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from the developers who brought you secretary with guns and French made with swords comes police with leash astral chain is Platinum Games latest critically acclaimed member of the Village People what dollar store Halloween costume will they give a weapon next leave your prediction in the comment section below also from the developers who brought you spooky flashlight tag and slow-motion alcoholic comes control-alt-delete because the computers on fire in remedy games latest mind-bending shooter you will question reality by asking is this bullet time or frame rate drops either way it will make you feel like Max Payne drunk what do these two brand new games have in common absolutely nothing but also everything including a brother and sister with a mysterious connection to another dimension made of psychedelic rectangles called the astral plane which is corruption people by covering them in red boogers and the player must utilize the powerful abilities they find there to explore new areas and close the gate to the upside down that's why this video is girlfriend reviews first ever double feature but this isn't a review of astral chain or control this is a review of what it's like to live with someone who plays two major releases in one week let's start with astral chain it has incredible graphics totally unique combat a room where you rescue cats and yet I cannot recommend it as a backseat game I'm sorry I really wanted to like it my boyfriend loves it and I agree that it's a Nintendo switch essential for action fans but watching someone else play is half naptime half in comprehensible chaos most of the missions start with 20 minutes to an hour of wandering around just touch and stuff hoping to find bold red text that goes in your handy-dandy so right so you can pass a pop quiz later if you are looking for a good detective game this isn't it if you're looking for a blues clues game this is literally Blue's Clues even if you don't pay attention during the investigation phase you can easily complete the test as long as you know basic grammar now what would a person put on their toast butter loud noises Christmas time or toast while skimming around the world for these keywords you will also come across side objectives that are fun but you've definitely done in other games there's sheep balance a thing with motion controls Oh organized thingies on a grid and seriously I must have watched my boyfriend pick up and recycle a hundred cans during his play through oh look away the trash but the mechanic that truly killed the viewing experience for me is what can be described as mowing the lawn red matter crystals are dispersed throughout the entire game and every mission keeps a score for clean uprate that means all the slow-paced filler content I just complained about is padded out even more by a loud obnoxious collect athon even during the cinematic high stakes main plot-driven sections of the game my boyfriend would be like hold up a minute who keeps flicking their boogers under the bed let's be honest no one is buying astral train for Blue's Clues and sticky buddy simulator they're buying astral train for the second half of every mission the fun part if you haven't yet experienced the amazing combat in this game imagine Devil May Cry brothers a tale of two sons and the 4th of July players control an anime character and an anime robot at the same time while using the chain between them as a slingshot lasso and bungee cord it's pretty freaking cool but you know that I have a hard time with diary of Christmas lights and video games when there's just one character to keep track of so after my boyfriend unlocked the first anime robot I was like this is getting out of hand no there are two of them eventually he had five of these things each with their own unique abilities and skill trees plus tons of customizable attacks and stacks yeah it's awesome you should totally play it but guess what I don't know what the heck I'm looking at I miss the simpler time is when Dante had motorcycles forearms and everything made sense the second game my boyfriend played this week I feel very differently about watching control is a beautiful trippy freakish and rip-roar in action movie Jessie Faden is the director of a secret government building who studies events and objects that defy reality and give her Jedi powers what powers you ask I don't know how about the power off light that do anything for you levitation homes how about the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away with mine bullets that's telekinesis Kyle how about the power to move you actually I don't know if this game will move you because quantum physics confuses me and so to dozens of fictional science words and even though my boyfriend picked up every collectable he found he never read any of them so who now where now that refrigerators possessed by a giant one night home wise now I don't blame him though cuz look how much reading there is and that was just research and records there's also Case Files correspondence and we're only halfway through the game remedy listen if you give my boyfriend the ability to pull concrete out of the wall and hit a guy in the face with it using the force stopping every 20 seconds to read an email about clogged toilet is not apriority have you tried adding Gwent or a claw machine regardless of being slightly lost in the plot I love this game we've not done a whole lot of look at the booty shooties on this blog yet but this is my favorite booty to look at so far Jessie might be flying around the room slamming into the ground launching forklifts through the air being high on mushrooms and yet I always know what's happening and how my boyfriend is doing it this clarity of gameplay is accompanied by well paced Metroid vania esque exploration through a cold emotionless facility that gave me the spooks to pit all off the visuals are insane and it was our first experience ever with real-time ray tracing if you're like me and don't know or care what that is it basically means that developers went from barely being able to render a mirror to turning literally everything into a mirror Wow a reflection neat and it makes characters look so realistic that I could swear they were cheesy live action

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