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Well the latest Wolfenstein game is here Wolfenstein Youngblood the fourth game in the series since machine games took over the reins way back in the colonial times of 2014 however young bloodz also been co-developed with Arkane studios the developers of the dishonored and the prey games and seeing these two devs coming together is like watching our knee and cobweb is giving each other that oily handshake at the start of predator for the first time in this series though you're not playing as everyone's favorite Nazi killer BJblaskowitz and you're not alone either this time you're killing Nazis with a friend playing as one of BJ's twin daughters either Jess or soap and the game also takes place in the 1980sbecause 80s cultures more popular right now than deodorant is better speed running event so let's get psyched and see how the whole thing turned out then shall we right so Wolfenstein Youngblood takes place twenty or so years after the events in new Colossus where BJ and his resistance buddies succeeded in clearing the Nazis out of America and liberating the entire country good for them with the death of Frau Engel there's no longer anyone to really keep the troops rallied so some sense of normalcy has resumed with returning character grace Walker now leading the FBI because at this point there wasn't really anyone else left alive who could still do it yeah in the intro though we find out that for some reason BJ has gone missing and it's up to his two twin daughters
Jess and south to find him well look it's not really up to them but the premise of heading into Nazi occupied Paris with basically no combat training or world experience somehow sounds like a good idea to them so that's what they do along the way they'll help out the French Resistance move through the Paris underground and catacombs and of course killed lots of Nazis so unsurprisingly this is a pretty damn good-looking game the attack six engine has just been put to really good use here with fantastic environmental detail highly detailed weapon and character models mostly and just a really appealing art style it's kind of weird that the 80s still pretty much turned out the same way it did even though it's set in an alternate history where the Nazis won the Second World War but you can say they've tried to modify things a little bit to fit in with the fact that the past 40 years have played out a lot different but the premise is really just window dressing it's the gameplay that matters the most now gameplay wise not much has really been changed from new Colossus you'll be using mostly the same guns our beer it's slightly updated to suit the time period along with a few new ones and you've got mostly the same mechanics like double jumping sliding and all that kind of stuff after a couple of introductory missions which serve as a bit of a tutorial for how these mechanics work you meet up with the French Resistance and have to start tracking down your old man and this is where things start to open up a bit now you've got access to the Paris catacombs which serve as your base of operations and the current resistance headquarters from here you can collect the missions from NPCs which sends you to about half a dozen or so different sections of Paris everywhere when you're moving through these areas you're able to go with the stealth or a combat approach when engaging enemies and it kind of reminds me a bit of moving through aizen's start in Ravens software's 2009 Wolfenstein that game also had a very similar setting and it was a like tone the way that it put you in this occupied area and then kind of let you choose how you want to move through that environment and engage your enemies it's also got that far cry 2vibe in the way that these assholes are gonna respawn every single time you move back through that area yeah all of them even the big ones and then it's also very similar to Dishonored how you can move through these back streets to avoid enemy patrols or cut straight through someone's apartment as a shortcut this is where you see the Arkane Studios influence coming in and some of the sea areas look like they've been ripped right out of the streets of dunwall it's a shame though that unlike dishonored you can't interact with other citizens you're just kind of limited to the squads of enemies that are to kill you Paris is a very empty city and it's a shame they didn't explore the effective resistance has been having on other people the city just serves as a backdrop and a sandbox - how you want to tackle all of these missions and yet look running around the place and jumping through windows ambushing patrols and killing things is pretty fun mobility is really good - you've got that double jump you can vault over walls and clamber up legends you can even dash to the side with an upgrade and slide across the ground moving around with dual machine pistols and mowing down guys in a flash is some of the most satisfying gunplay I think in the entire series and you're constantly upgrading your weapons with coins that you find throughout the environment and in crates each weapon has three separate upgrade trees which affect things like the fire rate DPS and magazine capacity so you're always on the lookout for coins here like a bogan at a bus stop the problem is though is that this is all you're really going to be doing Dean tie game now the main goal is to take out three giant robots that control the access to some kind of super secret Tower and it's believed that once you reach this tower it's gonna help you locate where BJ use but to take on these robots you first need to be a high enough level and to be a high enough level you need to level up you do this by killing lots of enemies in completing other side