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I don't think there's any letter more appealing to the TV and display industry right now than K the labels to K 4 K 5 K and now a K gets thrown around so much but you might think you're in an online chat that's going nowhere and while the benefits and drawbacks of 4k TVs and monitors are pretty well understood by this point there hasn't been nearly as much discussion about 8k technology even though we're seeing it start to be pushed as the next big thing after 4k so what exactly is it well as you can probably guess it's a higher resolution picture than 4k with an actual resolution of 76 80 by 40 320 pixels that makes it four times as sharp at the same size as the already super sharp 4kgiving it sixteen times as much detail as a standard full HD display and the nice thing is that this isn't some experimental technology that isn't going to show up on the market until far away in the future you can go down to your local big box store and pick up an 8k TV right now assuming of course that you can afford the investment but like a solid gold toilet just because you can doesn't mean that you should but why so at some point it turns out that your eyes really do hit a limit as to how much detail they can make out and if you've ever seen a 4k TV or monitor you might have noticed that you have to get quite close to the screen in order to discern the individual pixels well with an 8k TV this effect is multiplied several times over so once you get far enough away it will be very hard for you to tell the difference between 4k and 8kunless you're in the market for a super-huge 85 or 100 plus inch display but even if you have a wall and a living room cavernous enough to justify an 8kdisplay we actually don't recommend that you go out and buy one right now there simply isn't enough8k content out there are a few 8kyoutube videos that have mostly been uploaded as novelties and finding bigger name shows movies and sporting events in8k is exceedingly difficult now there are a limited number of 8k programs available in Japan including the upcoming 2020 Olympics but finding 8k on the Reg is going to be tough for years to come I mean there are still only a few hundred titles on Netflix that are in 4k and just about everything on cable and satellite is still in 1080i and the thing is that even though lots of 8k TV manufacturers are pushing the fact that their TVs can upscale lower resolution content to 8k quite well the quality still won't come close it's a video that is natively shot in a que and certainly won't justify the huge price difference over a 4k model and then of course even if you've got your 8k content there is the issue of how much bandwidth 8k video takes for each 8k stream in your house you'll need a bare minimum connection speed of around 50 megabits per second and of course if you want any other devices in the house connected and if you want to watch HDR content you will need even more so our take is that a Kay will take quite a few years to become truly useful simply because the main benefit is not as large of a difference in image quality over the last gen compared to last time around and even then it might only be useful at all in spaces where large format displays make sense not necessarily in the average home or apartment unless you're into sitting really close to your TV though we have seen prototype TVs that are meant to take up most of your wall isn't that a scary thought I mean imagine my face plastered across you know a quarter of your entire house shouting tech facts at you while you enjoy your sugared cereal speaking of facts here's a fact every day brilliant publishes several daily challenges that provide a quick and fascinating view into the world of math logic science engineering or computer science brilliance daily challenges are fun bite-sized way to master concepts by applying them each challenge comes with illustrations animations or interactive visualizations as well as all the context that you need to solve the problem yourself if you like the challenge and you want to learn more there's a related course that explores the same concept in greater detail so if you want to actively learn new fascinating concepts each day watch tech quickie oh and also head over to brilliant org slash tech quickie and finish your day.

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