Galaxy A80 Gaming Review - GameGame

hey guys Thunder here I'm a Galaxy 880is in house.let's get in to see what gaming on this device is all about so finally Samsung has released the galaxy Haidee I have it here it's a massive phone six point seven inches big display no notches no bezels looks really good really nice now you wondering where's the camera well it's a slide-out rotating camera yes it slides up it rotates giving you three camera sensor sat forty eight megapixel sensor half inch which you've seen in other devices like the one plus also an 8 mega pixel also wide and a time-of-flight sensor to give you better bouquet and also bouquet post which is also pretty nice you can be at that for your fronts and your rare that's pretty cool now we care about gaming on this device so what do we have in here now a few months back we checked out the Sam set these the Snapdragon 730G which is from Qualcomm and this is how this device houses a Snapdragon 730processor so really the processor we've seen well the 730 G could do in terms of gaming here and games really well so I expect this to do well in terms of gaming we were checking out a bunch of games in this video so you guys would get a good idea but one of the cool things about this device is that it allows you to capture your gameplay so you can record that off the bat as well so you can do that while you're gaming you're gonna see a gameplay mixed within this video now the galaxy and has amono speaker the bottom it's not a stereo speaker does have to be Atmos so that's also built in there you good you do have a USB type-c ports with 25watt fast charges that's pretty fast and837 million battery now there is no headphone jack there's also no microSD expansion you do have a hundred 20 bytes of storage and eight gigs of ram so our game you should be on but I love the way the display looks it is just it's big now you guys are going you're talking too much let's get in and jump into the gameplay then we'll talk about hitting audio and how well they're performing all the games we've checked out[Applause. alright so the AAT handle the games really well I mean each game we played signing with asphalt 9 for instance at its max setting that ran really well very smooth I'm also moving to 2 pub G  which we spend a lot of time on that game now the one thing you notice it didn't have HDR functionalities that come in soon that may be because of course the display doesn't support HDRs o that that's just something as a limitation there and then that's just the processor but at HD it ran really well rounded smooth everything just worked out well game gaming wise I also had a lot of kills this time guys so you should be quite happy but I think this device really did well in terms of processing and running games now interms of temperatures we got about I believe in 98 degrees Fahrenheit at about 36 degrees Celsius which is still good it doesn't have any special cool you know anything like that and ran a little bit warm but it was fine again you've got a gigs ram that's 730processor even though it's not the 730 gruns really well I like that with it soI think it's really cool the way this is actually handled gaming all the way through now in terms of of course sound it was really loud but of course it's a mono speaker so if your fingers cover the speakers yeah tough out a lot there that's just the way it is I think this device is really solid for gaming just the landscape itself is quite big you've got a huge real estate at six point seven inches your games will run really well and I think if you're picking this up because it's pressed about six hundred and fifty dollars right now one Bay and about five minutes seventy nine pounds if you're in the UK it's a relatively solid device to handle plus you've got camera that does night mode as well and a few other features which we'll check out another video but hopefully this give you an idea of what the galaxy 880 does in gaming as well as the Snapdragon 730 processor because that's the new processor that's this is the first device we've seen it actually in hands of people in terms of functionality and fit and all that fun stuff so if you have any questions or any comments guys.

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