Spider Man Xbox One - gamegame

So this is a question that's been asked for me many times and I really want to go into it because I know there's some of you guys who own an Xbox that are holding out hope that this could happen and I want to tell you to not have your hopes up guys and the big question is can we expect at any point ever in the future is there even a slim chance that we will get spider-man on the Xbox one and the shore honest answer is no if that's the answer you're looking for you just wanna happen to have a definitive answer the answer is no but now I'm going to go into why so as you know Sony is the one that is putting the game out Sony is the publisher of the game they have the exclusive rights to publish the character now reminder sony also exclusively owns spider-man they own spider-man the character and there's a big rumor that this is one of those deals that was made when the characters was leased out so they could have him exclusively so Disney gets him in the movies but Sony can put him exclusively into their own games so instead of Sony having to develop an in-house they went to insomniac games now insomniac is not owned by Sony they go and develop games wherever they can but they've worked with Sony plenty in the past the resistance series for example which I love resistance fall of man Ratchet and Clank those are exclusive to the Sony platforms and those are owned by Sony they're sony IPS which means intellectual properties now there's also other games that they've developed elsewhere that are there's you know like they're developed for other people like for example sunset overdrive that's one of my favorite games on Xbox one that's their game there's also the game fuse that was you know there's various other games out there but they don't necessarily belong to them because their own through other people that came up with the idea and hire them to do it now spider-man is of course a Sony property so when you think about this Sony has been touting everywhere exclusive only on PlayStation only PlayStation and when you go back and look at some of the other ones like when Xbox or Microsoft talks about games they go limited exclusive or timed exclusive or exclusive open window or release window or whatever right they're not using and they're telling you out right it's exclusive to Sony oh no because Sony is giving this character over to them to make it exclusively for them now I know some people are gonna bring up like Mass Effect for example and things like that that's completely different Sony is a really hard sell on spider-man it's their property and they're not going to want our competition to have this so no I'm sorry but it will never be on Xbox One.

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