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New Samsung Galaxy M 20 with me and in this post we'll be review some benchmarks and I'll also play these two heavy games where as many of you have asked me how it fares with heavy gaming we'll play as 49 and also pop G and I also ran some benchmarks to give me an idea how it fares first let me show you the Geek bench score and as you can see for the Geek bench for the single core we caught a score of 1319 and for the multi-core we got a score of 4133 I also ran the very popular and to bench mark and here as you can see we got a score of 1 lakh 8790 so it's actually get closer to the snapdragon last 636 this is the asus zenfone max pro m1 which actually had the Snapdragon 636 and as you can see if we compare the bench mark scores between these two this got as core of 1 lakh 15 this got a score of 1lakh 8,000 so it's closer to the Snapdragon 636 not the 660 so anyways we keep this to the side and let's see how it actually fits in what do you say gaming and stuff multitasking surprisingly has been good on this one but let's just run some games and first let me actually run a sprite 9 and then we move to pub G so guys this is as far as 9and as you can see advance without any issues I haven't notice any luck on this one so another level with this a sparse line and as you can see no issues with the graphics the graphics are really nice I haven't notice any lagging as I played this game for about 25 minutes continuously also earlier and I didn't notice any lag enos while playing this game so it handles this game actually really good so with this asphalt mine you'll actually have a good experience playing this game on this galaxy m20 as you can see it's handing it fine without any issue so let me do one thing eyes it's running fine this game let's move to pop G now so this is pop G guys and by default the graphics setting it chose was medium so I didn't change that this is on the medium graphics setting so just jump and as you can see this one looks smooth but let's see how it faresin the gameplay as you can see well sprinting has you know like but let's go ahead kick them off running so again good thing is that I'm not noticing any lag while let's just running this pub G yes the handset tends to get a little bit warm on these both these sights while playing pub chain oops but yeah and let's pin about 25 minutes and as you can see yes the back cap yet actually really evolved about 47 degrees Celsius around the camera I should say it's the hot test 47 degrees here it's about 43 so yeah definitely after extended playing of pub G it can get actually pretty warm at the back but as you can see still table G is playing fine I noticed no issues with the game so guys that was pop G and as you can see it plays fine I didn't have any issues but er definitely after about you would say 20minutes of pop G the handset from the back actually gets really Mormon this area particularly around the cam this particular area gets very warm so anyways guys that was the quick what do you say benchmark scores and gaming review with this galaxy m2 any good thing is that it could even play pop G without any issues and even asphalt 9but yes with the extended gaming with the pop G the handset tends to get a actually pretty hot from the back anyways guys I'll also be posting the full in-depth review for this galaxy m20 very soon so if you still have any other questions regarding this device do let me know in the comment section below and I'll try to include them in my review anyways guys that's it for now thanks for coming here to see my post.

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