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What's going on guys if you're not back good new post and today we'll be taking a look at the history of classic lines over the past six years classic lines is a pretty old game okay and it's crazy to think that we're already gearing toward a full decade there's no doubt this game is what may supercell what it is today and to go down the memory lane let's take a look at the full timeline now to keep this video short we are going to be skimming through every single update like last year's history video yes we are still going to be mentioning every update just living out these small details that don't affect the game or don't matter so yeah without further ado let’s get right into it on all your second 2012 classic lines was first released on iOS globally yeah no soft watch because why test a game if it's not even popular yet anyways the game was different we had a waterfall the max town hall was a and the graphics were decent for 2012you know nothing crazy you got to keep in mind people were playing this game on their 3GS and their iPhone fours oh yeah around 4 weeks later on August 30 2012supercell put out the first ever update which introduced some new goodies a Tesla new decorations and graphic improvements to make the game look more dank September 18 spells were finally added to the game but it was only free the Lightning keel and rage spell alone we spells free plays were added to battles so you could now watch them over a new building the wizard tower and the time to build walls was finally removed yeah before this you would literally have to wait for walls to build what a time to be alive October 15 not much happened but we did get two main things the kick message for when you kick someone and Clank Oh pheeb requirements two weeks later on October27 the first seasonal update came out which was Halloween but that wasn't everything because tell hone 9 was now the highest Tahoe we got a lot of new stuff the expo a jump spell and unfortunately though in this update supercell removed the ability to sell buildings it was nice having that future but it didn't last November 19 was the first winter update I don't know why since this was still November but yeah aside from the usual snow trees and the Santa spell which for this year was new the clan castle troops were now able to jump walls instead of just being trapped in one spot also the ability to boost buildings such as the spell Factory and collectors was at it for the first time in the game the first update of 2013 on January 10 this was the biggest update in history well not really but heroes were added which at the time was a big deal and yeah it was only the king and queen along with all this we also had the introduction to dark elixir obviously you need them to have heroes so yeah we got a storage and a drill the 5th of February we got two new traps the air bomb and the seeking air mine March 12 2013dark elixir troops were introduced the minions hog rider Valkyrie and of course of the barracks to train those troops about a month later on April 17 leagues were added to separate players from being in one massive wig which by the way was none you literally had no league everyone was just floating in the air and the same league the Golem was also added on this update and man the Golem was seen as this invincible rock troupe which to this day is still kind of is it's just easier to take down because we have so much more stuff like the infernal tower big oil Tillery yeah moving on to May 23rd Town Hall 10was introduced we got to see some new stuff like the infernal tower and this update was just huge there was a lot of balance changes as well and spoiler alert tell 10 would be the last Tahoe for the next two years ma'am the 17th of June a new spell was added called the freeze just about a week after that as well one of the smallest updates ever On June 24 and extra my name pump was added to Tahoe ten July 28 2013 a new dark elixir troop was added the witch we also got the chance to now share a replay stat clan chat and also we got the ability to mute players in global if they got too annoying you know August 9this update was small as well all it did was remove a future we had for the anniversary updates and yeah the 27th of that month the player profile got every work new levels for troops and spells and most importantly graphic that will make the game look better September 30 was a very important part of the history of classic glance literally village edit mode was added meaning now you didn't have to move everything around the board to make anew base so making bases was now walking Park October 10 we got a minor update which was optional it was just of some bug fixes or some changes that we didn't really need but they said hey you know what we'll leave it up to you if you want to update or not November 6 we could now upgrade traps previously traps were just traps no level 1 to or 69 now and also spells were updated to cost elixir instead of gold man I remember when this happened I was kind of weird but I'm glad they did that because now it makes sense December 5 the last update of 2013brought back the Christmas theme a multi-target ability was added to the in front of towers so we could now target a few troops at the same time and also level 3was added to that as well so 2013 ended off as a good year heading on over to2014 on January 29 heroes were given abilities prior to this update heroes would only do one thing by themselves which was hit troops and hit buildings but this update made them much more hero like co-leaders were also added to clans but elders were nerfed to give Coleaders more power so now we had members elders co-leaders and a leader on April9th this was the update that made clash of clans live up to its name yeah you guessed it clan wars this was the update that revived clash of clans to his fullest potential once again it was a massive update and to this day it's a very big part of the game you know May16 they also added the ability to save war bases and also edit them along with other clan improvements and fixes they also made village edit mode available for town 3 July 3rd this was a huge balanced update lots of changes graphic improvements hero a I've rework and finally live battle spectating was added to clan wars to watch players as the attack anyways from July 3rd to September there were no updates because supercell was on their yearly break so finally the 16th of September a new dark electric trip was