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The PlayStation 5 is coming out very soon and this would be a massive upgrade from the ps4 Pro and even the Xbox one X so this would be Sony's true4k 60 console and also the world's most powerful console and here's all the ladies mixer rumors everything we know at the moment in terms of the PlayStation 5 lots of details that I want to cover in this video so grab some snacks some drinks sit back relax and let's have a look[Music]okay so here's the thing unlike laptops or you know smartphones tablets or pretty much anything in the tech industry consoles do not get a yearly update in fact consoles get updated every five to six years or so for example the original PlayStation one came out in 1994 the ps2 came out in2000 so six years later than the ps3came out in 2006 so again six years later and then a ps4 came out in 2013 so seven years later so yeah the PS 5should come out in 2019 or 2020 over the console cycle release god has her opted by the release of the ps4 Pro in September 2016 which was a much more powerful version of the ps4 but still not powerful enough for it to be the next generation console now the ps4 Pro can indeed play 4k games but only very few of them are actually true 4k so for example Last of Us remastered is in the Tru 4k 60 so that's impressive wipeout remastered is also true 4k 60and they look stunning but these games were actually ps3 games in the first place never even designed for the original ps4 and all the modern games that d render in 4k they're actually either quad HD 30 or checkerboard at 4kupskilledand still 30 frames per second but what sony aims to deal with the PS 5 is actually true native 4k at 60 frames per second something that not even the Xbox1x can view at the moment and I'll talk about the specs in a second but first when is the PS 5 actually coming out well like I said 2019 or 2020 but then something very interesting actually happened about three weeks ago so Sony has announced that it would not beat tending III 2019 which is very unexpected and also quite shocking because Sony has been intending III for literally the past 24 years 24 years and they haven't skipped a single year in 24years and they just randomly decided to do so in 2019 now this can mean two things so one either Sony has literally nothing to talk about and are skipping e3entirely because of that or two they have a lot to talk about including the PS 5.

They'll actually be doing a separate dedicated a big PlayStation event just for that outside of a 3 and here's the actual press statement that Sony has released in terms of this as the interest evolves Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to look for inventive opportunities to engage with a community place station fans mean the world to us and we always want to innovate thing differently an experiment with new ways to delight gamers as a result we have decided not to participate in III 2019we are exploring new and familiar ways to engage with our community in 2019 and we cannot wait to share our plans with you so Sony's definitely not canceling their community interaction in 2019 based on that statement reason why I would actually put my money on option number two sony having a dedicated a big event just to announce the play station 5 now I don't really see this event happening any time before September or q4 2019 to be honest so based on this my prediction is either a late 2019 events with a PS 5announcement as well as the release ahead of the holiday season of 2019 or just the PS 5 announcement and then possibly even late 2020 release now if this console would be you know 4k 60like a true 4k 60 console which at a moment this is something that only the GTX 2080 can achieve in almost all games well it needs to have some insane specs now I'll take a look at the Xbox one X it actually has similar performance to Radeon rx 580 card which is a mid-range graphics card but that's still very impressive considering that the 580 is a1080p quad HD gaming card while the Xbox one X can even do native 4k albeit at 30frames per second but still and now when it comes to the actual PS 5 specs all the leaks are pointing towards Sony using an 8 core and the horizon desktop processor as well as a custom-made AMDGPU either based on the Vega architecture or even the upcoming Navy architecture now Sony is actually working very closely with AMD on this in fact we've had a report that aim D has actually built the entire Navy architecture with a PS 5 in mind and this is why they've actually had to delay the Vega architecture in the first place now the ps4 Pro has 4.2 tera flops of performance but then the Xbox one X has 6 throw flops so what about a PS 5well it's actually rumored to have between 8 to 10 teraflops of performance which I'll cover in a second but yeah that's absolutely insane for a console now just to give you guys an idea a gtx980tiactually has over 10 teraflops of performance.

