How will Diablo 4 be more like Diablo 2 - GameGame

Based on what very little actual gameplay Blizzard showed, I don’t assume can|we are able to} say however similar that facet will be: we have a tendency to didn’t see any ability trees or something on however the loot system works, simply heap|tons|plenty|heaps|loads|a great deal} of imprecise point out a “shared open world” with “world events” (which doesn’t sound an entire lot like D2 to Pine Tree State, however I’m recent and cranky and fed up all this “games as a service” malarkey). however the visual vogue appears to be extremely leaning onerous into D2’s aesthetic, particularly within the medium trailer- everything concerning it feels self-consciously mindful  of D2. If something, the gameplay footage went a touch overboard with the darkness and bleakness- it felt like overcompensation for the backlash against D3’s visual vogue.

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