interesting there is a colorblind mode which I chose not to enable so that you guys get normal color gameplay here and you can do custom crosshairs which is kind of an unusual feature for consoles also very nice to see after that the audio and graphic settings were very simple so now on to the gameplay one of the things I wanted to start off with is that the controls for this game are not very well explained before you get into the game in my first game here I literally didn't know how to exit my plane even though it says press circle to eject it's a tap circle not hold circle if you press it for too long it won't do it I had to do a quick tap to eject so that was kind of frustrating but we're gonna structure this review with more positive and factual stuff first and then my more negative critical opinions of which there are quite a few coming later so to start off with one of the good things is that if you get pumped G on PlayStation4 you get the full game of pub G you get every map every mode all the items all the skins the crates everything that PC and Xbox gets you also get with the handful of like a few exclusive items that each system has to have for whatever reason which you can play in Russia in the desert and Vietnam in the snow coming up and PlayStation 4 even has a public test server which doubled my download time because it was downloading them both at the same time but you can try all the new guns and all the new stuff on the public test server on PlayStation 4 console same as you can on PC so that's really good I'm glad to see that it launched the full game on PlayStation 4 not just like one or two maps another good thing is that pub GPS 4 also has all of the same possible movement controls inputs etc. as you would have on PC there's nothing that you can do on PC controlling your character or your weapons or movement wise that you can't do on console that's applies to the Xbox one X as well so there aren't any corners cut on the gameplay it's the full pub G experience after playing the game I'm gonna I'm not gonna deny it was really rough at first because I'm used to playing pub G on PC you know running 1440p high frame rate high graphics all that sort of stuff so coming back and playing pub G on console land was rough I've also been playing a lot of cod which is fast paced shooter but after a while after a couple of games I found it to be a surprisingly playable experience I personally was expecting the pure pain of the Xbox one launched the Picasso buildings the 20 fps the infinite bugs and crashes and weird lag and controls and that really wasn't present here I think that Blue Hole or the pubg corporation which is owned by Blue Hole earned a lot from their mistakes from the Xbox one launch and we have a much smoother launch here and for all of the jokes that pub G gets about being a dead game which it's not by the way it still is like 800 K people playing every single day being broken or you know a bad game or whatever killed by fortnight this was a decent experience this wasn't one that I would meme on too hard or say was too bad now PC is definitely better but yeah it was very playable here some other little things I noticed is that the audio on this game is way better than black out I could actually hear footsteps and sound more people like reasonable person but it did sound different than PC Pubg for some reason I couldn't put my finger on exactly what sounded different but it was a little different and oddly I didn't lag on PlayStation 4 like no lag at all which was very surprising to me I think I got lucky in that aspect more than that's going to be your normal experience for the game but now let's get into some negatives on a pub G on PlayStation 4and you're at five minutes into this you see the gameplay you already know that this is not a graphically beautiful game pub GPS 4 is not going to be winning any awards for best graphics anytime soon and to be fair it's not the Xbox one Picasso buildings that launched but it's a really long way from PC in terms of looks the official sheets and specs that were released show the game running at 1080p on PlayStation 4 at least PlayStation 4 Pro but I swear it looks upscale when I'm playing the game it does not look like a crisp 1080p I suspect it's an upscale 1080p or they have absolutely no anti-aliasing whatsoever on consoles because I see a lot of jagged edges when I run around and this makes it a little bit harder to spot enemies especially if they're sitting still because they're not as distinct against the background speaking of things that are still versus moving I spot them easier when they're moving of course but it's a little rough because the framerate is capped at 30fps for stability reasons this is not a 60fpsgame and has no intentions of going60fps anytime in the near future this is brutal for me because every game I play is 60fps or higher 120 144 whatever I thought that I could adapt to it and over some time.

