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I assume you've got seen YouTube or someone told you they’ve seen larceny machine half-dozen. It’s safe to assume that no, they didn't see nothing and for years to return, they won’t. There area unit many reasons for that.

First of all, Rockstar’s secrecy. Rockstar is understood for keeping their mouths shut for as long as doable, that is why you've got seen larceny machine V reveal simply a year before it’s unleash on Xbox three60 and PlayStation 3. once it involves different stuff. identical applies just about for Red Dead Redemption two still. there have been leaks after all, however you've got wide-mouthed folks in each single company within the world. So, they won’t let anyone see larceny machine VI within the near  future.

Speaking of their secrecy, Rockstar North military installation in capital has some extreme security measurements. actually the building is Associate in Nursing secure defense. There’s plenty of security cameras outside and that they use security windows that you simply can’t see trough from outside. Sorry, no Bully two nor Red Dead Redemption two gameplay to be seen. simply plenty of black mirrors. And presumably somebody making an attempt to kid you from inside the building. The counter – really the sole issue you'll see from the skin – is occupied by a guard that, judgement by his look, you don’t wish to urge in bother with. He features a sizable amount of displays there. Oh, and albeit you’re from media – you would like to prove yourself and leave the camera at the safety table. And it’s them WHO invite you.

Anyway, supported what our trade sources have told us:

Grand Theft machine VI is in early stages of development
Announcement can occur in a very number of years, most presumably 2020–2021.
They’re coquetry with a VR expertise the same as LA Noire: VR Case Files. However, the project could be a low-priority and it’s not a full game either. So, consequent GTA game are going to be all over again tailored for flat screens.

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