You can easily handle native 4k games at 30 frames per second on the highest settings and in a lot of cases even at 60 frames per second and over now on the other hand an Xbox 1xhas6/3 flops of performance so yeah almost half of the power of the 1080i and it can handle native 4k 30 games as well thanks to how optimized the games are in fact mark Cerny the lead developer the lead system architect actually for a ps4said that he believes that in order fora console to hit an 8 - 4 K 60 it needs about 8 star flops or even more of performance so yeah PS 5 would enter flops would be easily able to not just handle 4k 60 but also heavily improve the graphics with you know more effects high resolution textures and basically take the overall graphics quality to a jump similar to the ps3 to the ps4 so we won't just be getting you know high resolution and higher framerate but also more realistic graphics as well now the PS 5 will definitely feature backwards compatibility so this is something that's been talked a lot about and since the ps4 and the ps4 Pro already based on the x86 64 platform and in fact that the aim the horizon processors are also based on the x86 64architecture the PS 5 will also be based on this x86 64 so you know all the games would automatically be backwards compatible to the PS 5 so all ps4 games would work on a PS 5 which is obviously awesome so does not only means that you would be able to play all of your previous ps4 games on a PS 5 but if developers decide to do so they could easily release a patch that allows you to play native for a ps4 games in 94 KSC imagine playing God of War or even GTA 5in that resolution and frame rate that would be insane and speaking of insane something very interesting happened earlier this month so Sony has an event in Tokyo where they showcase their upcoming Sony HDTV so that was quite cool and on those TVs they obviously needed you know some 8kcontent to show their 8k TVs and since there was literally almost no Sony actually gave us a demo of  Gran Truism sport Veronique an 8k at a hundred and twenty frames per second this is insane guys this is absolutely insane the ps4 pro for example runs that game at 1800 P and60 frames per second which is still very impressive but native 4k at 60 frames per second for Gran Turismo would be an achievement 120 frames per second and 8kis just unbelievable so how is this even possible well here's a few things that I want to mention so first this is a racing game and racing games are actually the easiest 3d games to render since you just need to render the car model and the most amount of detail and since you're driving so fast the track itself and the background doesn't need to be as detailed so a lot of racing games even use 2d assets for the trees and crowd sometimes on multiple layers and so on and they actually rotate those based on perspective so what I'm saying is that an 8k 120 frames per second racing game is much more achievable than I don't know read a Redemption to an 8k120 but yeah don't get me wrong the PS 5would not support 88 gaming at 120frames per second that would be insane of course but by 2020 we would not have the tech required to build a $400console that can do a que 2120 we canal ready do by the way 8k 120 you just need a lot of GPUs a lot of 28 ET is 20ATS actually but that's pretty much what you need a lot of really powerful GPUs and you can do it but when it comes to doing this on a $400 console or whatever price the PS 5 will be praised priced at No if you cannot do that essentially the PS 5 would establish itself as a true native 4k console especially since now more and more households are starting to get a hold of you know 4k televisions and then by the time the ps4 of the PS 5 Pro releases some households would even start having you know 8k TVs and then the PS 5 Pro would offer 8k 30 games or maybe even 8k60 if it takes three to four years for Sony to release one so yeah don't get your hopes too high when it comes to you know playing 8k games or anything crazy like that so now that we know the specs and the performance let's talk about the design so we know that the PS 5development kits are already in the hands of developers but Sony does actually not have a finalized design as of yet so there was this very big leak actually about two weeks ago on this Russian website that showed us a possible design for the PS 5 and we've actually made a PS 5 concept based on just that so here's the officials of type PlayStation 5 concept based on that leak now unfortunately that leak was actually confirmed to be fake by Benjamin gas key and apparently was actually render a really good one but at least it was you know a realistic vision as to how the PS 5 could look I mean the thing is I've seen a lot of concepts on the ps5 which showed spheres or you know crazy designs like that which are cool don't get me wrong but let's be honest those are not going to be the designer of the PS 5 so here's a more realistic look at how the PS 5could look like yeah overall a very similar design to the ps4 with this -two-tone look the console itself should be bigger or at least thicker than even a ps4 pro depending on how much cooling Sony decides to add in this thing but yeah like I said don't expect any crazy spherical designs or anything like that and I just wanted to mention how far those are not that concepts have come so this was the old PS 5 concept from back in February 2018 and this is the concept nine months later.

So yeah I think we've come a long way so definitely subscribe and enabled implications if you're new to the channel for more and better concepts in the future now of course that if you want achieve the best performance for a lower cost not a sponsor but the best option is actually a streaming service so something that alive used to do in the past if any of you remember that thumbs up if you guys remember on live and then Google is also working at the moment on something similar with project stream and you can actually try assassin screen Odyssey for free streams so that's quite interesting you do get more latency than from you know playing it directly on a console or PC but you get to experience in the same game in 1080p 30 frames per seconds but it's at the highest possible settings and you know things would get better in time latency would be lowered and yeah essentially what you need at the moment is a 25 mega per second connection at least and you know as the time goes by the internet will be getting faster and faster and especially with 5g just around the corner5g actually allows speeds of up to 10gigabits per second on-the-go compared to one gigabit that was for 4G so yeah this would allow for even 4k games at 60frames per second to be streamed but almost no delay and this is where something like Sony's upcoming PS 5portable console would come into play Microsoft has even said that a next generation of Xbox consoles would actually be the last generation of physical consoles and then afterwards they will be moving towards cloud gaming and streaming and you know streaming does have a ton of advantages so not only would you be able to play your game library on any device like you know smartphone tablet console computer whatever even a TV with a controller but for example if you're I don't know watching ninja play for not on Twitter or something you could press a button to join in the same lobby and played yourself from the exact same moment in the game and that's really cool say I'm really looking forward to the future the only major downside that I can think of when it comes to streaming is that everything would be subscription-based you know you would have to pay Sony for access to their streaming services and then you would also have to pay the developers for the games I mean it would be cool if you just paid for the streaming access and you would get access to you all the PS 5 games and ps4 that would be cool but I don't think that's going to be the case so you would either have to buy the games fully or the games could be free but they would come with a lot of an app purchases in that case but yeah definitely let me know in the comments your thoughts on a PS 5 and game streaming in general do you think that this is the future or do you think that you know countries that are a bit underdeveloped when it comes to the actual internet speeds would be the ones losing you know all this so yeah let me know what you guys think about it.

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