What monster in The World of the Witcher is the strongest? How could they be ranked?

The Witcher World, conjointly called the Continent, could be a world packed with monsters, all with completely different talents and powers. From those that sleep in the swamps of Velen, to the Zeaugulls UN agency sleep in the sewers of Novigrad, to the icy mountains of Skellige, and also the beatifull grape stuffed land of Toussaint, its an area within the would like of a witcher. Throught the years, Geralt has fought with creatures starting from drowners, to Higher Vampires. Let's do a listing of a number of the foremost powerful:

Higher Vampires

Geralt Of Rivia has encountered - and defeated - many implausibly powerful Higher Vampires throughout his travels; but, whereas they will be defeated briefly, not even a Witcher will really kill them, as they will reform from virtually any harm given spare time to regenerate. the sole manner the next evil spirit is killed is by the hand of another Higher evil spirit. Their powers vary from turning into mist, to super strenght, speed, and durabiltiy. As seen in Blood and Wine, 2 Higher Vampires will kill dozens of men, simply and while not out taking harm. currently there also are Vampires just like the Unseen Elder, UN agency area unit extraordinarily powerful.

Bestiary Entry:

Higher vampires area unit, in fact, rather more the same as humans than to those bat-like blood slurpers. They not solely check U.S. in look, however conjointly share our intelligence and behavioural patterns. this implies they are doing not squat in distant forest or hide within the shadows. On the contrary, they're significantly keen on cities, wherever they live out misleadingly traditional lives. Even witchers aren't capable of recognizing them directly, for his or her medallions stay utterly inactive within the presence of upper vampires. nonetheless of these similarities mustn't blind U.S. to an important difference: in contrast to men, higher vampires area unit immortal. those that have featured them in combat and survived is counted on one hand.

It is a witcher's destiny that higher vampires area unit extraordinarily rare – and not all area unit dangerous to humans. tho' they are doing have a style for blood, they are doing not ought to drink it to survive. Some higher vampires have renounced feeding on humans altogether and do no damage to anyone, however others surrender to their wishes. A witcher UN agency braves fighting the next evil spirit should bear in mind that he faces a monster invested with unbelievable strength, one ready to manipulate men and animals, flip invisible and remodel into a large bat - and moreover one that it's nearly not possible to kill. In alternative words, even Associate in Nursing tough monster individual ought to moot before acceptive a contract on one in all these creatures, though 0.5 a kingdom and a princess' hand is within the offing.

Notable Higher Vampires:



The Unseen Elder


Much identical as in fairy tales, Djinns area unit powerful creatures that area unit capable of nice feats. Once captured, they're then absolute to the person and have to be compelled to fulfill 3 needs. Following their completion, they're free another time. within the books, it's same that a wizard capable of capturing a dijjin, was ready to move mountains simply and do alternative things.

Bestiary Entry:

According to legend, djinn will grant even the foremost far-fetched needs, tho' they are doing therefore terribly begrudgingly.

Unusually powerful mages will capture and tame these beings. The mage will then draw on its energy, exploitation it to forged spells while not having to appeal Power from ancient sources. solely a distributed handful have managed this effort, however, for djinn fight to avoid such a fate with stubborn determination. To imprison a djinn and bend it to one's can, one should 1st weaken it — which isn't any straightforward effort.

Fighting a djinn is very tough. they will knock off spells in a moment that the foremost accomplished human mages may ne'er forged with years of preparation. what is additional, by manipulating the component of air they will summon powerful storms, hurricanes, and gales. Luckily, as magic beings, they're liable to silver — nonetheless steel can do them no damage.

Notable Dijjins:

The Dijjin at the Last want

The Dijjin at the search The Last want

Golden Dragons

Golden dragons area unit thought-about to be the things of legends and not real in any respect. However, there's a minimum of one individual, Villentretenmerth, UN agency will take any form, as well as that of Borch 3 Jackdaws. He seems in weapon system of Destiny by Andrzej Sapkowski.

It is not far-famed whether or not there area unit additional golden dragons, or whether or not they area unit merely the results of a singular mutation.

The rarest quite dragons, thought-about by most of the consultants as story. solely a number of specimens is found throughout the globe. The legends attribute them many miraculous attributes, of that unquestionably area unit their wizardly talents and ever-changing their forms into any living being. They belch damaging fireplace and hot steam. on the average they reach twenty meters. Golden dragons area unit merely thought to be one in all many breeds of dragons.

Bestiary Entry

Even within the world of the Witcher, there area unit creatures thought to belong to legend. that's the case of the Golden Dragon, a creature UN agency was thought to be a legend. However, that was verified false, once Geralt of Rivia encountered one throughout one in all his travels. There, he befriended the dragon, UN agency spared his life when realizing that not all humans area unit evil. in contrast to alternative dragons, this creatures area unit capable of speech, and might even form shift.

