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In today's gaming news we have a whole lot of stuff to talk about regarding the play station 5 and the next Xbox on top of that PlayStation 5 has some VR hardware and tech news so make sure you stay tuned because we're jumping right into it here we go back at it yet again with another posts g'day guys I'm GamePadia show if you're excited to play videogames all weekend long make sure you smack that like button real good and also in the comments down below let me know what games you are playing this weekend let me know I want to see what you guys playing and I don't know what I'll play I haven't really decided yet but anyway let's get to the gaming news because there's actually quite a lot of really cool stuff to get to in today's video but the first one is some really awesome news for people out there looking forward to purchasing a Play station 5 when it's released most likely next year and well it's got to do with the PlayStation 5 some hardware including a new virtual reality headset yes a brand new PS VR headset is on the way as we already know the PS VR has been around since 2016 and it's pretty good it's not the greatest VI had set out there and has become a little bit dated but the good thing about it is it's actually going to be able to be used with the PlayStation 5 when it does come out however some news has come out some details have leaked about a patent and that is that a new PS VR headset is on the way for the PS 5 now the thing to note down is this headset won't be ready for the launch with the console it's probably gonna come out a year or two later we're not exactly sure how much after or how long after the PlayStation5 is launched it will see the brand newpsvr2 headset but the thing is you were able to use your old PSP I had set in the meantime bring that over to the PlayStation 5 and then eventually if you want to upgrade to a new PSP I had said it's made with brand new Tekken it's probably going to be a whole lot better now what we do know so far regarding this new PS VI headset is that it could be costing around 250 US dollars it's gonna support 2560 by 1440 resolution at a hundred and twenty frames of the refresh rate which is really nice on top of that a 220 degree field of view gives you 5 hours of battery life and eye tracking so and that's just really awesome here all that stuff is going into it so it's gonna be most likely Wireless it's going to give you a better resolution a better refresh rate and the degree the field of view is going to be a lot better and then on top of that yeah the eye tracking that part really gets I know that not everyone is super interested in the PlayStation VR or any VR tech but if you guys do want to know more about this because I'm not gonna get completely into all the nitty gritty regarding it because there is quite a lot to go through and it is an interesting read so if you guys do want to check it out itis linked down below in the description check out the whole thing because it's definitely worth just looking into because it does look like the next V I had set from PlayStation is going to be amazing it's to mean launching as I said after the PlayStation 5 the initial launch in probably December or November.

 Next year but anyway yeah just to quickly wrap that up the headset will cost probably around 250 US dollars then you factor in the three hundred four hundred US dollars you're gonna buy the new console it's gonna roughly come out to close to around seven hundred or so maybe more dollars if you want to get everything including a game or two especially if you want to get a VR game on top of just having a regular game that you want to play with your PlayStation 5 once it comes out so it's gonna cost you a fair bit to kind of bundle all that together but I'm pretty sure if you don't end up getting a PlayStation 5 at launch when the psvr second edition or second generation headset comes out for the PS 5 that's when they'll most likely bring out bundles Sony are probably just gonna make really awesome models that are gonna save you 50 or $100 and package a couple of games in there too so it depends really when you do end up getting this new console the new generation and if you're going to wait so let me actually know in the comments down below will you be getting a brand new Xbox in a brand new Play station like the Xbox whatever they end up calling it and like Xbox to know whatever they end up calling it and then the the PlayStation 5 so let me know if you're gonna get them at launch or if you're going to wait until like 2021 or something like that it seems like so long away but also so near anyway that's it for that piece of news now we're moving on to some other stuff and it's some really quick news regarding a Play station and Microsoft because they are both a 10Gamescom 2019 in germany now i've been to games come many years like I think i've been four times now and it is amazing to go if you ever have the chance to go to germany go to cologne go to this place at this time of the year make sure you have to go to games come because it's one of the coolest craziest gaming experiences ever but the cool thing is with both of them being at Games com we could potentially be hearing more news about the next-generation consoles the project scholar and the PS5 so it is definitely exciting times and especially with the dates nearing closer and closer and with Games com being actually a pretty good spot to reveal a lot of hardware and software if you look at past years just the track record of it we could be hearing some news from there so we're not sure exactly if they're going to reveal what the consoles look like I'm pretty sure that won't happen just yet they might wait until early next year maybe around March to do that but it would be exciting to see what else they reveal maybe some new games that they didn't show off at e3 or something like that for the future but yeah it's exciting times nonetheless but now we move on to our next two gaming news report on today's show it's for all the Call of Duty fans out there because well if you guys know they did show off some gameplay for modern warfare the brand-new Call of Duty game .