missions in the various sections of the city it's kind of similar to what they did recently in rage to where the bolt majority of the campaign was the grinding element to get to the next story mission Far Cry new dawn also did a similar thing and even the division too was guilty of this to an extent I mean if you could just go right to these robots from the get-go there'd be no point to playing the other side missions so it's really just a way of padding the game's lent out but also giving you a sense of progression what they're doing is putting a number on something and forcing a certain requirement of the player before you can finish it but once you reach that necessary level you're still gonna take on the enemies the exact same way it's just a prerequisite to getting there doesn't really matter who you play as either because both girls can use the exact same weapons and they both have access to the same skillset about all that changes is their appearance both girls get access to a cloaking device which when upgraded makes it really easier to sneak past enemies then you've got the RAM shackles returning from the new Colossus we can shove into enemies and either kill them or knock them on their ass then there's one more power that you get right before the end of the game which is necessary for a single boss fight but then it's never really needed ever again it would've been cool if they had have made just the stealthier option and sof like a brawler or something like it could have made the combat a bit more dynamic and open-ended as a result you've both used the same guns 

the same attachments the same skills and you level up the same way oh yeah Young blood has the leveling system so obviously the girls aren't exactly the hardened seasoned Nazi killers that their dad was so they're gonna be a bits loppier things to begin with in fact yet to see their very first killed ever in-game so you start off at level one and as you level up you weren't a skill point then the damage you do increases incrementally by one percent every time so the more you level up the more you can upgrade your character and the more damage you do some missions and some enemy types like I said before require a certain level to comfortably take the mon otherwise for some reason it feels like you're firing champagne corks at them or something and it's like their bullets are made out of fucking Valyrian steel because they'll melt you in seconds leveling happens pretty fast though once you start getting into the flow of things and it does pluck on those neural pathways and brain structures by feeding you this constant sense of reward when you level up what are things need to though is that when you're playing in co-op mode the difficulty that you choose is separate to your partner so you can be playing on very hard for instance and if your body isn't as good at shooters as you are he can bump his down to easy and you can still both reap the benefits team play is also pretty damn important between both of you you've got three lives now how this works is that when someone gets down by an enemy you can revive them if you quit but if they bleed out they can get back up automatically but you lose one of your three lives if you lose all three of these it's a game over and it throws you right back to the start of an area but they do give you the tools to help prevent death like this weed Pet mechanic where Jessel Soph can flush some Devil's horns or a thumbs up which gives both of you 50 health points if both of you do it back-to-back that's100 health points in a matter of seconds and yet you're gonna need it aside from the game using your Bethesda friends list instead of the Steam friends list which is just stupid inviting friends is also pretty easy you can hop into someone else's game and all of your progress and your weapons gonna carryover into bears if you've unlocked weapons from later in the game you can now even use these to access new areas and it doesn't seem like you can really carry low-level players either because the areas are gonna have enemies that scale to your level sadly though I had quite a few drop outs and lag issues when I was playing with other people but this might have just been because the game was still pre-release so I'm hoping it's since been fixed mostly though it does seem like they've handled this cult aspect pretty well there's even the option of in-game voice chat and again you're gonna need it and in terms of the shooting look I can't really fault it I played the game one very hard and a side from a couple of outright broken boss fights the combat felt pretty good and balanced this is a big improvement from the new Colossus where you'd often get blindsided and melted by even the weakest and the lamest of enemies speaking of the new Colossus Young blood really is so different totally and it does seem a bit out of place with the rest of the series so you had the new water right which felt like this very dark and gritty story trying to show the atrocities of war and dealing with themes like torture and genocide the old blood went for the schlocky route being very self-aware throwing zombies in ancient monsters at the play but doing it in a fun and a cheesy way the new Colossus felt like it didn't know what the hell that wanted to be at times it tried to be dark and serious but then other times it used humor in a way that felt awkward and forced and it wasn't sure if I wanted to use violence as a deterrent or a punchline Youngblood on the other hand ignores all of that and it feels like that videogame equivalent of Cyndi Lauper's girls just want to have fun things start off kind of series with BJ and onion trynachuder their daughters for this inevitable upcoming war against the Nazis but then after that when BJ disappears