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On January 22nd 1999 take-two interactive software announced the creation of a new quote internal videogame label unquote by the name of Rockstar Games over the years they gave us the Grand Theft Auto games Max Payne bully manhunt Midnight Club the Red Dead games and they're huge they're bigger than you can even imagine but just how big is that hi folks its Falcon and today on game ranks we asked the question how big is Rockstar Games the press release Rockstar Games put out in January of 1999 was not actually there found in was their first public action over the course of the previous year they had put together quite a few different developers that take-two had acquired to create rock star games including DMA design now known as Rockstar North Limited although their name officially changed after the release of Grand Theft Auto 3 and 2001however DMA design is the studio that heads up and created Grand Theft Auto David Jones and Mike Daly are the actual people who came up with the concept of Grand Theft Auto although later titles were mainly helmed by dan and Sam Houser who also actually founded the overarching rockstar company now last year Grand Theft Auto 5 was named the most profitable entertainment product of all time and this was April last year it's only continued to make money since but at that point it had sold 90 million copies and had racked in over 6 billion in revenue from not only those copies sold but also the recurring consumer spending anyway there's no reason to believe anything has changed since then last month it was announced that it had
sold over a hundred and ten million copies it's only continued to make money as other titles come and go and if we're talking about other titles we have to talk about rock stars other titles including Red Dead Redemption -which is another massive title that's made an obscene amount of money selling24 million copies by May this year which makes it reasonable to assume just off sales alone it's probably broken a billion dollars and apparently Red Dead Redemption online is actually performing better than Grand Theft Auto online did at this point in its life cycle so it's reasonable to assume just breaking a billion would probably be a low conservative estimate for what they've done which is wild because these are their two most recent games they have a very long history of very successful games by 2014 the company had announced that they'd sold250 million copies of all of their various games which is a lot that's a quarter billion and that was five years ago now given the fact that they have two online products that go along with their huge open world stories that are equally if not more successful than the open world stories and kind of provide the excuse to do the stories at this point they've slowed down their development of new titles at this point but that's understandable I get it we used to get Grand Theft Auto games or expansions fairly often and even though like I said they may be put out less games than they used to they certainly don't put out less content though according to take two interactive CEO strauss selnick that will be changing soon he said I don't think that the time between games will be expanding further in fact I would expect in many instance sit may compress he did note that having two online games that function a splat forms for new content has eased the pressure to release new titles he did goon to acknowledge that eight years between games is too long they're a thriving company that's constantly doing quite a bit at this point and actually maintained over 2,000 employees worldwide there's basically an absurd amount of money that changes hands and given Rockstar was both founded and run by Sam and dan Houser they actually take a large amount of those royalties last year rockstars royalties to talled in the area of 538million and some estimate up to half of that goes to those two people which is kind of an obscene amount of money now keep in mind that doesn't mean half ofthat definitely goes to them it means upto half there are estimates that are much lower but there's also a lawsuit from a previous royalty pool share by the name of Leslie Benzies who used to do work on the series and had a stake in the company that the lawsuit supposedly says that both of them and a couple of key insiders get literally
half of the profits that Rockstar receives which that's a lot of money now I don't know how reliable of a number that is on account his lawsuit suffered a couple of setbacks regarding not just procedure but some exaggeration as to the amount of money he was supposed to get out of it however the court also did rule that there was credible evidence he does have some kind of stake on those royalties so it should be regarded as I mean credible information that they make that kind of money and we know that the royalties distributed to rock star were definitely over half a billion last year so we are talking about a huge business at this point back in 2014Sam and dan Houser actually entered the list of the thousand richest people inthe UK and they've only continued to make money since which is a you know running trend as far as this conversation goes now as big as Rockstar Games is Rockstar Games is actually owned by take-two interactive which came into being way back in 1993so however big Rockstar is take to is technically bigger because they both own that and 2k games which is another big company where take to Interactive gives over a half a billion dollars to Rockstar Games as its royalties take-two interactive makes well over two billion dollars a year now relatively speaking Electronic Arts brought in over five billion dollars in 2018 and that makes Rockstar may be involved in about one tenth of what EA is involved in now if we're talking about actual like product sit's very clear that Rockstar does not ship anywhere near one tenth the amount of products that EA does when we consider that Rockstar may be releases a game you know every few years and is competing with them in that way it's kind of wild at this point in 2019 EA has published six games rockstar published no games this year not a single one now keep in mind Rockstar functions kind of as a developer slash publisher slash sub publisher of take two and EA is a publisher that has a large number of its own internal developers but you can kind of get how different the business models are just by that to make one tenth of what EA makes by not releasing anything like similarly last year they only released Red Dead Redemption too I mean they didn't release any other games they did make content for grand theft auto online but that's not really the same thing is it EAS move in doing that same kind of thing anthem also kind of failed miserably compare anthem to anything that rockstar has ever done in terms of reception or sales and anthems not gonna look great especially in terms of reception like reception it's not even a contest but when we consider something that happened way back in 2008 which was a takeover bid that Electronic Arts attempted to pull with take-two interactive which would have put Rockstar under the EA umbrella was something ea attempted to do with two billion dollars which as we now know take-two interactive makes more than that every year they probably knew what they were trying to get at that point and EA would have had one less pretty big competitor recently there's been a rumor that Sony was going to attempt to buy take two now keeping in mind to take two is worth way more now than back then just off the strength of rockstar games but let's not forget they owned other things as well investors I think kind of unintuitivelis kind of foolishly thought that would be a great thing because when those rumors started circulating shares for take two actually

went way up now this is kind of an utterly silly thing the reason why take two does so well is the same reason that Rockstar Games itself does so well they put games out on multiple platforms yes it would seem like a big boon to make Grand Theft Auto six a PlayStation 5 exclusive but let's not forget why the kind of money that rockstar games and therefore take-two interactive make happens it's because you can get these games on any platform the software itself is the driver of the sale not the platform and because of that whatever you have is where you buy the game there big because they cast a very broad net and considering that rockstar games as a single entity is very big however like I said if that type of a deal went through it basically really kneecap the old business model that they run unless people would play the game when you're considering that grand theft auto online and Red Dead Redemption online are now very large parts of rockstars business model that wouldn't be good in the case of that it would be a bad investment for a platform holder to buy a game maker that depends on the situation of multiplatform so heavily but understanding exactly how deep its roots lay in literally every platform is key to understanding just how big rockstar games is which even though itis not the biggest company in gaming fora basically single entity it's unimaginably large I cannot imagine what I would do with the kind of money the Houser brother has taken if it's even a tenth of what that lawsuit says it is II genuinely can't it's not there in my head are you capable of imagining spending that kind of money if you are do us a favor leave us a comment.

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