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if you've got yourself a gaming computer then fantastic you're already in the elites and you really must be enjoying it but if you're wanting to expand upon your current setup maybe improve things slightly or do things a little bit differently then good news I've put together this post that goes through pretty much all of my favorite tips tricks and all of the accessories that I use to make things even better if you're interested in anything that I talked about my first tip would be to really maximize your space by buying a desk that's really large enough to fite very thing you need in it nice and comfortably as the last thing you want is to be cramped the desk behind me is a little bit flimsy as we'd probably expect from Ikea but actually fits might oversize speakers and ultra wide monitor pretty much flawlessly but if you have a really huge space and you want to make the most of it you're going to want to look at really specialized desks or inIkea the dining table section to really make the full use of it now when we're doing any form of setup upgrade price is always a factor we all have different budgets and sticking to that and getting everything we want is often a little bit tricky too sometimes we have to find away of getting more from money the clever thing to do is to of course always cut the corners that ultimately can be cut and lighting is definitely my go-to area to do this I've been playing around with fancy RGB kits and expensive light bulbs but realistically a couple of strips for your PC that are connected to your motherboard should be enough bling for most of our systems and the cheap manual strip that's wrapped all the way around your desk actually makes the world of difference all without breaking the bank but I'd always go for the more practical items first the ones that will make the difference to your gameplay rather than just the visuals oversized mouse mats like oranges sheath and some really cool ones from Corsair can actually completely transform your space and it almost sets the set up as well as allowing you to tuck away those mouse and keyboard cables for a much cleaner look if I were to prioritize things though in almost an order of effectiveness I would definitely recommend upgrading your monitor and your mouse these make the biggest difference both of these relate to the core feel of the game play with smoother tracking mice and responsive monitors genuinely allowing you to become a better player so long as your PC can keep up of course there is so many different mice out there that it is really difficult to pick an outright winner as we all have different shape hands and grips and ultimately some of us want Wireless and lightweight while others are after bus and heavy and well heavy the best all-rounder in my opinion though would have to be the Logitech G 703 is a fully wireless mouse with fantastic performance but it's roughly 60 pounds which is an absolute steal in terms of monitors well you're after something with a low level of input lag and probably a high refresh rate if you're mainly gaming I'll leave some of my recommendations below but you should check out my full buyer's guide that will give you the complete rundown of everything you need to know including IPS TN high refresh rate 4k HD are the works so check it out down below and people always ask me how I get these animated wallpapers behind me and the answer is really really simple it's all powered with an application called wallpaper engine and this is available for just a few GP over on Steam it uses your graphics card to create a little moving animation on static images with thousands to choose from on the Steam Workshop if you're often sitting near your computer or you just want to take the outright best images for Instagram that this is a great way to add that a little bit of jazz something that I don't really talk about ray often when I really should is audio as it is so important regardless of if you call yourself a bit of an audio phile or whether you just want to hear enemy footsteps and battle royale now my setup works by using Bowers &Wilkins bookshelf speakers they're attached to a Marantz amplifier and then connected to the computer via optical and this gives a really low level of digital noise to the signal while unlocking a completely new level of sound quality that PC speakers could really only dream of for having said this I love music I'm pretty much always listening to something whenever I'm working and I wouldn't say that this is strictly necessary if you're just going to be gay as whenever I'm playing with friends I actually always use a wireless head set as they're super convenient and the yallow me to wander around the house for snacks while still being in the discord and being able to communicate with everyone my personal headset of choice is actually call says HS 70 there is simply stunning value for money with fantastic audio quality and a really high level of comfort and quite cleverly I've actually found a really convenient way of swapping between the sources that's all thanks to Elgato stream tech mini Corsair sent this out for a previous streaming video as it's designed to stop and start streams really seamlessly without ever needing to leave your game but there's actually so many different ways you can use this in an everyday setup as an everyday item and toggling between headsets and speakers is just one of them you can get really smart with this and set up all sorts of quick fire actions to really save yourself some time and ultimately make your experience that little bit better and so those are my quick tips and tricks to improving a gaming setup let me know your thoughts down in the comment section below.

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