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Hey what's going on guys Padia's here and welcome to roller champions this is a brand new game whoo-wee soft an acetate in their in their press conference and it was initially described to us as a rocket League like new IP and you'll obviously see that and you've seen some of the gameplay there's definitely some kind of you know parallels that can be drawn and today myself two six nine paradise central we all went to the Ubisoft lounge had a chance to go hands-on with it and there would be today what's up guys hello hey and yes we have to toss to play through and with the gameplay of seen the background is to 600 paradise predominately because we were put on different teams and I was on a team that wasn't against them so I'm gonna say they were fortunate because otherwise I clearly would have won but uh but they only had some really good teamwork so what I've actually done is game players I've kind of cut between both of them because there's some really cool aspects where you get to kind of see the you know the breadth of gameplay but just kind of like give you sort of a top level it is a 3v3 it's like an arenait's like a little kind of track rollerblading three roller basketball desk game similar to when the difference been on it's similar to what rocket League is to footballs but essentially it's two teams of three that needs to go in anti-clockwise around the circuit to score goals the more laps that you get around on your team while holding a ball kind of like oddball if you played halo that was like the longer that you hold the ball while going around in a circle the more points you get for scoring so if you go around the thing twice you get three points and then score if you go around the thing three times and then school you actually get five points and you can end the game so if you're very good and you don't get stopped by the enemy team at all then you can actually win the game out right in like a couple of seconds and we did that a few times in we paradise yes so we played two games which I think you guys will see in the video and we were learning as we were going yeah and we discovered a few things towards the end of our last match just to do with like different passing mechanics and some extra things that you could do with like we realize that when you're getting tackled which you can do to take the ball from an opponent if you have the ball you can do a dodge which were late just cancel their tackle basically so as long as you're aware of what's around you who's around you and who's coming you can make sure that you keep a hold of the ball there's also like passing to teammates so in the game itself to pass to a teammate they had to signal that they want it to be passed to by pressing Y and then that would prompt you to the other price Y and pass the ball to them so that took something getting used to begin with as for like the shape of the map it's kind of like an extended Mario Kart baby pop yeah and so you just go around and you can do like do laps with the ball and then you do different kinds of shots so you have to like zoom past the finish line turn around and you know go for the go for the shot and try and dunk it as well which I don't think we actually managed to do but you can dunk it yeah close to it was a lot of fun I thought yeah it was a different experience I'm not sore on there like sports games I don't really enjoy fee for that mark yeah I haven't really played NBA games or the Madden games that's not really my cup of tea but I have plates of rocket League you had some experience with that and this is somewhat similar to oculi it's comparable but it's quite different as well I definitely think yeah it's got a unique movement system it's more of a basketball style game and I kind of do how all the sports basket was probably my favorite yeah so I can then go on with that it was every year there's a lot of fun to be had with it I think it's just a boy just kind of like circle back pretty quickly just oh wait let's just circle back a little bit war the fact that paradise doesn't know the word but that's definitely no I mean if it doesn't I'm saying you see a bunch kind of circle back to the structure for the match it all of you to be the score you can't just grab the ball and throw it through the hoop like in order to be able to even qualify as a scorer you have to do a lap first so the way it works is you'll grab the ball and the nonce you've done for a lap the actual ring will light up so if you don't if you so you know you have to you have to at least be the hole onto it long enough to do that so you know one single voice call you one point as two six mention if you do two laps you can get the three points and if you do the three laps you can of course just win the game one thing you're obviously holding on to that that long is quite difficult but that is where the challenge comes in because initially you'll think oh yeah you to pick up the ball and just throw it that's easy because the scoring aspect of it it's pretty easy you hold the bumper and you can kind of aim when you're gonna throw and I mean you can still miss it it's not an automated scoring thing it doesn't just lock onto the goal but it's quite easy to score I'd say it's probably easier to score in this than it is in say rocket League definitely but the challenge therefore comes in the fact that you have to be able to do a lap and hold at the ball and during that time the enemy team Kentucky so you know the tackling process of all the way to you try and sort of build up momentum in this you can do a thing I think they call it pushup hopes or some of that they called it the pump they call it the pumper basically when you got up the wall you then go into the Crouch position which then gives you the you know aerodynamics to go down faster and then you let go of it when you try to sort of find the wall so you can you basically build this this fast momentum so when you get that impairment pair in mind the fact that when you're dancing down the court you know that you don't necessarily gonna be able to see but I do I mean you can you can move the camera but people can very easily contact with you so to actually hold onto the ball for an entire lap is actually quite challenging especially people know what they're doing so that's basically where whether maybe may be for the scrub it may be moving are some people you can see in the gameplay it was a very where it up yeah the mechanic of like the tackling aswell so the other team can tackle you and they can come from like they can go in the same direction as you or they can go double back on themselves and try to come from like the front of you but if you