What are some awesome Fortnite challenges to do with friends? Challenges like four corners where everyone takes a corner and meets up in the middle.

This is a fun one.


Pistols solely

4 corners

No elimination challenge

Pre altered builds ( edit your builds before you build them)

One Gun challenge

One rarity of things challenge

Race ( use ATK and race every other)

Stunt Challenge

And my Favorite

The Class Challenge

-One person is that the medic they'll a have a handgun or suppressed handgun and therefore the alternative four slots ought to be meds or shields.

-One person is ranged victimisation solely snipers and scoped assualt rifles.

-One is that the assualt category victimisation AR’s and explosives

-One is that the tank victimisation shotguns and smgs

These ar terribly fun and you'll be able to interpret them but.

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