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I'm addicted to Monster Hunter world I've been familiar with video game addiction for about three years because it's something my friend has really struggled with but it wasn't until I had a taste of Monster Hunter that I knew just how dangerous being a gamer could be video games can have serious side effects such as holding your pee for way too long and if you're thinking about getting into Monster Hunter before ice born comes out then let me be the first to warn you that it turns on your bad feelings in a good feeling sit's a nightmare this was easily the best cooperative experience we've had together and just a great way to bond in real life nothing brings a couple closer together like murdering a majestic creature and harvesting its organs to make a head however there are a lot of tutorials a lot of ways to play and a lot of hours to lose in this game if your relationship can get over the hump and respect the grind then we give monster hunter world our highest recommendation but this isn't to review of monster hunter world this is a review of having to quit monster hunter world cold turkey also this isn't a review of ice born because we played on PC and have to wait until next year dang it this week's posts is sponsored by crunchy roll we'll give you a link to try premium for free so hang out till the end my reaction to the Monster Hunter world trailer was oh no it's another game in the open-world stealth Archer somersault stabbed loot and craft detective mode tower climb to reveal map then get side quest fatigue genre but after my boyfriend created his character this happened turns out you get to design your own cat that follows you around helps you in battle and lets you dress on however you want unlike my real cats Oh like any good Sims player I spent an hour obsessing over minor details that will never be noticed again and when I finally revealed the ugliest cat ever named forklift junior the second to my boyfriend he was like a Capcom how come none of your trailers show off how adorable this game is I think you'd sell a lot more copies to stupid idiots like me if you did so we hired a professional voice actor and made one for you embark on a journey to adopt a cat and give it a moustache pat a Pookie and hold it like a baby that's all you had to say Capcom you guys are gonna pay me for this right but this game is a lot more than a pig in a Sun Hat monster hunters got tutorial screens like breath of the wild got core exceeds the difference is that in Zelda looking under a rock it's you a cute little poo in Monster Hunter looking under a rock it's you a new mechanic that changes everything you thought you knew about the game you're playing I'll be honest the beginning made me feel like I couldn't breathe because there was just too much info especially when all the game boils down to is tracking a monster and defeating it imagine buying a dope new car and being like holy cow totally going so fast oh hold on let me pull over and learn about the adjustable air vents that's the first ten hours of Monster Hunter half shiny new toy half drivers manual now before I get into why this is my favorite co-op game let me complain about one last thing the co-op to play the main story quests together both of us had to post the quest separately going to it alone trigger all the necessary cut scenes then one of us had to return to base join the other player and Trek all the way back to where they just were I really wish that we could have just been together the whole time and share a garden in a room and maybe get married I need you snitch don't move me a smooch yeah or at the very least not have to navigate clunky multiplayer menus and loading screens whenever we wanted to see each other okay now that you know about the relentless dumping of information on your face and the confusing online functionality let me tell you about this masterpiece I love this game games fun yes very fun there's a weapon type for everyone's skill level and playstyle and I like the bagpipes because I can just dupe songs when my boyfriend does all the hard work which is a lot like how this channel gets made why sure I'll try to make you laugh I was playing a song oh so the gameplay loop is perfect first you choose a monster to hunt second a cat cooks you at dinner with a really good graphics third you track the beast through I popping lee gorgeous environments fourth you haul up a minute by catching new pets for your room fifth you bring that sucker down good job and six you see how cute its skin looks as an outfit that's the whole game but as it progresses the monsters get smarter and deadlier can't get me up here oh god he can't get you up there and so do you if you want to survive where once hacking and slashing would suffice you will soon need to breed your own bugs that can be turned into slingshot ammo that will prevent a cotton ball bat from flying away so your boyfriend can go for a ride and drop it right on top of the trap you laid these battles are equal parts epic and hilarious Oh Capcom has made monster-hunting an activity that is both extremely fun to do and rewarding to accomplish which is basically the fundamentals of team-building exercises that's why I believe that Monster Hunter world has brought us closer together as friends and made us more helpful to each other as a couple than any other cooperative game we've played so far you're so weak it makes me sick Oh for that reason the answer is absolutely yes you should play this game with your boyfriend or girlfriend or anyone you can find with whom you want to bond however the answer is also absolutely no you should not play this game for the same reason I do not recommend that you smoke crack you know what else is like crack anime last time we told you about crunchy roll we asked you guys for anime recommendations and boy did you deliver we've got a whole queue of amazing shows to get through thanks guys crunchy roll is the world's largest destination for anime and manga featuring professionally subtitled shows and newest episodes airing as soon as one hour after Japanvia simulcast if you want to check out their most popular shows like dr. stone and fire force you can enjoy them ad free with crunchy roll premium go slash girlfriend reviews or click the link in the description to get your free 14-day trial of crunchy roll premium that' slash girlfriend reviews so now that we can enjoy ad free 1080pepisodes on crunchy roll did we miss anything what else should we add to our queue alright guys thanks for watching and a big thanks to prosy d for popping in to our video check out his channel we'll put a link in the description will be playing astral chain on Twitch all weekend so come hang out with us okay thanks again.

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