introduced the lava hounds October 22 we got to see a new trap called a skeleton trap and also you can now up gray walls with elixir any level of walls you can upgrade with elixir it didn't matter the eleventh of December the last update of 2014 multiple layouts were added see village added mode the ability to also watch live replays of your base getting attack was also added before this update you could not watch what was going on until the battle was over which kind of sucked unfortunately if you up they also made up grading walls a bit different the minimum wall requirement to upgrade with elixir was now level 9 2015 came along and on February 24 clans now have levels this made clans able to level up and earn perks so that all clan members can benefit from April 30 a new defense was added the leaf blower I mean the air sweeper July 1st 2015 the dark spell factory was added this meant dark spells were also introduced the poison spell earthquake and haste spell and finally more leagues were added Titan and legend League moving on to September 9 the main point of his update was a war tie breaker the war tiebreaker was pretty much a way to determine who won the tie aside from that though 25 new walls were added fort all 10 so uh yeah October 22 this update was mainly just for these seasonal changes you know the usual Halloween decorations and discounted gem boost but the next update on December 10was better and this update change the game in many ways this hook they bought clash of clans into a new era Town Hall 11 with tell hall 11 we got to see the Eagle artillery grand warden and extra defenses this is also the update that made shields a big part of the game instead of leaving our town outside fora cheap shield that wasn't an option anymore because it would not give you a cheap shield so yeah after this update Gardiner town hall was your only choice they also added 30 seconds to the battle time since Tahoe 11 was such a huge base you obviously need more time to three storage 2016 was finally here and the luke car was added Treasury in the clan castle and star bonuses even though the luke car was kind of broken putz yeah March 21st we got the bowler there whereas a ton of war changes new troop levels and a lot of new defense levels on May 24 friendly challenges were added because why not we also got two new troops the minor and the baby dragon which had been both in clash Royale first ends we also got two new spells the clone and the skeleton spell moving on to October 12 we got a new defense from clash free yell added over to clash of clans the bomb tower Town Hall 11 got 25 more walls and friendly Wars was added as well and finally we're already at the end of 2016 the 19th of December we got the Christmas update which introduced a new temporary troop the ice wizard from clash Royale and also the freeze trap and the Santa surprise this was all temporary though so uh yeah the first update of 2017 on the 16th of January we had a few new levels for defenses on May 22nd we got the biggest update in a while it was the builders base and we got so much new defenses and also a lot of cool stuff for the main village as well you know like the multi mortar and the Archer tower fast or long-range toggle but this update was mainly for the builders Hall and it was awesome it was huge everyone loved it June 22nd builder Hall 6 was introduced near troops like the knight which came and new defenses were unlocked - like the roaster there was also a ton of ballast changes and nerfs to certain buildings that were previously given players way too much of an advantage you know like the clock tower used to be so much better back in the day but maybe a little too good on September 27 2007 team builder Hall 7came along we got the new giant cannon the new dropship and more levels for troops in the home village and builder Hall heading out to October 11 this update was mainly for friends you know communication just the social aspect of the game you can now see who of your friends was online friendly battles were added for the builders base and finally a ton of rework for clan wars more levels clan restrictions and more flying over to October 12 this was just a minor maintenance break you know to fix some bugs from the update the day before December 18 the last update of2017 we got a new call clan games basically a new feature that will allow players in the client to earn rewards and other than that we got the usual seasonal changes and balance changes 2018 finally on the 1st of February final works and fortune trees were added as an obstacle a new loading screen and of course a real support for the iPhone X the 5th of March this update was huge along with the new builder Hall 8s we got the mega Tesla super Pekka extra buildings traps the battle machine got 5 more levels and for the whole village a new little guy called the trader was added moving on to April 9 this update was titled the clan war tools because kunai Wars turned four years old we got a new feature called war tools there wasn't much beside to that just a lot of UI changes and fixes and yeah April 29 we got some bug fixes and flying over to June 11 this update blew everyone off there sucks huh where do we start tell hall 12 yup just like that in your face with Touhou 12 we got the siege machine and the siege workshop the wall wrecker the battle bus I mean the blimp I should probably stop playing fortnight even though I haven't played for like three months but anyways we got the electro dragon you can now change your name multiple times with gems client improvements and much more I don't know this update was big I just can't mention everything or else I would take up an extra five minutes of this video and my voice is already running out so I don't think that's a good idea June 26 we got a lot of upgrade times reduced and that was pretty much it and finally June 29 2008 een the most recent update before august this update was just a lot of bells changes and that's all so there we have it beeps I tried my best to highlight the key moments in the clash of clans history and I gotta say it was pretty good looking back and just I don't know it's crazy to know it's been six years I was only 13 when this game came out all I had was a PSP and an iPhone 4 and time flies man anyways that should be it for the history of clash of clans feel free to comment down below your favorite moments and when did you start playing clash of clans just let me know down below.

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