Why are Japanese game developers compensated so poorly - GameGame

I answered a connected question (What is that the compensation rate for game development business roles in Japan? ) earlier. the solution contains some anecdoctal horror stories of individuals with monthly salaries to the tune of $1,500 and a few alternative (more solid) information.

I will consider these reasons on why the salaries area unit thus low (there area unit exceptions):
Japan is that the one amongst the world's leading computer game nations, with several faculty graduates, for instance, dreaming of operating for corporations therein sector. In alternative words, some corporations benefit of them having a somewhat cool image.

Generally speaking, programmers in any quite company in Japan get comparatively low salaries. PHP programmers and C consultants, for instance, will expect a median regular payment  of $54-$68,000 p.a. .

Needless to mention, there area unit exceptions, looking on the corporate, the extent of expertise of the coder in question etc.

The Japanese computer game market is shrinking speedily. in line with computer game publishing firm Enterbrain, the native marketplace for computer game soft- and hardware shrank vi.9% year-on-year to $6.4 billion in 2009 (it already shrunk in 2008).

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