League of Legends: How important is lore to Riot? -GameGame

Important enough that they're willing to start out from scratch to form the story of the sport a lot of cohesive.

The world of Runeterra was perpetually the right way complete, however the initial story of the sport (that the Champions square measure powerful people UN agency have consented to be "summoned" to the Fields of Justice once required to settle a world dispute) was beginning to build it troublesome to introduce a lot of varied champion backstories.

I mean: however does one very justify Hecarim, the horseman of death from the Shadow Isles, giving a rat's patootie concerning the end result of some petty international dispute the League of Justice is subsiding with a match on the Fields of Justice? i might assume he'd well be out killing folks for real.

So Riot has embark and same "Heeeeeey.... we're scraping all that and beginning over!"

They could simply continue forcing the varied new champions they are available up with into the League of Legends with more and more contrived stories, yes. and i am certain that for several players that would not be a difficulty. several folks square measure a lot of involved concerning however the champion plays within the game than with their backstory.

But the very fact that Riot is willing to in public state "Our content is sub par, thus we're throwing it out and reconstruction it to be higher than ever" could be a pretty huge sign that their content could be a vast, vital issue to them.

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