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We're here with another post of game review that show will we give you some straight-up gameplay and our first impressions of the latest games releasing and today we're talking about hitman two we got our hands on a review copy early from Warner Brothers so we've had a lot of time with this one and straight up it's more hitman but it's really good full disclosure here in the office we're really big fans of the new gen style of hitman gameplay and stuff and his new trend of hitman game is different but also very good it's wide open its vast and it works hard to give you a lot to do hitman two feels really familiar but it has one big change that shakes things up the game is no longer episodic 2016's hitman game caused a bit of a stir by releasing episodically as a season 1 type of thing new levels trickled out and allows you to have plenty of time to like experiment and play with different modes to really get into the ins and outs of every intricately crafted level hitman 2 keeps that style of play but gives it to you all at once I think overall that's a win for consumers but I was still really worried about whether or not it would change up the flow or the feel or the dynamic of it all after all the episodic thing eventually won me over who was extremely skeptical of it and my first thought was that now that hitman 2 has all that corporate cash being published by Warner Brothers they were gonna go back on their ideas however good or bad they may have been still hitman 2 feels completely cohesive it feels like I said more hitman but the package collected together here just makes it feel like it makes sense I think with all this I'm just speaking to fans of the previous game so now let me speak a little more broadly hitman 2 is a stealth puzzle game it tows a weird line between being a thinking man stealth game while also having some goofy artificial intelligence it's a challenging game though and that toes a weird line between trial and error and figuring stuff out or just going with the flow and improvising your way through you can take this type of game as seriously or as unserious Lee as you want and it rewards you in different ways and that's what I love about I there you get six massive maps each with multiple targets in each to kill it sounds small but these can take you hours each target also has multiple different opportunities on how you take them almost at a point where you will see entirely different areas and angles when you take a different approach next time you can also have some choice over how the game guides you to these different kill opportunities also if you're looking for more difficulty opportunities do range from like disguising yourself as a tattoo artist and killing a dude with a needle to sneaking onto a Bollywood movie sets abo taging race cars or just doing something moral fashion like dropping a chandelier on someone's head or finding the perfect sniper position it's all kind of like save scrumming the videogame and it totally freak in works and what's kind of brilliant about the game's progression for you newcomers out there is that you essentially work and level your way up towards mastery of a map like I said they all have drastically different approaches and you got to check them all off and it gives you more ways to tackle an objective than next time like starting in a more advantageous location with a different disguise to just having better equipment and that's a good way of giving a game that typically wouldn't have progression systems something to work towards that's totally satisfying plus the game gives you contracts once again which essentially gives you crowdsource stuff to pull off in levels and elusive contracts which I absolutely love.

 we're getting the first one soon with Sean Bean these are special in-game events where you get one good chance to kill anew special target and I hope it does as well as season one did because it's a good way to add free content to the game and give me new reasons to play there's also the competitive multiplayer mode ghost mode which I didn't honestly have too much time to spend with IO does say it's still a work in progress to be fair but the idea of two assassins competing to get a better assassination works awesomely on paper then there's also sniper assassin mode which is fairly simple but can be pretty challenging and it acts as like a nice total change of pace if you want a game mode focus around sniping and just pulling off well-thought-out shots I was actually surprised how in-depth it is and like how much of the budget they put behind it it's pretty impressive oh and plus a few own hitman season one you can load it and access it in this game which makes some of the newer features available to it if you're behind which is cool there's also a lot of menus and stuff going on at first it seems like a bit much but once you're into the game you get a fun one that embraces the absurdity of it all even more than season 1 did it feels something in line with like hitman blood money and how it embraces the whacky which I really freakin appreciate I have it's a criticism for the game number one it's a bit glitchy and bug year than I expected I got stuck in the environment twice and a few times random objects were floating around and doing weird things not the end of the world but just worth mentioning some people are more sensitive to that stuff the other is that the story is just yeah I don't know it's really the way the game is structured it's not the main focus and to me that makes sense but it doesn't make it any less of a letdown most cut scenes are just like these stylized moving images and that's really it still does look pretty snazzy and I found it more interesting than the last game thanks to some stuff with Diana's origins but ultimately it seems forgettable and cast set aside and like I said as someone who playing from beginning it's a little bit of a disappointment hitman games their stories were always really straightforward but they were still enjoyable I'm looking at the original hitman 2 silent assassin I'm looking at contract stuff like that you know can't compare them but I guess you can I don't know but that aside ultimately if you wanted more hitman just more hitman gameplay you got it I get some people might take issue with the fact that gameplay wise it's not massively new from the previous game but it's just more with a lot more stuff to play since there is so much to do it doesn't matter me it's damn fun and honestly I hope forty-sevens adventures continue for a really long time plus the fact that IO Interactive sneaked a little freedom fighters reference into the game mat just it's the cherry on top but that's a whole nether story this is before you buy you know it works by now I'll give you some pros some cons some personal opinion now I want to hear yours down in the comments let me know what you think in this game let me know what you think of the fact that now it's not episodic I'm sure most people are relieved what's your favorite map if you did get your hands on it earlier if you're playing it soon what are you looking forward to anything at all hit us up down in the comments and of course if you enjoyed.

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