Why is Overwatch 2 being developed in 2019 when Overwatch was released in 2016 - GameGame

“Overwatch 2” is code name for ensuing huge project. this might or might not be its final name. but from the leaked info we have a tendency to got. Overwatch two are PvE/Coop focus. From what was aforementioned its aiming to be tons like Left four Dead within the kind of content it'll be. that if you're thinking that regarding it after they do the Archive events that's a lot of or less a similar vogue that Left four Dead. therefore what everyone seems to be dead reckoning is that the new PvE content are just like the archive events however on a far larger scale, with a lot of traditional knowledge, and probably new playable heroes. If they are doing add new playable heroes within the game they may conjointly add them to the PvP aspect of the sport. therefore overall if this is often a true PvE add on then it wont take something aloof from current overwatch. each games are able to co-exist. My guess would be that the new content {will be|are aiming to be|are} DLC/Expansion pack that we have a tendency to ar going to need to purchase to feature to this game. Not a 100 percent spanking new game which will replace this overwatch.

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