and Jason's south head off with their friend Abby to find him it turns into this wacky adventure where these doe-eyed young women steal a chopper and flying to Nazi occupied Europe to start killing bad guys because it's something fun to do I mean the cinematic where the girls killed their first Nazi is played for Laughs with a premise of blowing someone's head off and having their brains get in your mouth is something to poke fun at which is fine I mean I laughed at it but it's just showing how vastly different intone all these games are it also lacks areal antagonist for the majority of the campaign which doesn't help either my biggest fun with the Wolfenstein to that was that it seemed to favor cinematics over gameplay he's played through a section in that game for about 15 or 20minutes but then you'd have to sit through another five or ten minutes of cinematics after that and I felt it was this really bad cycle of storytelling and gameplay that I found very jarring Youngblood on the other hand is the complete opposite of that so the game opens with about 15 or so minutes of cinematics which helps to set things up a bit then after that you've got a couple of the introductory missions before a few more cinematics but then that's pretty much it once you reach this hub area and can start tackling all of these main and side missions you don't get interrupted at all pretty much the entire time you can just run around to your heart's content without having to watch your cringy cutscene showing characters trying to artificially interact with each other and I think honestly in the entire game there can't be more than maybe seven or eight lengthy cinematics out of the 12 hours it took me to finish the whole thing I'd say 11 of these if not more was spent shooting things which is the way it should be but here's the form on one folks and I think the biggest problem and that is that you really have to play this thing in co-op mode with a friend to get the best experience out of it and playing without a friend is like playing an entirely different game it's like trying to play foosball solo or to try to Dutch rudder yourself one of the main reasons is some of the spongy enemies in the game like the big Robo hands and the super soldiers ideally you want to play with someone who can help you coordinate attacks on these tougher enemies or else it can be a real pain in the ass the reason for that is that these bigger enemies have weak spots usually on their backs so you really need to have one person distracting the enemy from the front so the other person can sneak around the back and hit that weak spot for massive critical damage and coordinating that by yourself in solo play is just not possible and this is I think why they've included health bars on the enemies kind of helps you to determine at a glance what kind of threat that enemy poses and you can also tag that enemy and both focus fire on them at the same time bit of a shame that you can't tag items or anything like that either but being able to tag enemies even if it is only one of the time really does help the other issues that the Friendly AI doesn't seem to be capable of stealth like at all just saying that when I played solo the other character would just start going in guns blazing all the time and that's not very handy when you're going into an area that's got three or four of the toughest enemy times that are all just patrolling around waiting to kick someone shit in so them's the breaks and I mean if you haven't got someone to play this with well you should really consider if it's worth your hard-earned dollar e dues but where it matters the most the shooting is pretty damn good and when you're able to just run around and shoot Nazis shit is tight still look thank getting entirely off the hook and I still think there's a bunch of weird stuff they put into this game like i still find every the odd help enemies can survive an entire magazine from an assault rifle to the face but throwing a knife at them from 15 meters away is gonna kill them in a single hit or when there's kamikaze dogs in this game yeah German Shepherds with explosives on their back that run up to you and fucking explode because that's now a thing for some reason I also had a lot of issues getting this game running in the first place because it just kept crashing before the main menu and that was a royal pain in the ass once I got into the game it seemed pretty stable then it ran pretty well and I think I had maybe two or three crashes in the entire time I played it in a couple of disconnections but nothing too major but I don't understand why every single game in this series so far has just had such a crappy launch when it comes to optimization and stability I think the new water in the new Colossus took me about 20 or so hours to get through but this thing took me around like I said 12 hours they have kind of priced it right though coming in at around 50 bucks the deluxe edition is70 bucks but all you're getting for that at the moment is some cosmetic skins which rabbat is useful as a cock flavored lollipop what's probably the status though is that the games gonna come under a lot of flack for its micro transactions and putting micro transactions in a game in 2019 is like drinking gasoline then pissing on a bonfire to try to put it outlook micro transactions are stupid but at least the ones in Youngblood are cosmetic only and I think spending money on something like that and then complaining about it's like sticking your hand in a mousetrap and complaining your finger hurts but I do think Youngblood is worth playing if you've got someone to play it with then only then because otherwise liberating Paris is going to be one empty lonely experience.

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