It's just called modern warfare but you guys already know about that they did the thing with influences they had a bunch of twitch streamers Call of Duty and whatnot playing the game and it wasn't the greatest way to reveal it in my opinion but now they've actually revealed completely roared modern warfare gameplay in 4k this is like actual gameplay that's in 4k it doesn't have some face cam of some influence a stream or anyone like that doesn't have any talking it's just the straight-up gameplay and honestly this looks much better than what I saw in those twitch streams and everything like that that they showed off of I don't know 5 or so days ago whenever it was but that's the thing I think they went with it for it in a weird way in a weird direction so it's cool to see it the traditional way of just showing us gameplay rather than seeing some pro players and why not play very twitchy where you might not be at their level so it doesn't really necessarily give you or show you the experience that you'll be having but this is more kind of really stick to what we will be playing and it's cool to see that so I am kind of more hyped about Modern Warfare now after seeing this then the initial launch with the twitch streamers and everything let me know what you guys think about the new modern warfare the new Call of Duty it does look pretty good I'm definitely gonna give it a go especially now that it's going to have cross play that's one of the key things that has gotten me more onboard with this game the fact that we'd be able to include cross play and yeah that's definitely got me more excited if it didn't have that I don't know if I would be as excited but anyway speaking of cross play we do head to our next news report on today's show and the game modes have been a real for Gears of War5 that will support cross play between Xbox one and PC obviously this is a Microsoft exclusive game so yeah it's Gears of War it's the biggest one of the biggest I should say franchises for Xbox and Microsoft but here are the game modes that will be available to be able to play cross play between PC and Xbox you will obviously have the multiplayer regular vs. mode which is awesome but then on top of that you're going to have escape horde mode and even the campaign modes that's going to be straight-up beautiful right there we do be able to play multiplayer be able to play horde and now campaign just through cross play I think that's amazing that they're doing this and I love the direction that the gaming industry is going in it's allowing everyone to kind of play together but yeah it's definitely exciting to see this kind of news and I'm definitely gonna play Gears you guys know I'm a massive gears fan it was the first truly online game I played Gears of War 1 back on the Xbox 360 that's the game I just spent who I think I only had Gears one for a whole year before I had any other Xbox title now something else to note down about Gears 5 and having cross plane everything I want to play on PC because I feel like with shooters now I've actually transitioned to being able to play better with a mouse and keyboard than a thumb stick and the controller but the thing is my muscle memory of playing Gears for so many years that rhymed anyway the muscle memory for playing are gears for so many years is like it's there and it's built into my hands and my brain and whatnot so like I don't know if I'm going to go and play on a mouse and keyboard because I'm better with most shooters that way or a game that I just know off by heart playing with a thumb stick it's gonna be it's gonna be it's gonna be a challenge to decide which way.

 I go with that but I think I'll just get it on PC anyway and then figure it out from there but moving on to our final news report on today's show and it's something you guys probably already know about it's GTA 5'snext major update and it's for GTA online because it is truly massive on July 23 which is just in a few days from now the game is receiving one of its the biggest updates is a completely brand-new location in the game it's called the diamond casino and resort this is exactly what it sounds like and what we already know it's a casino and resort so finally we'll be able to gamble in the game which is kind of crazy to think about because I don't know how many of the actual players that do play this game online are 18 or 21 or whatever the gambling ages in your country it's 18 here in Australia but it's kind of crazy because yeah I know there's gonna be a lot of like 12 year olds gambling and playing that and it's not probably the best thing in the world but yeah I'm definitely excited for it I remember playing the casino in GTA San Andreas like all the time when you go to Las Ventura’s and now to actually have it in GTA 5it's pretty cool it's not in the location I expected it to kind of be in but hey it is what it is and I'm still gonna probably hop back on GTA just totry it out so I probably have to update that game that's probably like a hundred gigabyte update that I haven't done in forever but hey that's GTA 4 yeah massive updates slow loading and just to pain overall but still an awesome game after all these years let me know if you guys even still play it I haven't probably touched it in months and that was only for like a day at that time but yeah anyway guys that does it for today's gaming news hopefully you did enjoy.

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