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The “best” Pokèmon game may be a terribly individual subject.

However, everybody will acknowledge typically smart games and customarily dangerous games. therefore I’m gonna analyze my favorite Pokèmon games to make your mind up what's the most effective of ’em all.

Pokèmon Gold and Silver

(Sorry for the huge images)

These square measure the second games within the series, and overall square measure an enormous upgrade from the primary title. options of this game:

  • 2 huge regions to explore: Jotho and a restored Kanto
  • 251 pokèmons, as well as some from the generation one games
  • 16 gyms to require down
  • A new Pokèmon league
  • 5 new legendaries
  • Possibility to capture the Kanto legendaries
  • New breeding system
  • Day-night cycle
  • The Pokègear
  • An epic final boss: Red from the information one games

…Just to say the key options. This game was super-hyped at the launch, and for heaps of fine reasons. and in 2009 the remakes of the two games were free for the Nintendo DS, adding cool options just like the Pokèathlon, a serie of minigames olympic titled.

Overall, this can be a real masterpiece of a videogame. 10/10.

(Didn’t mentioned Crystal as a result of I didn’t have contend it)

Pokèmon noble metal

This is associate degree improved remake of Pokèmon Pearl and Diamond. It more a touch bit to the story of the sport, finishing the previous 2 games.


  • The best region from all the Pokèmon games: Sinnoh
  • 107 new Pokèmons, transportation the amonut to 493.
  • 13–14 new legendary Pokèmons
  • Hardest Pokèmon league ever
  • Amazing story that truly I will bear in mind
  • Team galactic, the primary team ready to catch five legendary Pokemons (The lake trio+Dialga and Palkia)
  • The Distorted world
  • The Battle frontier
  • God himself
  • Online play
  • Best starter ever: Piplup
  • Good spin-offs: Pokèmon Ranch, the Pokèmon Ranger serie and Pokèpark Wii

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