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As you guys know I don't typically like zombie stuff so when Sky bound games offered to sponsor a video if we played Telltale's The Walking Dead I was like yeah I love zombie stuff it's like people only do things because they get paid and that's just really sad Sky bound said they wanted us to just do our thing and give season one the old girlfriend reviews razzle dazzle we said you know we're gonna make fun of your game right and they were like yeah and we said okay that'll be 1 million dollars please and they were like no but the joke's on you Sky bound cuz this is one of our most requested games and we were gonna do it anyways my boyfriend's a huge fan and you just paid us to have fun so this isn't a review of The Walking Dead Season 1 this is a review of what it's like to live with someone who plays The Walking Dead Season 1the story begins somewhere we can all relate the back of a police cruiser we played the role of lead a man accused of murdering his wife's lover and my boyfriend asked me to perform the most important job in the game choosing exactly how we respond in dialogue or she married the wrong guy oh good choice thank you he performed the job of clicking the mouse oh and controlling Lee's body I like how the model doesn't like keep walking it just freezes it looks like it will insanity you do remember look they fixed it they made him just walk into things before it would be a nice slide like all good zombie movie heroes li wasted no time finding a nice group of a-holes he's probably going to die with I hated Larry the most because he wanted to kill duck my boyfriend hated duck the most because he looked like Sid from Toy Story the others include Carly who just stares totally bewildered by the advanced technology of a clock radio and asks Lee to solve the mystery of how batteries work thanks I wouldn't even really know what to look for to double a battery she's know what two double-a batteries is listen if I'm with apocalypse and there's a lady in the room who doesn't know what -double-a batteries looks like she's use throwing her to the wolves I didn't fixit I just put batteries in it and there's Doug he's got Birkenstocks and I'm gonna reprogram it he's never gonna survive an apocalypse in Serkan Starks who helps lease Niq past a horde of zombies by screaming at the top of his lungs then the game made us choose which of these two invaluable geniuses deserve to live and that's Telltale's The Walking Dead episode 1 navigating through delicate conversations knowing that no matter what you choose somebody's first sure gonna die but as long as it's not Clementine yeah that's fine Telltale's The Walking Dead episode 2 takes that effective approach to cinematic storytelling and turns it into a horrific nightmare oh I don't like so graphic oh my god it it's squirting oh look at it damn ice cream and that's just the first 30 seconds right after that we had to decide which one of our starving friends to feed giving it to duck I guess about this kid he's no okay here you go goose don't eat it all too fast tummy and cave the guys head into the side of a pickup but the real terror began when we came across a cute little dairy farm and my boyfriend warned me that the safer and friendlier something feels in The Walking Dead universe the more you're gonna throw up later I didn't believe him though cuz Andy and Mama seems so nice oh yeah that guy's definitely stripping zombies after fixing a swing and having a peaceful look around looks like a feeding station for the calf that it's not a nice thing to call mama I decided we should never go back to that motel and just let those other losers die Hey but nope Larry and his cranky daughter just had to bring the whole gang over for dinner Larry's eyes oh by the way I totally guessed that dinner was our friend mark this game is live from zombie horror to back woods cannibal this is nothing to do with zombies anymore we are the real monsters sure about his arms and legs oh hi mark I knew it then we ran downstairs like and duck didn't care at all he was going to non marks thighs yada we smashed Larry's head with a Salt Lick and convinced a daughter to let us rob him come on Josie use your head your dad would if he still had one but we shouldn't have done that cuz characters in this game remember things especially when you brutally murder their dad will it shoot the foot the pricks Lily she's mad at you because you helped I'm better than this guy that's got eight mark oh yeah wait what's that I was in my reflection tiny version of me was behind him Lily get over it Lily you know wow what an episode I don't know how it's gonna get better than that sometimes we're the ones who eat people the real zombies were the friends we made along the way with bellies full the gang once again set out to find a new safe house and episode three promised a fun train ride instead we had to shoot duck in the face no I don't want to kill this kid what kind of game is this okay bye duck. all that collagen you really paid off just him and if you thought that was the game's most difficult decision in Episode four we had to squash another kid's head who looked just like duck in front of ducks grieving daddy what is this game oh that was easy God he looks like a deflated football I hate this game then we had to carry the body down stairs I've got a stop dance I do he used to do that with his dad but when he was alive and it was fun and bury it in front of Clementine who is a very impressionable young lady true picture and if you thought that was bad she gets kidnapped and then this happens Oh bite me I just got bit bro but it's okay it's okay because in the beginning of episode 5 they saw Ali's arm off oh no and it doesn't even work the game ends with Lea saying goodbye to Clem as he slowly turns into a walker and it's the saddest thing I've ever experienced in a video game no thanks we tell her she's strong you're strong she is strong in conclusion this game is violent disgusting and traumatizing but it is also better written than most television shows and requires zero video game literacy to enjoy for that reason I would say this earns the girlfriend reviews official award for best way toi ntroduce your girlfriend to video games however if she doesn't like dismemberment consuming human flesh putting kids out of their misery digging up dead dogs Jamiroquai or bawling her eyes out maybe you should show her Mario Kart instead10 out of 10 this video was sponsored by sky bound by the way we played the original season 1 but if you guys want to get your hands on the Walking Dead the definitive series head over to sky bound calm to preorder it now it's got every season Plus Machine and the DLC season 400 days they also threw some bonus features in there like enhanced graphics concept art galleries developer and cast commentary and a short documentary about finishing the final season it'll be available to play on ps4Xbox one an epic game store September10th because they cover themselves in decimate brother no zombies.

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