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Everything we all know concerning Zombieland: Double faucet

What have they been doing for a decade? wherever area unit they now? Who's change of integrity the gang? And is Bill Murray returning?

This fall marks the tenth day of remembrance of the discharge of Zombieland, the well-reviewed horror comedy that amused whereas instructing a way to survive a zombie apocalypse. This fall also will see the long-awaited unleash of the hit movie’s sequel, Zombieland: Double faucet. That’s right, it’s time to nut up or shut up a lot of} and follow our favourite city-named characters as they re-kill some undead and perhaps even seek for more Twinkies.

What’s future for Columbus and also the remainder of the gang? What have they been up to the current past decade? can they accidentally murder any longer Hollywood icons? Here’s everything we all know concerning the follow-up thus far.

What’s Taken therefore Long?

Ten years could be a long anticipate a sequel to a moving-picture show as common as Zombieland, that grossed over $100 million worldwide back in 2009. everybody appeared able to do another one shortly subsequently, however the same old Hollywood hurdles arrived the method, a number of them rather positive. The filmmakers and solid have all had an honest and busy decade since the discharge of the first.

Jesse Eisenberg became associate degree honour political leader. Woody Harrelson, World Health Organization had antecedently been appointed for a Best Actor honour, attained a few a lot of nominations for Best Supporting Actor. Emma Stone wasn't solely appointed for 2 Oscars herself, however really won one for Best actor in 2016, and she or he was simply appointed for a 3rd time. Screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick hit it massive with Deadpool and Deadpool two. Director Ruben Fleischer did many a lot of movies, together with last year’s box workplace hit Venom, and loads of tv.

As it seems, this was good temporal order for the solid of Zombieland to come back for a sequel, if just for the very fact that they might promote the project through a well-liked acculturation. On Gregorian calendar month twenty nine, the official Zombieland Twitter account discovered the new title for the sequel in an exceedingly tweet that additionally featured a brand new poster, with Eisenberg, Harrelson, Stone, and Breslin recreating the one-sheet for the first. The image of all of them older — and in Breslin’s case, taller — could be a good entry within the #10YearChallenge trend of examination however we glance currently with our 2009 selves.

Also, this isn’t the primary come back to Zombieland. Back in 2013, Amazon Studios debuted a pilot for Zombieland: The TV Series aboard thirteen alternative pilots and asked viewers to assist decide that series would be picked up. sadly, fans weren’t into the small-screen version of Zombieland, that was scripted  by Reese and Wernick however featured a brand new solid, and Amazon opted to not manufacture any further episodes. “You guys with success scorned it out of existence,” Reese tweeted at the time.

Everyone Is Excited to Be Back

Despite all the success and elevated status the solid and creators have toughened within the last decade, everyone seems to be back on board for this crazy ride. Eisenberg, Harrelson, Stone, and Breslin can reprize their various roles as Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita and small Rock. And Fleischer is once more at the helm, directive another script by Reese and Wernick, World Health Organization area unit this point joined by The Expendables author Dave Callaham.

When Sony greenlit the sequel last summer, studio president Sanford Panitch aforesaid of the reunion: “No one needed to ascertain it happen over Emma, Woody, Jesse, and Abigail. These area unit a number of the foremost in-demand actors, and that i suppose they're creating this moving-picture show as a result of they love these characters. we tend to area unit excited Ruben was willing to return back to direct the sequel, as his work on Venom has been really wonderful.”

Fleischer himself additionally spoke with excitement to social dancing last fall as he was prepping for the sequel. “I’m excited,” he said. “I’ve been reconnoitring and storyboarding and obtaining it going, associate degreed to induce to figure thereupon solid once more is simply an absolute dream return true. It’s been very exciting getting down to consider that moving-picture show, and to induce to figure with Emma, Jesse, Woody, and Abigail once more is really a dream return true. Yeah, we’re simply at the terribly early stages, however we've an incredible script, and we’re planning to begin shooting in Georgia in Gregorian calendar month.” regardless of the full precis and solid list entails, they’re up and running as of currently — motion-picture photography began for Zombieland: Double faucet on Gregorian calendar month twenty one, 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia.

New Locations, New Friends, and New Zombies

What is the foursome up to the current time around? The plot is being unbroken covert, of course, however will it very matter what the story is? All a Zombieland sequel must have is a lot of screaming zombie action and horror — not too sophisticated. we tend to do recognize that Zombieland: Double faucet can involve another trek through the u.  s. of Zombieland, however, this point taking the gang from the White House to the previous yank region.

The film also will feature some new players within the game of zombie bashing, and yes, they’re additionally all nicknamed when places special to them. Rising star Zoey Deutch is Madison. Avan Jogia (TV’s Victorious) could be a dangerous boy musician named Berkeley. And Rosario Dawson is American state. Hopefully we tend to learn why her sobriquet is a complete state instead of a town.

According to thin details spreading concerning the premise of the sequel, Berkeley are a love interest for Breslin’s state capital, World Health Organization has separated from the remainder of her cluster, and American state could be a zombie hunter World Health Organization connects with Eisenberg’s Columbus when some drama between him and Stone’s Wichita more splits up the first solid.

Meanwhile, because the four main characters have managed to remain alive for a decade by hunkering down within the presidential home, the hordes outside have additionally been extant. consistent with reports of the plot, the gang are facing “new types of zombies,” together with smarter and stealthier varieties.

“I mean, it’s been ten years, therefore World Health Organization is aware of what the planet can appear as if at this point?” Fleischer hinted to social dancing last fall.

While it’s unconfirmed  if Bill Murray also will come back for the sequel as “himself,” rumor has it that his recent Ghostbusters co-star and fellow Sabbatum Night Live alum Dan Aykroyd can create a anaglyph this point around as “Dan Aykroyd.” Would that mean we tend to may forestall to Ernie Hudson or Sigourney Weaver in Zombieland 3?

It’ll Be well worth the Wait

Ten years could be a while to attend for a sequel, and anticipation has simply been building and building. can it meet our expectations? definitely there’s no pleasing everybody, however the last decade delay has hopefully been for the simplest. Fleischer thinks therefore, as he told LRM last month:

“I suppose conjointly we tend to all felt terribly powerfully that the sole circumstance we’d be willing to create the moving-picture show is that if it’s nearly as good or higher than the first. And none folks were willing to compromise on the standard of the moving-picture show. we tend to worked on the script real exhausting to create certain that it absolutely was up to par with the first. And so, that was simply a stipulation that we tend to were all fully on a similar page concerning. I’m proud to mention i believe our script is basically nice, therein the moving-picture show are nearly as good because the original if not higher, and that’s why we’re all back.”

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