If the Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s last console, what will they likely do next? - GameGame

I believe what Nora same. Funny issue concerning Nintendo, they need a hang for emotional one thing spectacular simply before they're going beneath. Take the Switch itself as associate degree example.

The Wii U was an enormous failure by Nintendo (don’t get Pine Tree State wrong, it had some nice games and that i liked  the time I spent with my Wii U). Nintendo still had their faithful DS family of systems going sturdy, however they were still taking some major hits from a monetary stand. However, simply once all appeared lost, Nintendo disclosed the ace up their sleeve…

That’s right…


Nintendo, as I’m certain you’ve detected, took off then. And with a massively appealing console and a inordinateness of nice games (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles a pair of, Mario Odyssey, Octopath person, Kirby: Star Allies, Mario Kart, and after all Smash final simply to call many of my favorites) it’s straightforward to know however they found such success.

Nintendo may be a company that likes to take risks, and their consoles area unit usually their most risky moves. Some were hits (the Switch, Wii, and DS (family)) and a few were failures (The Virtual Boy, and therefore the Wii U). None of this extremely matters tho', as a result of Nintendo can perpetually be searching for ways that to re-invent vice or introduce a brand new kinky idea (such as motion controls and therefore the d-pad).

SO, on balance that, I don't believe Nintendo can stop creating consoles anytime before long.

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