Notable Golden Dragons:

The Golden Dragon at the weapon system Of Destiny

Saskia, the female offspring of the Golden Dragon at the weapon system Of Destiny.


On the Continent, there area unit loads of kinds of Wraiths. From the noontide phantasma, to the Night phantasma. once the sun sets, the fields become the domain of hour demons UN agency draw their power from moonlight. Dark because the night itself and full of grief, they travel the fields lit by silver lightweight. Woe to those that area unit noticed by a nightwraith.

From the initial Polish, it's unclear if these creatures area unit identical because the "nocnica" that area unit delineate as creatures UN agency seem on the eve of Saovine as ostensibly friendly girls, presumably even midwives, however they curse pregnant girls inflicting them to allow birth to strigas.

Bestiary Entry

Compared to alternative creatures of the night — katakans, nekurats and werewolves, as an example — nightwraiths (and their rarer cousins, duskwraiths) won't appear all that dangerous. After all, one would possibly raise, what proportion damage may a pale, withered girl in a very tattered dress do? The answer: quite an bit. rather than finding this out the laborious manner, avoid crossing fields and meadows at the hours of darkness in any respect prices.

Like nnoonwraiths, nightwraiths area unit solely found in rural areas. Travelers fall victim to them most frequently, however if legends area unit to be believed they conjointly sneak into huts now and then and murder peasants in their sleep.

When they attack nightwraiths stay immaterial for many of the time, that means physical blows pass all the way through them. They solely combat additional tangible kind for the temporary moments within which they strike. once weakened, they're going to produce many projections of themselves that willnot attack directly however act as transmitters of types through that the nightwraith can sap her victim's very important energy.

Nightwraiths will flip immaterial and area unit at such times terribly tough to wound. so as to force one to require on corporeal kind, entice it with the or hit it with the blast of a dirt Bomb. As bomb.

Do not believe the recent partner tales and assume yourself fully safe from nightwraiths throughout the day. they seem below the sunshine of the sun in addition - however area unit abundant weaker then than when crepuscule.

Notable Night Wraiths

Jenny O The Woods

Gaunter O Dimm

Gaunter O'Dimm, generally known as Master Mirror or Man of Glass, conferred himself as a former merchandiser of mirrors, currently a mangey vagrant. However, united would possibly suspect, he was a way additional powerful individual, making pacts with individuals in exchange for his or her souls and having the ability to manage time with a mere clap of his hands.

Journal Entry

Geralt has at liberty a good several predicaments, generally of his own doing, generally power-assisted by others. one in all the strangest serving to hands was that extended to him by Master Mirror. The witcher was on Associate in Nursing Ofieri ship, control captive and sure for a date with the gallows tree... when, out of obscurity, in came Master Mirror. He reminded the witcher of their 1st encounter, once he helped Geralt notice Yennefer in White grove. currently he was giving facilitate in addition -- this point, for a value. In exchange for liberating Geralt from the ship, he demanded Geralt meet him at a precise crossroads. once the witcher in agreement, an odd mark appeared on his face. it had been like Master Mirror had place a stamp on him to point out they'd entered into as written agreement – a suspicion later confirmed on the far side all doubt...

Gaunter O'Dimm explained he and their mutual acquaintance, Olgierd von Everec, had entered into an odd written agreement. Their deal stipulated O'Dimm should grant von Everec 3 needs – nonetheless couldn't do therefore on his own, however instead had to decision upon the services of a proxy. And UN agency higher to supply such help than a witcher? Since O'Dimm created agreeing to be this proxy a condition for receiving facilitate off the Ofieri ship, Geralt had very little alternative however to agree.

Master Mirror appeared another time – suddenly and out of obscurity, as was common – when Olgierd announced his 1st 2 needs. Mirror told Geralt of how to point out Olgierd's brother the time of his life, even supposing this life had indeed terminated years earlier. He equipped Geralt with von Everec blood and also the data of the way to summon Vlodimir's ghost. simply however O'Dimm had managed to gather a bottle of von Everec blood was ne'er created clear, on the other hand} again, burning question marks decorated over everything this strange figure did.

Master Mirror created Associate in Nursing look at the marriage Geralt attended with Shani and also the ghost of Vlodimir, UN agency tenanted Geralt's body so he might relish one last night of earthborn revel. once hour smitten, Vlodimir was unsurprisingly in no mood to abandon the pleasures of the witcher's flesh. nonetheless Master Mirror intervened to place a right away and cruel finish to Vlod's keep among the living. Geralt later told ME the cries of torment Vlod's ghost created haunted his dreams for months to return.

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