To understand Warcraft III, should I play Warcraft I and II first - GameGame

While a sequel - the stories area unit fairly cut loose eachother. this can be notably true between a pair of .

The relevant books would provide you with an excellent basis for knowing the traditional knowledge, arguably tons higher than you'd get from the prequels because the traditional knowledge did not very exist at now. Warcraft I has little or no relevant traditional knowledge the least bit, compared to the books & the motion-picture show also will have slight variations to modify the plot for a bigger audience also. Regardless, if you wish to follow the story properly the books are the simplest choice - beginning with Rise of the Horde this can provide you with the premise for the way Warcraft I begins, and also the books i feel cowl nearly each event before World of Warcraft (Warcraft III + TFT is certainly price taking part in as a supplement)

If you're simply once gameplay with associate degree understanding of the plot, prequels won't be necessary. you will get the jist fairly quickly and tons of the traditional knowledge is new even to those that compete the previous games.

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