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Packing is commonly associated with negative things and for instance online game hackers not cool however console hackers sometimes come up with some pretty cool stuff hi folks it's falcon and today on game ranks seven things ps4 hackers have accomplished just as a quick disclaimer before we get into anything doing hacking stuff on the ps4 can have consequences if they catch you doing it on an account there's a good chance they'll ban that account so just be careful with any of this stuff we obviously can't condone it but some of it is pretty damn interesting with that in mind let's start off with number seven a man named Alexandra Sanchez is working on a PlayStation 4 emulator over the last six months he's posted various video updates on it including mapping the output to show exactly what modules have to be emulated what modules can be simply run on a virtual machine so on and so forth but he's actually got the thing booting into safe mode it of course throws him an error and tells me needs to reboot and reinstall the ps4 software because it's not quite going anywhere yet but he's got that thing supporting the Dual Shock which is pretty good it's recognizing Dual Shock input as he does anything which is very cool he also spends time on reddit YouTube and Twitter answering questions and generally sort of describing the project his YouTube channel is Alexandra Sanchez it does contain his update videos his twitter is Alex Altea ale x LT EA which is also his name on reddit where he posts updates now I will say that some inherent things about the ps 4 means you'll have to actually have a ps4 console to fire up the emulator the first time it just has to do with encryption and things like that but given its a low-level emulator and it's really only truly emulating the GPU it will probably actually have less system requirements than your typical emulator maybe even lower than the PlayStation 3 emulator which is cool coming in at number 6 you can now run Linux on the ps4 thanks to a gentleman named Valentin Brea's or Brys forgive the mispronunciation if so he's been gradually getting it working on more and more firmware most recently getting it running on 5.0 one in 5.0 five and it will now work with ps 4 pro due to akernel exploit that allows you to load this Linux installing tool the tool he created is very simply called the ps4 Linux loader and he has a compatibility list on his Twitter which is at Valentin Brys again apologies for mispronouncing if so but that's VA LEM TI m BR I's e he regularly posts updates and I can tell you right off if your ps 4 is formatted with a fat file system it won't work you'll need to have a formatted differently than that however the USB stick you'll need to insert to your ps 4 SP format with afat32 file system and although this has been a lot of numbers and a lot of semi technical talk the important thing is that basically allows people to do a lot of really cool things including home brew games on the ps4 but for a lot of people it's cool to just be able to run Linux at all on the system and in the future we'll probably see some interesting stuff come from just that coming in at number five there's a
PlayStation 4 remastered version of parappa the rapper which is a fun game might I add but the remastered version actually turns out to be a PSP emulator as It turns out the reason why it looks so much better on the ps4 is you're actually able to swap out textures using this emulator with high resolution textures so really the remastering all it was just making high resolution versions of the art and injecting that into the original PSP code which is neat and hackers with jail broken PS fours have been checking in on what else works with this emulator hackers got games like Patapon and loco  running and various ps4 hackers have been working ones sentially using this game to allow for the running of other games the emulator on the ps 4 now what's interesting is that in theory teams of people could remaster any PSP game if they can get it running on the emulator and swap out high resolution textures which i think is cool as hell now you could have both up scales uh presses technical remasters of games or you could have modifications of the visuals of games which I also find quite interesting to think about people did this same thing back when they started releasing ps2 games via emulators and in my opinion it puts a lot of ingenuity on display very cool coming in at number four remember when I was talking about how you can get Linux operating on your ps4 and how that could open up the doors for some fairly cool things well did you know that if you have a Linux machine you can make it into a Linux steam machine a modder by the name of os iris X managed to get Arch Linux running on ps4 and then installed the Steam client the footage he posted is of him playing Bastion and it basically looks like it's supposed to he's recording his own TV with a camera so it's really kind of tough to tell exactly what the frame rate is but it doesn't look bad the steam inter face looks like it's running like it's supposed to and he claims that most games run fine on low to medium settings which is very interesting now for me the thing that is most appealing about this is the idea of playing left 4 dead or portal or half-life on the ps4 coming in at number 3 kind of less cool things a guy named Adam Mudd a teenager had been running a attack for hire business with a program he created when he was 16 called titanium stressor basically you could pay him money to carry out DDoS attacks he personally carried out about 594 I'm assuming that other people were able to use the program because ultimately he was responsible for 1.7 million breaches he ultimately made somewhere between 400 and 500 thousand dollars from this and I'm guessing that why they were so harsh to him in their response which is I mean they gave him a two-year jail sentence at age twenty first up that he did when he was 16 which is actually quite a bit if you consider precedence and his age I mean it's pretty wild coming in at number two a guy was just jail breaking PS fours and selling them in California this one isn't quite as amazing in of itself I mean jail breaking a ps4 isn't like a shocking thing to do but Sony was like oh this guy's a problem to the point where they sued him what he did was he with jailbreak games load them up with copies of like Call of Duty World War two and God of War and was just selling him on eBay which is pretty fricken brazen Sony actually bought two of them to have proof that he was doing it and he actually included instructions for how to install illegal copies of games to encourage people to quote-unquote enjoy all games free which I don't know is it's just how brazen it is I find it funny like I'm not angry at this guy Sony is some massive company and I promise that they didn't clamp down on piracy by suing this guy going after a single individual honestly doesn't do anything about the actual problem and I honestly just kind of find it funny more than anything else still hey if you wanted to do something like this don't do it on eBay like it's the most visible place to do it and it's so easy to find Sony will find you and finally number one an uncharted form mater partly made it first-person now it's important to understand it's not like actually hey check it out this game is in first person now it's kind of different what this mater did was use a movable camera to place the camera inside Nathan Drake's head and for sequences where Nathan Drake stays stationary it basically functions as the game being first-person this also works for cut scenes and I mean if you're not moving Nathan Drake around technically any shooting sequence but the minute he moved Nathan Drake around it would screw up the case so it's not really a useable thing but it made a really cool trailer and also maybe works as kind of a proof-of-concept for further modding as PlayStation 4 modding actually takes off gets further becomes a thing so to speak couple of quick bonus points for you a guy looking for a exploitable firmware ps4 was having no luck and he notice done that was wrapped in shrink wrap and asked the pawnshop owner of the pawnshop he went to looking for one why well it's because it was infested with roaches he was able to buy it for $50 cleaned it out and it's quite amazing but it had a5.0 v firmware oh and a lot of roaches in it just it's gross and finally a hacker who was going by the name of spange Babb which i think is actually a pretty awesome user name that's hilarious had in his profile the words disrespect equals disconnect and what this means was he was DDoS in people who disrespected him in ps4 games which is the most petty and goofy thing I can imagine someone doing have you ever dealt with a hacker or seen something cool that a hacker did.

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