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Overwatch League could be a franchise eSports league pass by Blizzard with twelve confirmed groups, settled in Beantown, NY, a pair of groups in LA, Miami-Orlando, urban center, Shanghai, Seoul, London, Dallas, Houston, and metropolis. the thought is that this league can operate equally to however current professionals sports league do just like the NBA or NFL. groups can possibly vie weekly throughout the course of the inaugural season, slated to begin 2018 Gregorian calendar month. raptorial bird is meant to feature the premier tier one groups which will vie over the course of a half dozen month long season and playoffs for a $3.5 million prize pool.

Overwatch Contenders you'll be able to consider because the tier a pair of or the minor leagues of the Overwatch eSports scene. It looks like for currently, Contenders are going to be the tier a pair of scene wherever forthcoming players are going to be able to showcase their talent, at the side of players World Health Organization were unable to secure a spot on a team for the inaugural season of raptorial bird.

Overwatch tourney could be a tournament that's just about what the name implies. consider the globe Cup for soccer (soccer). Countries across the globe field a team to vie against one another so as to win bragging rights because the best OW country within the world. In 2016, Republic of Korea won the globe Cup while not dropping one map. This year, the qualification method and also the cluster stages were restructured therefore a lot of countries were eligible to vie. the highest eight groups across the cluster stages qualify for the ultimate playoffs to be command at BlizzCon in Nov. It’s anticipated that Republic of Korea can defend its title this year.

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