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Build limit: creating you restricted ends up in fewer ways. you'll build solely thirteen towers with cards. therefore you'll lack defense not like AOE two wherever you may tower rush and haven't any worries concerning any limitation. Forts were restricted to two if you weren't foul and so another lack of correct defense. (You couldn’t construct them)

Historically-Inaccurate campaign: I mean, Fountain of Youth would add AoM as a result of it’s fictional and a story. A secret order is another fictional and not fitting theme for a historical game. The Black family is all created up. they ought to have Napoleon, Suleiman and every one the historical characters there and not simply name AIs once them.
Unflexible Pop Limit and Unit Pops: In AOE2 you'll have additional or but two hundred pop. It’s not mounted to two hundred. however in AOE3, two hundred is all you get.
About the unit pops, this makes most of the cavalry having three pops for every unit. And so not having a definite two hundred troopers.
Overpowered Units and Civilizations: Most notable samples of OP units ar Mamelukes and French Cuirassiers. each ar terribly exhausting to counter and don’t have a definite counter once assembled. Even the Persian War Elephant in AOE2 (which was a literal beast) might be countered with each Monks and Halberdiers. powerless  civs ar French and Japanese with their insanely powerful army late-game.
Lack of Conversion for all Monks: I bear in mind just one civilization in AOE3 might convert units and so makes a well-liked feature in AOE2 inaccessible in AOE3.
Home town Cards: whereas this feature tried to feature customization into the sport, It adscititious A level restriction (which might be emended within the XML files and not be thought of a cheat for MP). Skillpoints might be turned into any variety you wished and you may have forty four cards rather than the quality twenty five simply by piece of writing the XML files and no cheat detected for MP. On another note, you may simply search “Best Deck for this civ which strategy” and obtain the simplest deck for that strategy and civ. No customization here.
Lack of Resource Challenge associated Stockpiles: each food and gold might be generated for an infinite quantity of your time and There was no shortage of wood. Villagers collected resources and simply unbroken doing it till it absolutely was finished, no returning to TC or a stockpile. Farms solely price one hundred wood for eleven farmers and there was no got to reseed them. Same for the infinite Gold generators. This takes away the economic challenge. No building needed for following age.
Lack of correct trash cavalry: cavalryman (which was a trash unit in AOE2) currently prices gold. No cavalry in AOE3 may be a trash unit. (That sucks)
Smaller maps than AOE2 or even worse positioning: In AOE2 in a very big map you'd not be next to your ally continuously however in AOE3 even in 2v2 games you were therefore about to your ally. that might cause you to share resources along with your ally(Hunting animals for most) and supplying you with pressure early game.

The good things concerning it were:

Great graphics: Units get thrown around once a cannon shoots them. that is cool.
Multi-Queue: one in every of the annoying things concerning AOE2 was you merely might queue your units and once they were created you may analysis one thing. this is often progressing to modification in AOE2 First State. additionally making 5–10 units at a time was OK.
Zoom: you may observe the battle by zooming in and call at AOE3 however not in AOE2 (before capture age spectator). this is often returning to AOE two First State.
Building Collapse: this is often a part of the graphic section however it’s vast therefore i made a decision to separate it from graphics. Building collapse was satisfying particularly once it absolutely was collapsing whereas being attacked. The destruction collapse animation is returning to AOE two First State.
AI communication: In AOE2 you may communicate with allies however the choices you had were approach but AOE three. the favourite of mine was the Attack Here feature that allows you to strategize your ally a touch additional. a far better AI communication is returning in AOE2 First State.

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