dodge while they totaku you do you get like a high like amount of invulnerability but then you can't do it for a while so someone consecutively tries to attack with you then you might have some issue there but you can like play around you can like jump off of the walls and i do a dodge one like when you land and do like some crazy chains or double back on yourself to kind of like mess up the kind of momentum of the other players and you could like pass the teammates right to like going around there also so well one thing that we didn't mention is that when you take the ball from the opposing team it removes all of the progress of the lap that they have yes so even if they're on their third lap and they miss the shot and you pick up the ball it completely removes all of their all of their laps and you start your lap on your team so you're gonna really make sure that you or one of your teammates always has that ball if you're you know going for the three laps or the two yes yeah how do we say exactly I think I think but I mean overall like it's definitely lot of fun to play it's very easy to kind of pickup I will say there's probably a couple of things that we don't more like a female point of view that would have been nice to have seen so it again what this was all about style you know you can taunt and you can you know you can do like emotions and stuff but they don't actually have any gameplay impact so there's no ability to be the doing thing like say an actual trick or at least from what we've gathered unless there was some secret Busters I didn't tell us about but when we gather there's no ability to be able to you know perform a trick so then get like a boost or toaster enhance you anyway and they in the game so in a you know it is something where you're flipping up and you know jump it over and do it all this kind of crazy crazy movie it would be nice to do the half a slightly more trick focused aspect to it definitely felt like it was missing that kind of SSX tricky Tony it's kind of like vibe to it cuz especially on the it felt empty when you went on the side of like the ramps and kind of gained like my men so even though it was like you're you had some air time though some stuff that you could probably do or jump around and do something that will give you an advantage and make the game feel of like it's got their potential something yeah or to talk about they compare this game to rocket Libre yeah and in rocket League when you do tricks you get your boost bar filled up by a certain amount based on how many tricks you've done while in the air so you do a trick you land and you get like half your boosts and then you boost towards the goal and in this it didn't seem like there was anything like that so you could do you could get massive speed you could do all of the pumps that you need to and you didn't there was really no payoff other than the speed boost which is good but it's not flashy didn't feel this that yeah yeah but aside from that though and we don't know the stats of the characters there were some different characters that we were playing but you know they varied in size and in their appearance quite a lot like there was one character that was a very must be like jock style character and then there was other like slimmer characters that were you know skater pros with rollerblade pros or whatever and it would be good to know if the bigger character like the jock may be his tackle is more powerful than the slimmer comic character but maybe the slimmer character can go faster you know yeah I mean that would that would be nice see definitely I think I saw that it would be the only other one thing that kind of can go to be confusing him in combat or say combat is when you there's a separate button to pass then there is to score and you know in again when you're when you're having to worry about your movement your momentum trying to dodge incoming things you can get a little bit kind of confusing or you can forget the button to pause sometimes so maybe nice if they would the issue with the passing of the actual issue with the passing is that you actually have to request it could be passed to yes physically can't pass it unless your teammate says presses why and says hey Pyeah so if they're surrounded by like 30enemy who all the three enemies are only team then they should be able to part maybe the person with the ball that's been surrounded wants to pass it but if their teammates just ahead of them and has it actually requested and they can't pass to that person and I find myself like forgetting to impress that a lot with you're under pressure into someone like just there you have you been knocked off or you trying to do like a type of movers at the same time like pressing why that's more cool was a bit of like a weird scenario to be home yeah a bit too much for me to computer let him feel like if they did make it so you could pass any time to a teammate as well it would make it would make it more engaging and more fast-paced like sort of real sports games are like you could quickly pass back and forth which you can do in the current form but you have to really have good communication with your team mate sure whereas and even with good communication to cyclists you know next to me but it's not always possible so if you could just pass back and forth I think would add a lot more like excitement into the game yeah Hobson yeah but yeah so that is definitely fun you know super easy to pick up but most importantly it's also free to play so there's no reason not to check it out it's definitely that I could kind of see myself having some fun miserable yeah I thought it was gonna be just like luckily we're gonna be like enjoyable but always find it kind of like finicky when it came to doing stuff like I feel like in this I didn't need to be like some rocket League sweat spending it all on like on the game all day to be like oh I know the exact trajectory yeah and this particular go a land I am going to be rocket League World Cup in this one you kind of like it's pick up and play and it was more in like the strategy of taking down the teammates and getting the balls back and if you want to take a risk for going three laps and building up communication with your team oh nice so yeah I enjoyed it yeah I thought it was really fun I like I said not a big sports game person but I had a pretty good blast with it yeah exactly so that's the time being that's quicker run down you guys and see some you know it's a nice gameplay in the background if you're gonna be checking out let us know in the comment down below what you guys think and of course keep you locked for plenty more III coverage.

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