 I was getting more used to the framerate but then for some strange reason the framerate would dip or chug or skip frames or lag a little bit this was mostly when I was running through cities or turning too fast that was just too much load on my PlayStation4 to properly handle everything so I would say that a frame rate is up to 30and it ran at 30 most of the time but I did have it dipped down into the 20s on occasion buildings trees and most objects have a lower draw distance than they do on PC as you would expect when skydiving out of my airplane over to some sort of new object I noticed that unlike PC the buildings don't load when I look down at the ground they're just sorted they look like aerial maps their little geographic maps of the ground so I kind of needed to know who I was going before I already jumped out the buildings didn't really load until I was about halfway down and I can also see it struggling sometimes to keep up with all the objects in the map sometimes I see them Picasso or pop in and out in the distance and struggled this was probably the weakest part of the graphics the wrote the draw distance was a big turn-off for me moving along away from graphics let's talk about controls are really hard for this game I think they're the same as the Xbox 1x but they're difficult they're not as intuitive as they are on PC but that's the nature of having a PC game where you have an entire keyboard full of buttons and six buttons on your mouse and different types of inputs you have to translate that to a controller which has much less total buttons there was a training mode that I could have played that was supposed to get me up to speed on this but I skipped it personally I really hate training modes those are just painful and boring for me so I skipped them as often as I can that's a problem that VR games have and they make you do like a 30 minute tutorial to remind you to look behind you but that's a totally different story thankfully there's a lot of in-game tips that pop up on the screen that remind you of the controls and what to do and I think those are essential because it's really overwhelming there are a lot of different inputs to do and different controls do different stuff depending on what mode you're in if you're in third-person if you're aiming down sights if you're peaking over shoulder depending on what you're doing if you're free looking or there's a lot of different sort of modes you kind of swap in and out of and the console buttons change accordingly the one thing that they're not particularly clear about is whether these buttons that you're doing need to be tapped or held and tap in this game is very quick you can't do a normal press you have to do like a like a millisecond tap to do tap to pick up tap to equip tap to do a lot of different things like that so that needs a little bit more clarity but the tooltips do help and after some time I was getting less awkward at moving I was getting more used to it wasn't that bad but it was definitely harder than PC one thought that I have is I don't know why pub G especially on console isn't like it is on mobile when you pick up a weapon it should already be in fully automatic mode it could already come reloaded that's not the biggest step or more importantly if you see an attachment on the ground like are dot sight and you're holding your gun there should be a button that says attach red dot sight not get in your inventory and then go through and attach the slow and tedious way when it came to aiming.

 I found the default look inflection curves and the lack of sticky aim felt very bad compared to Call of Duty it wasn't very natural feeling aiming in this game it's very hard to track targets that are moving with no sticky aim it's very easy to over swipe and it may be changing my bed zones would help a little bit but I don't think I think the reality is that just not every game is Call of Duty Call of Duty for all of its flaws is probably the gold standard for shooters on console along with battlefield and one of the reasons why is they put a lot of work into mastering natural movement and aiming on console controls which is almost always difficult blue hole and pump G don't have as much experience with this they may have even tried to copy cod or some other game and they didn't get it quite right it is it is kind of struggle busy some thoughts on the players that you're gonna run into is that I was surprised to see roughly the same row level of aggression as PC players on PlayStation for the PlayStation 4 crowd was slightly more conservative but in general people on PlayStation were not afraid to drive around or to come out and hunt and snipe and play like big boys i mean pubG is a very campy game so there will be people sitting in dark corners and stuff like that but it wasn't nearly as campy as I was expecting only about half of the players were sound whoring in this game so situational awareness is not the same for console as it is on PC and that applies to me too as well sometimes I get overconfident not paying attention and I stamp around and people just shoot me in the back lots of players I did notice seem to be struggling with the controls I watched them doing slow peaks to kind of over the shoulder and set aim down sights aim and a couple of other little things there speaking of over-the-shoulder versus aim down sights I've noticed that over the shoulder was more effective than aiming down sights and I think the over-the-shoulder aim has some sort of really strong hidden auto aim or maybe I was just getting really lucky with my headshots with itI expect over the next couple of week sit's gonna play it about the same level as Xbox one X does once players learn the controls and the maps a little bit and they get a little more familiar with it is going to be a pub G experience so at the end of the day the question you want to ask me is should I buy this game well if you want more milsim or realism in your battle royale and you like a patient game a slow-paced game then I think you'd enjoy pub G on PlayStation for each game here if you go all the way is about 40 minutes long and there's a lot of dead time and a lot of running and a lot of prep time and you die really sometimes kind of like milsim if you're already on PlayStation 4.

you're very happy with call of duty blackout and where you're happy with fortnight I don't think you're gonna like this game the pace and the way that pub G plays is so much more slower and more tactical more smart and less it's slower and more tactical than either of those games if you like the speed and flow of those games this one is gonna feel painfully slow so guys that is all for my review I hope that you enjoyed it I hope that you learned something useful if you did don't forget to share and visiting Gamepadia Daily.

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